High praise for Victoria Police

They run toward the danger. The rest of us go in the opposite direction.”

Daniel Andrews speaks for himself

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4 Responses to High praise for Victoria Police

  1. Franx says:

    Andrews has revealed himself and his police force as the enemy of the people. For that they are, the enemy.
    As a matter of fact and in my personal experience:
    They, Andrews’s police in full riot gear, and with their cavalry, ran at me and others and and knocked me to the ground.
    They ran not towards any danger but rather, in the opposite direction to danger, for they ran towards a peaceful presence, a mere and lawful but simply unwelcome presence of being there, an affront to Andrews’s sense of self importance.
    Andrews and his security police force have over the course of the contrived pandemic been redolent of Orwell’s Napoleon and his dogs – they have been the antithesis of and an attack on freedoms, security and safety.

  2. Chris M says:

    They run towards grannies they can bash and rob but flee from tradies. We’ve seen the videos.

  3. Rossini says:

    Future employment for current school yard bullies!

  4. Shy Ted says:

    So, reading that little lot, she was driving and even after 2 weeks they’re unable to say what the cause of the crash was. Wonder why?

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