Not Hard To Be Humbled

THE interactive functionality of the original Newspoll graph cannot be replicated in this image but hovering over the point at which Anthony Albanese’s support begins to decline anew shows it was 13 March – the date of the Opposition Leader’s big reveal on 60 Minutes and the beginning of his pre-campaign campaign. The first time Australians really thought about him as a potential prime minister, their first read was negative. The date on which his popularity starts to decline at a yet steeper gradient is 10 April. That was the day of Albanese’s unemployment rate gaffe – which may go down in election chronicles as the worst contender’s blunder since economics professor John Hewson was ambushed by a birthday cake in 1993.

Funnily enough, I think the 1940s-looking Albo of old would have polled more solidly as preferred prime minister – especially if that stoutness of demeanor was combined with a certain degree of enigmatic aloofness. ‘To know me is to love me’ was a memorable lyric for Mac Davis but it doesn’t always work as a political strategy. Today’s 2PP split of 53-47 is not great news for the government. More worrying, the combined popular support for the Coalition and Labor (36-35 to Labor) is the lowest level on record during an election campaign. The electorate is right: neither of the majors has served the best interests of this country over the last three years. The battle for the balance of power is now the red letter event in an otherwise tiresome contest.

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  1. cuckoo says:

    Just waiting now for his ‘real Julia’ moment. Or maybe that was the ‘real Albo’ moment in jeans, being booed onstage at Bluesfest.

  2. cuckoo says:

    I expect that the staffer who made the decision to put Albo on stage in front of a mob of pissed-up rockers is now racking shopping trolleys in a supermarket car park somewhere in the western suburbs.

  3. C.L. says:

    Then again, crowd behaviour is generally meaningless as an indicator.
    Winners are often booed; I’ve even seen it theorised that the winning candidate tends to get more booed than the losing one. Silence is probably deadlier.

    I remember when Paul Keating was campaigning against Howard in 96, he happened upon a footpath filled with high school seniors (all girls) who began cheering him wildly. So much so that the usually undemonstrative Keating stepped up on a rung of fence to give them all a better look and a presidential wave. Thrilled journalists agreed it was a “rock star moment.” Cynical wags pointed out that none of them voted. The cynical wags were right.

  4. Petros says:

    Bring on the feral senate.

  5. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Matt Kean opines in a tweet that Katherine Deves should be disendorsed.

    Dave Sharma (Karma’s coming Davey) “liked” that tweet.

    Trent Zimmerman, about to lose his seat, now joins the pile on of Katherine Deves, saying she should be disendorsed.

    The above scum aren’t Liberals in any sense of the word, they’re ideological Greens.

    The Liberals deserve everything that’s coming.

  6. C.L. says:

    The Liberals deserve everything that’s coming.



  7. Chris M says:

    I think the 1940s-looking Albo of old would have polled more solidly

    You don’t like the new Chairman Mao glasses? Seems to be fitting.

  8. rosie says:

    Apparently Elbow was introduced as a ‘working class man’.
    No wonder the crowd booed.

  9. C.L. says:

    To be fair, though, the crowd should also have booed Barnes as ‘working class man.’

    Jimmy has been rich for four-fifths of his life.

  10. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Apparently Elbow was introduced as a ‘working class man’.”

    Missed that one! LOL. Could that be the same Elbow who recently sold a property in Sydney’s inner west for over $2.5 million buckaroos? This is a man who’s never had a real job in his life…..oh I forget, I think he once stacked shelves at Woollies or Coles when a teenager. His whole life (and that of his ex-wife) has been one of feeding off the taxpayer. Nice gig if you can get it.

  11. cuckoo says:

    Then again, crowd behaviour is generally meaningless as an indicator.

    Up to a point, Lord Copper. My heart still warms at the memory of the 2020 Australian Open, and the booing of the crowd when Jane Hrdlicka made the mistake of thanking the Victorian Government.

  12. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Hmm, get a load of this. This is the Liberal Party in 2022……which should be renamed the “Mint Green Party”. We have scum like Kean, Zimmerman and Sharma calling for Katherine Deves to be disendorsed yet we see NSW Labor leader Chris Minns talk some sense about males competing in women’s sport. Shades of the SA election again, where a Labor leader is more conservative than most of the NSW Liberal Party.

    This is just in at the Daily Telegraph.

