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Turns out neo-cons can’t win a war with op-eds about Churchill

Yesterday's WPost article on how Ukrainian volunteers/recruits are fleeing their positions, surviving on 1 potato a day, then getting arrested for speaking to media about their reality, is horrific. The only moral course is seeking a diplomatic solution: — Glenn … Continue reading

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Before 1788, an Aborigine could buy one without trepidation

It’s come to a point where I won’t go and get nice diving gear. I’ll get hand-me-down down stuff because I’m too scared to go and buy a nice $600 wetsuit in fear of it being taken off me, innocent … Continue reading

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Dutton to lead Libs with Sussan Ley as deputy for some reason

Both elected unopposed. Meanwhile, the Nats have dumped Barnaby for, um, David Littleproud?

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Elite Mick-Teals want to desecrate Mass with evil mumbo jumbo

Welcome to Country could soon open Catholic masses, school assemblies and meetings.

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Penny Wong’s Charm: Offensive

Pacific Islands Forum invites closer ties with China. It’s so much easier being mean to colleagues. The truth is the former government had a submission from Foreign Affairs and Trade backed by the former foreign minister Marise Payne for increased … Continue reading

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Barnaby Falls On His Feet

Peta Credlin’s reality reminder for an undiminished – even victorious – National Party room: Together, Labor, the Greens and the Teals won just 47.9 per cent of first preference votes. Between them, the Libs, the Nats, One Nation, the Palmer … Continue reading

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Enraged Andrews junta still beating up a woman for being right

Monica Smit: I’m facing prison once again for my role in protesting Australia’s draconian lockdown.

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Active Snooper

Biden admin will force schools to let boys use girls’ bathrooms or lose federal lunch funding.

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Trudeau’s Altar Boy

No anti-Catholic lie is too stupid for him: Pope to visit Canada to apologize for Indigenous abuses. This is the biggest fake news story in Canadian history. All this talk about unmarked graves and missing children triggered a moral panic. … Continue reading

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They behaved exactly like security guards at an abortion clinic

It's looking like they just gave up on those kids. Left them to die while evacuating whoever they could from a safe distance. Worst act of cowardice I've ever heard of. — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) May 26, 2022

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ABC links white scientists to violent drug pest George Floyd

Riiight: Racial controversy around plant genetics conference puts Australian scientists ‘on notice’.

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The Voice of Revolution

Religious leaders support constitutional referendum on Indigenous voice to parliament. THE real purpose of lobbing the so-called Indigenous Voice into the Constitution is the possibility the High Court will Brennan-vibe it into a veto power over Parliament. Everyone knows this. … Continue reading

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Who could resist?

Penny Wong launches charm offensive in the Pacific in a bid to counter influence from China.

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Chalmers Kean Dick: Triumvirate brainstorms a new narrative

It’s the good old ‘the cupboard is bare’ routine: Nation ‘needs to expect bad news’: Jim Chalmers. Jim Chalmers has flagged the ­October budget will reveal the nation’s finances are in a worse position than Treasury’s pre-election update, saying “pressures … Continue reading

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The key words here are “months at sea”

A sailor meets his baby for the first time after months at sea, 1940s. — History Defined (@historydefined) May 25, 2022

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Politics is now about scaring women, children and Matt Guys

They’re my words. Here are the great Peter Smith’s: Hard Truths About Power for the Weaker Sex.

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Why hasn’t she been sacked?

Tanya Plibersek launches jaw-dropping Voldemort attack on likely new Liberal leader Peter Dutton.

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