All principled men are now ‘rogues’

This could be nationally consequential: Rogue LNP MP George Christensen to run for One Nation.
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  1. C.L. says:

    Rogue former Queensland LNP MP George Christensen has abandoned his plan to retire from ­parliament at the May 21 election and will run instead as a One ­Nation candidate.

    Pauline Hanson’s spokesman, James Ashby, said on Tuesday night Mr Christensen’s decision to join One Nation would be announced at a press conference in Brisbane on Wednesday.

    Although it was not certain whether Mr Christensen would contest his former seat of Dawson or try to win a different electorate, his popularity in north Queensland would give him a chance of securing a lower-house seat for Senator Hanson’s party.

    One Nation has a candidate for Dawson in Julie Hill, so she would have to stand aside if he were to seek re-election there.

    Mr Christensen told the ­Courier-Mail on Tuesday that he should have joined One ­Nation “a long time ago” after ­realising his beliefs matched those of Senator Hanson’s party.

    He had resigned from the LNP last week, declaring it had betrayed its conservative roots. He opposed the Morrison government’s position on vaccine mandates and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

    Mr Christensen announced last year he would resign from parliament at the next election but said he had changed his mind on retirement after an “enormous amount” of lobbying from people over the past two months.

    “The more I queried One Nat­ion’s policies and looked at their constitution, their core beliefs, the things that Pauline has been campaigning on recently, just about everything aligned with my views,” he told the Courier-Mail.

    Senator Hanson approached Mr Christensen late last year about joining One Nation. “I know it’s a sacrifice to him and his family … but I’m not going to apologise because I want good people standing beside me that are going to deliver for the ­Australian people,” she said on Tuesday.

    Mr Christensen has been the MP for Dawson since 2010. He won his seat with a margin of 14.6 per cent in 2019 after securing a swing of 11.2 per cent on the back of strong preference flows from One Nation, Katter’s Australian Party and Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party.

    One Nation plans to run a candidate in all 151 seats in the federal election.

    Senator Hanson, who is up for re-election in Queensland, is about to embark on a nationwide blitz to whip up support for Senate candidates. The ­national tour will ­exclude Western Australia, where Senator Hanson is unable to travel ­because she has not ­received a Covid-19 vaccination.

    She said the party was aiming to win seats in all states and was buoyed by the likely win in March of a Senate seat in the South Australian Legislative Assembly.

    The seats of Hunter in NSW and Blair and Capricornia in Queensland are on One ­Nation’s hit list and the party will preference MPs Senator Hanson sees as underperformers last.

    Senator Hanson warned ­Anthony Albanese he could need her support to pass legislation if he were to win ­government.


    Michael McKenna and Charlie Peel in The Australian

  2. Chris M says:

    Yes. Running a blog alternative to msm is also pretty rogue! Seems we all be going rogue now.

  3. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Good on George but he should have done it last year…when Kelly jumped.

  4. jupes says:

    Senator Hanson warned ­Anthony Albanese he could need her support to pass legislation if he were to win ­government.

    Yeah nah. The uniparty will pass the vast majority of it. All the bad stuff for sure.

  5. Petros says:

    Sadly, Jupes, I think you are right. At least George will be another voice against the uniparty. Malcolm Roberts is great. Looks like PHON will have a better candidate list than UAP, which is all about Clive.

  6. howardb says:

    “One Nation leader Pauline Hanson confirmed on Wednesday morning Mr Christensen would be the party’s third Senate candidate, rather than contest Dawson, where One Nation has already selected Julie Hall as its candidate for the seat.”

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Rogue One?
    So which one of Albo or ScoMo is Darth Vader?

  8. rosie says:

    I wondered where he was going to run.
    Only hope for right of centre minors is on the right.

  9. Lee says:

    I think that it is the LNP which has gone “rogue,” not the likes of Christensen and Kelly.

  10. Shy Ted says:

    Is that worse than being “controversial”?
    He’s well justified.

  11. NoFixedAddress says:

    Give us more “rogues”, please.

  12. Entropy says:

    Unlikely for number two or three to win.

  13. Okay, if he’s their third senate candidate, then he’s not expecting to get in, but just to build support, although he may well draw a few below-the-line preferences. He’s also kept his nose clean in the sense that he’s served the term he was elected for under the IlLiberals. If he wants to go around again in the future, no one can call him a turncoat.

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