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We isolated ourselves from Gondwana 99 million years ago

Our island home: How Australia Saved Thousands of Lives While Covid Killed a Million Americans.

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Piers Morgan: Woke Fraud

IT’S a shame the ‘Uncensored’ host being called a “c-nt” live on air by a male “trans activist” he willingly identified as “Jane” takes attention away from the interview that followed. The obscenity was less revealing and indictable than Morgan’s … Continue reading

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A Mostly Considerate Assault

Gratitude: “I would like to express my closeness to the cardinal who was freed and treated well.”

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That’s one way of putting it

Ukraine’s soldiers leave Azovstal steelworks, declare end to longest battle in war with Russia.

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Deborah Yakubu

What do you hope to achieve with this?” – Witnesses say these were the last words of Nigerian Christian Deborah Yakubu, 22. She was beaten with planks before being burned to death on a pile of tires by Muslim students … Continue reading

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Transgender midgets continue to face discrimination hurdles

Democrats play it safe: ‘I am a black, gay, immigrant woman’: meet Biden’s new press secretary.

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The most famous top-secret burglary since Watergate

ACT Supreme Court refuses Bernard Collaery’s application for government agency documents. THE upshot: under ‘national security’ auspices, no truth or public interest defence will stymie a Federal government’s prosecution of a person who reports – or is made privy to … Continue reading

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Mourning blacks at home, Biden starts a new war in Africa

■ Biden will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday following mass shooting, official says. ■ Joe Biden sends US troops to Somalia, reversing Donald Trump’s exit decision.

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Catholics and children no longer welcome in the Liberal Party

Bernie Finn to be booted from Liberal Party after latest abortion controversy. It is imperative Liberal Members of Parliament be solely focused on recovering and rebuilding Victoria. A continued lack of discipline and repeated actions detrimental to the party’s ability … Continue reading

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Solidarity Forever

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating buys in Elizabeth Bay. Former PM Keating statement; The policy change announced by The Prime Minister to allow people to access their Superannuation for housing deposits amounts to no more than another frontal assault … Continue reading

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You usually have to be elected before citing this old classic

Oh no. The cupboard is bare: Albanese reveals two-term strategy if Labor wins. If elected, Albanese said Labor “can’t repair all of the damage done in the first term; we will inherit a trillion dollars of debt and need to … Continue reading

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Dispatches From Woke War I

ONE of the amusing things to do of a morning these days is to check in for the latest on the war in Ukraine. The stories are almost always sourced to “intelligence officials” or “Ukrainian officials.” In other words, they … Continue reading

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While Ukrainians light their Javelins with hundred dollar bills…

Biden black market thrives: US parents swap and sell baby formula amidst country-wide shortage.

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Yet another New York Times hero turns out to be a child rapist

Prominent trans activist celebrated by press faces 16 felony charges for sexual abuse of boy.

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Morrison set to lose because voters want children mutilated

Former economics reporter Laura Tingle now makes Kamala Harris sound like a voice of reason. [St Josh Frydenberg is] under threat because of where his government, and particularly his prime minister, have taken politics in the past three years. That … Continue reading

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Labor crumb maiden knows exactly what she’s doing

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Peking Dick

Scott Morrison questions Richard Marles’ ‘strangely high’ number of meetings with China officials.

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The man to whom Pope Francis refused to give an audience

To avoid angering China: HK police arrest Cardinal Joseph Zen over ‘collusion with foreign forces.’

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