Speers: Albo the ‘winner’ for not saying something stupid again

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11 Responses to Speers: Albo the ‘winner’ for not saying something stupid again

  1. Terry says:

    Imagine my shock that their ABC says their guy won.

  2. vlad redux says:

    At 00:59:51 the moderator clearly asked Morrison to name an Albanese strength “that also worries you.”


    So their ABC’s account of Morrison’s lack of “grace” is the usual fake news.

  3. Lee says:

    I would have been absolutely amazed if the ABC didn’t say Albo won the debate.
    But a “clear winner”?

  4. Not Trampis says:

    debates are meaningless. Shorten easily won them last time and he lost. Oppo leaders usually do well in them.

  5. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    If debates are meaningless, why is Their ABC so keen to host one?

  6. Not Trampis says:

    it is good for TV. They are meaningless in changing votes. Morrison has yet win one but won the election last time.

  7. