Lucidity Toll

Instead of daily death updates, Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly suggested in a recent senate estimates hearing overall excess death – a measure of whether deaths from all causes were higher or lower than expected – could become more appropriate.

The bureau reported 5090 excess deaths in 2021, an increase from 2020 when 1734 fewer deaths occurred than were predicted. The excess mortality across both years was similar to that of the 2017 flu season…

Lauren Moran, the [Australian Bureau of Statistics] director of mortality statistics, said Australia had a “relatively low” mortality rate compared to other countries in 2020 and 2021.

But experiences have varied among states. More than half of 2021’s excess deaths were in Victoria. NSW registered 168 fewer deaths than expected. “Victoria was really the only state in 2020 that had that second COVID wave,” Moran explained.

It was also the only state whose famously lucid Premier adopted the Reinhard Heydrich model of ‘pandemic’ management. Lockdowner fanatics – remember them? – will argue excess deaths were unremarkable precisely because of the ‘measures’ and ‘vaccines’ taken. The figures, however, show this: 1) deaths rose as vaccinations rose; and 2) the more extreme the mandates and lock-ups, the deadlier the result. The SMH bumped this to paragraph 18.

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  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    ““This is the most lucid analysis on the so-called trans issue I have seen. Right on the money.””

    The millionaire of Mosman.. I’ve long thought him to be a hypocritical bombastic buffoon and a misogynist at that.

    Here is a homage to women from Egard Watches, a Florida-based boutique timepiece and jewelry firm…

  2. cuckoo says:

    At least I get a chuckle of watching Nein news now sensationally reporting flu cases which are already in the, oh, in the low hundreds. And comparing these numbers with the near-zero incidence of flu in the last two years. As if everyone has forgotten what happened in the last two years.

    The media are like junkies always looking for the next high. They had covid, then when that palled along came Ukraine. Now that Ukraine is fading, they’re drinking the bong water.

  3. C.L. says:

    Great ad. Imagine that on Maoist Australian television.

  4. Chris M says:

    Dan is right, although accidentally. The children and young people with ‘trans’ urges deserve our sympathy first and foremost. Not to humour them or urge them on this destructive path but to help their mental health and support them to value their body and life as it is and to grow a positive future outlook. The great majority have some sad family or life issues that occurred prior to them being influenced in this direction. All mankind is broken by sin.

  5. C.L. says:

    There is no shortage of sympathy for mentally ill youth. Leftists throughout the world are now making children ‘dysmorphic’ as part of an ideological agenda – something that isn’t hard to do for a few reasons: the contempt for objective reality in our culture, the destruction of the family, the denigration of masculinity and the age-old tendency of troubled adolescents to delude themselves into often extreme forms of self-harm to garner attention. Being ‘trans’ is the new running away from home.

    It is the acquiescence to those delusions by states and state-funded medical bottom-feeders – an acquiescence born of leftist hostility to familial and moral norms (itself an illness) – that is inciting despair and suicide; not anything Katherine Deves or Tucker Carlson ever said. Daniel Andrews’ lunatic lockdowns have caused more youth suicides than any other government policy in Australian history. He is a sinister hypocrite.

  6. Chris M says:

    Totally CL.

    The education system teaches them from the outset using the false evolution hypothesis there is no origin, meaning or purpose in life; so no surprise that is how they behave.

  7. C.L. says:

    No surprise at all, Chris.

  8. NoFixedAddress says:

    trans-gender today…

    trans-human tomorrow.

  9. vlad redux says:

    Andrews is unspeakable.

  10. Morsie says:

    I am still bemused that the latest SC appointment is lionized as the first black woman on the court when she herself says she is unable to define what a woman.
    BTW Peter F and Andrews in one link is cruel and unusual punishment for your readers.

  11. Franx says:

    It does not appear as an ad lib by Andrews but as a read from some script imposed upon his manic gaze. On this issue as on most others, the man, his arguments, his politics, his supporters, are evil, mad-as.

  12. Lee says:

    The millionaire of Mosman..

    … and others on Twitter agree with and support an evil degenerate.

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