Labor backbenchers

“You’ll note, I have substantial security at the moment and there’s a reason for that.”

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  1. NoFixedAddress says:

    That’s nice…
    Even asked for a photograph!

  2. Cassie of Sydney says:

    The only people who need “substantial security” are conservatives and others on the right. I wrote this last night on Dover’s blog and I post it here…

    Anthony Albanese is calling for civil discourse. LOL. Then saying that he needs security. LOL.

    I’m curious Mr Albanese, just what politicians and commentators have been physically attacked in this country, oh I remember, here’s a list…..

    Andrew Bolt – assaulted in broad daylight the perpetrators still not found or charged.
    Tony Abbott – headbutted in broad daylight in Hobart.
    Christine Forster – physically assaulted when attending a celebration to honour her brother.
    Fraser Anning – assaulted with an egg in Melbourne.
    Scott Morrison – assaulted with an egg.
    Craig Kelly – – assaulted with an egg.

    Hmm, what do these politicians/commentators all have in common? Well here’s a clue Mr Albanese, they’re all from the right side of politics. That’s what the left does, it demonises political opponents and those who disagree with them. And I can guarantee you that every time a right of centre politician is assaulted, activists and other scum on your side of politics celebrate on social media sewers…and heck, they even celebrate on your favourite media, the tax payer funded ABC. Say again Mr Albanese, who needs security? I’m yet to hear of any left-wing politicians in this country being physically assaulted. Let me know when that happens and I’ll take your shallow concerns about needing security seriously.

    Finally Mr Albanese, the plain truth is that on my side of politics we don’t headbutt, we don’t throw eggs, we don’t aggressively shout and scream at PMs and we don’t punch Sky commentators on their way to a book launch.

    We didn’t star the fire Mr Albanese, your side did……you disgusting hypocrite.

    And as Cohenite duly reminded me, remember also when….

    Nicole Flint: abused, stalked, office covered in threats, death threats
    Sophie Mirabella: attacked by university students and had to be rescued by police.

    Oh and remember when Cory Bernardi’s office was trashed by socialist left scum? And who could forget the violence (and it was violence) that attendees at Milo and Lauren Southern events in Melbourne were subjected to.

    I don’t recall the member for Grayndler ever condemning any of the above incidents. In fact I only recall only silence. Craig Kelly was only physically attacked a few days ago and I haven’t seen or heard the member for Grayndler publicly condemn what happened to Kelly.

    As I wrote in another comment later, I remember when “Nobody’s Girl” whipped up a frenzy against the CPAC conference in Sydney back in 2019. She tried to stop the conference from going ahead. I presume Albanese approved of what she did. Keneally smeared the conference as “far-right” and smeared two of the guest speakers, Nigel Farage and Raheem Kassam (an ex-Muslim who grew up in a Muslim family) as far-right and Islamophobes. So there were protests, but luckily because it was in NSW and the NSW police aren’t yet an arm of the NSW Labor party, none of the conference attendees such as myself were assaulted or harmed. However, I remember being very nervous and apprehensive about attending….thanks to what Keneally did.

    As I wrote above, the member for Grayndler is a hypocrite but then this is the same lowlife who’s spent years proudly proclaiming that he “fights Tories” and was filmed in parliament only a few years ago screaming at a female Coalition Minister…..”smash her, smash her”.

  3. C.L. says:

    Brilliant, Cassie.
    Bolt had something similar to say last night – but not as thoroughly – on the left’s recourse to violence.

    I would only add the menacing scenes outside the courts when Pell was being show-tried. Imagine what it was like for him to be framed by VicPol and then have to rely on those revolting animals to protect him from assault day after day.

  4. Buccaneer says:

    You might add the guy who threw his shoe at John Howard on Q&A. I wonder, had Will Smith assaulted a conservative on stage would he have lauded as a hero?

  5. Lee says:

    I hope they catch the madwoman who egged Craig Kelly.
    But as it is presumably VicPol investigating, and Kelly is a conservative, I am not holding my breath.

    This discussion reminds me of David Amess, the conservative British MP, stabbed to death by an Islamist extremist last October.
    Of course the British left, the MSM, and even large sections of the political class – all to their utter shame – ignored the actual motivation and the killer’s religion, and blamed social media of all things.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Probably too late for backbenchers to do a brutal knifing. The Albotross will just have to hang around their necks even if he keeps stuffing up.

  7. Bluey says:

    There is a blogger I read who has a regular line about the left thing violence is a knob where you can turn it up and down, the right know it’s a switch when once it starts it doesn’t stop.

    The left have ensured the days of civil discourse are over, it’s just a matter of who recognises it first and acts.

  8. Entropy says:

    Trots’ brains work differently to normal people. They actually believe endless violence is the only way to achieve the ongoing Revolution.
    Hence the endless need to be a hater.
    And parties like the ALP are always highly vulnerable to Entryists sneaking in their ideology.

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