America was something special once – but not anymore

This is not just in the symbolic farce of regime actions such as placing a man who claims to be a woman in charge of what is supposed to be a health agency, and installing into the presidency a man whose incompetence is so dangerous to national security and international order he is prevented from speaking publicly by a fierce Easter bunny.

It is also in the utter farce of governmental authority at all…

Pullman is executive editor of The Federalist. Her inventory of unreality is worth reading.

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4 Responses to America was something special once – but not anymore

  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Pullmann nails it.

    I believe America is decomposing before our eyes and it has as its POTUS a visibly decomposing corpse, propped up by goodness knows what drugs, stumbling around looking like a character from a B-grade Hollywood zombie or Frankenstein movie from the 1950s. He’s a decomposing zombie who has to be pushed around by a secret service person dressed in a bunny costume and he’s a decomposing zombie who has to be told by his evil wife to wave, and she is evil because what decent woman would allow her decomposing feeble husband to be subjected to this?

    I think “Potemkin” is perhaps a too generous description to describe America in 2022. The whole Potemkin village delusion should be able to dupe onlookers and visitors with a facade designed to look nice and orderly. This isn’t America in 2022, there’s no nice facade, the current Sniffer in Chief isn’t nice or orderly, nor is anyone in his corrupt administration, instead we are witnessing is the whole rotten and depraved carcass that once was a great Republic, its governance and its security organisations decompose before our eyes, aided and abetted by a venal progressive elite, a corrupt MSM and sinister social media sewers.

    You know when you have an autogynephiliac given a prominent role in the administration that the time is up. As Rome died, America will die. This is what moral collapse does it destroys and death is inevitable.

  2. Old School Conservative says:

    Not that Australia is without sin in the Potemkin shenanigans.
    The whole Gillard/hairdresser boyfriend (whose name I’ve forgotten because he was so innocuous) was a deliberate sham. A ploy to give Gillard some electoral credibility. He was removed from the scene with alacrity as soon as he was no longer required.
    And not a single “investigative journalist” followed up on the scandal.

  3. rosie says:

    He was. Camp as a row of tents.
    Gillard having a lend.

  4. Shy Ted says:

    And Oz is different because? Both have puppets in the top job. At least 5 public service chiefs can’t say what a woman is. Shall I go on?

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