    “NSW Treasurer Matt Kean says Deves’ comments ‘will damage Zimmerman, Sharma campaigns’

    NSW Treasurer Matt Kean says he’s “very concerned” Katherine Deves’ candidacy will damage the campaigns of Liberal moderates after her past transgender comments on social media.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison should back Katherine Deves “to the hilt” because what she’s said is absolutely right, says Sky News host Cory Bernardi. It comes as Ms Deves, the Liberal candidate for Warringah, has previously argued in favour of restricting trans women from female sports. “I know that the mums and dads of Australia do not want their daughters disadvantaged by men claiming to be women, transgender athletes going in and taking their sporting kudos, competing on an unfair basis,” Mr Bernardi said. “The PM should back this lady and he should back Claire Chandler’s bill and go as hard as he can on this.”

    This comes as the Liberal candidate for Warringah faced intense backlash including “death threats” for her views on transgender athletes and women’s sport with Mr Kean joining calls for the Liberal Party to officially disendorse her.

    “We should never have been in a situation where the PM had to intervene to pick a candidate like this – let alone a candidate like (Deves),” the NSW Treasurer told Radio National Breakfast on Tuesday morning

    Despite securing the backing of former PM John Howard, Ms Deves is being called to resign by at least one local Liberal branch for her anti-trans comments.

    Federal Member for Warringah Zali Steggall has called for Ms Deves to be disendorsed for her “homophobic” social media comments.

    But Industry Minister Angus Taylor told 2GB today he believed Ms Deves should “remain” in the Liberal party saying, “fairness in women’s sport is an important issue.”

    Ms Deves has said she is “not going anywhere” and revealed she has “been bullied in the most vile way and received death threats.”

    There are concerns Katherine Deves’ candidacy will damage the
    There are concerns Katherine Deves’ candidacy will damage the campaigns of Liberal moderates Trent Zimmerman and Dave Sharma campaigns of Liberal moderates Trent Zimmerman and Dave Sharma

    In deleted tweets and posts, Ms Deeves said she was ”triggered” by the LGBT rainbow flag, and in another of a transgender teenager who had undergone top surgery, Ms Deves commented, “They will not stand for seeing vulnerable children surgically mutilated and sterilised”.

    Ms Deves has since deleted her Facebook and Instagram accounts and apologised for the language she used in describing transgender children.

    Meanwhile Labor leader Chris Minns entered the debate, telling 2GB’s Ben Fordham on Tuesday:“I think it’s a complicated issue but the simple fact is when young male adolescents go through puberty they have a large amount of a natural chemical called testosterone,

    “It’s a powerful, natural anabolic steroid and there’s simply not enough preparation, training, dieting or natural skill for female athletes to overcome that competitive advantage,” the opposition leader said on Tuesday morning.

    “It’s no-one’s fault, it’s just a problem of biology.”

    “So when sports make decisions to ensure you have got a level playing field and fairness is really at the centre of competitive sport in particular, you need to support those sports when they undertake those rules. It’s designed to stop an unfair advantage.”

    “It’s no-one’s fault but we can’t turn away from these issues as a result of the fact that we’ve got the situation,” said Mr Minns.”

    By the way, like Katherine Deves, I’m also ”triggered” by the LGBT rainbow flag, and the idea of a transgender teenager undergoing top surgery,

    Apologies about the cut and paste C.L….I thought you might be interested.

  13. jupes says:

    The battle for the balance of power is now the red letter event in an otherwise tiresome war.

    The problem is the Uniparty is united on 90% of the policies that are destroying this nation. If the small right wing parties end up with the balance of power, they will only be tinkering at the margins, if we are lucky.

  14. Fat Tony says:

    Bring on the feral senate.

    Won’t help unless they have over half the Senate seats.

    Anything important to the Uniparty will have the LNP/Lab/Green coalition voting as one.

  15. Lee says:

    Kean, Sharma, Zimmerman and Morrison should all be booted from the Liberal Party.

  16. Queeg says:

    It would appear that the weak primary vote of both major parties is opening the possibility that preferences will decide a lot of seats. In which case minor parties and independents may have a strong chance. In many ways social media has been bad for major parties as it promotes narrow tribalism and confirmation bias. Optional preferential voting allows the marginalised middle to opt out of major parties if they have a candidate that meets their expectations. ALP and Libs might end up preferncing each other!

  17. Petros says:

    Most likely, Fat Tony, but at least they can stir the pot and provide some sort of opposition, unlike the “Opposition”.

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