The war in Ukraine is lost and everyone denying it is a lunatic

There is, however, one man who grasps reality and wants peace. His name is Donald Trump.
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4 Responses to The war in Ukraine is lost and everyone denying it is a lunatic

  1. NoFixedAddress says:

    It is extraordinary to observe the visceral hatred of Trump expressed by the so called elite of America, and the West generally.

  2. Petros says:

    Now the MIC REALLY don’t like him.

  3. and says:

    War & Geese

  4. Tel says:

    Depends on what you mean by “lost” … without sounding like I’m too far out there, I think it’s a good thing that Kyiv is mostly safe and the border between the Russian controlled zone and Ukrainian controlled zone is turning into a relatively simple and stable topology.

    The Russians have “won” a strip along the East that was for the most part Russian speaking and already sentimentally aligned with Russian values … the rest of the Ukraine will now be able to identify as their own nation, possibly aligned with the EU, or whatever they decide is appropriate. Russia will be left with just enough warm water access that Turkey and NATO cannot take them for granted.

    Good fences make good neighbours … balance of power n-at.

    China is trading with Russia to the extent that China comes out ahead (hence the general idea of trade) and there isn’t much the US can do. The US is doing a lot worse in the trade war than anyone expected, same as Russia is doing a lot worse in the land war than anyone expected … and both sides have a bit of deep thinking to do about whether their governance is up to scratch.

    If everything settles down about where we are at the moment, then I’m satisfied with the outcome. You all already know … my standards are very low.

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