Frustrated gentleman charged with assault

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  1. C.L. says:

    A man claiming to be a volunteer for independent Warringah candidate Sophie Scamps has allegedly assaulted a volunteer for Liberal contender Katherine Deves.

    A pub brawl between volunteers for both Warringah Liberal candidate Katherine Deves and independent candidate Dr Sophie Scamps at a “politics in the pub” event on Friday night has led to a police assault charge.

    The incident occurred at about 6pm at the Forrestville RSL where Ms Deves had been billed to speak alongside her party colleague and federal MP for Mackellar, Jason Falinksi.

    Police said officers were called following reports a volunteer at a private function within the venue was allegedly pushed by a man in the reception area.

    The man, who identified himself to witnesses at the event as a volunteer for Dr Scamps, is accused of yelling at and behaving aggressively towards Ms Deves’s volunteer.

    A police spokeswoman said a 67-year-old man was issued with a court attendance notice for the offence of common assault.

    “The man was escorted from the premises,” she said.

    He will appear at Manly Local Court on May 25.

    A witness statement signed by Ms Deves’s volunteer said the event had been intended to be a night for “supporters” from the seat of Mackellar to meet the Warringah candidate and Mr Falinski. However, after details of the event were leaked to social media, journalists turned up, before being told they would not be allowed inside.

    The statement said a man claiming to be a volunteer for Dr Scamps followed Ms Deves and her minders into the RSL despite being told it was a “private event”.

    It also claimed he became aggressive.

    “At this point, his face was about 10cm from mine, and I was scared that the situation was going to escalate to physical violence,” the statement said.

    “The operations manager then intervened and asked the gentleman in the Hawaiian-style shirt to leave.”

    Dr Scamps’s volunteer earlier told journalists how Ms Deves’s comments on Twitter had seen an increase in patients at his relative’s psychology clinic.

    Ms Deves has come under fire over a series of now-deleted tweets on trans teenagers.

  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    Matt is Keane to impose his Green Liberal stomp on folk.

    Weren’t the original German Nazis also Green?

    Oh wait… Matt is Keane to obliterate our economy as well!

  3. NoFixedAddress says:

    Matt Keane is such a treasure for The Liberal Party of Australia one could wonder why ze has not been elevated further… mmmmmmmmm???

  4. Shy Ted says:

    Charge him with fashion crimes, too.

  5. Old Lefty says:

    All we need now is for a ‘Liberal’ ‘ moderate’-appointed magistrate to dismiss the charges Yarragrad-style.

  6. Old Lefty says:

    Gray Connolly made a very sharp observation about Matt Kean once: the reason he pretends to be a Liberal is probably that he thinks NSW Labor is too conservative.

  7. Ed Case says:

    Daily Mail desribed him as an “elderly man”.
    Have a look at the size and demeanour of the old slug, he went to the RSL dressed for a blue.

  8. Ed Case says:

    From the sidebar on Dr. Sophie’s Website.

    Join Dr Sophie Scamps as she delivers her Economic and Small Business Policy. With an expert panel including: Richard Denniss, Chief Economist, The Australia Institute Georgie Dent, Executive Director, The Parenthood.

    Funded by GetUp & Labor?

  9. C.L. says:

    Chief Economist, The Australia Institute


  10. C.L. says:

    The chief economist from the Ponds Institute must have been unavailable.

  11. Lee says:

    I gather that the Australia and the Ponds Institutes are left wing?

  12. C.L. says:

    Lee, Google the Ponds Institute.
    Bit of a longstanding joke among advertisers and comedians; it was invented to sell a range of skin care products.

    The Australia Institute isn’t much more authoritative.

  13. Lee says:

    Okay, thanks, C.L
    I had never heard of the Ponds or the joke before.

  14. Old Lefty says:

    Notice how the ABC prejudges the issue by referring to the posts as ‘offensive’ as if that were a straightforward matter if fact:

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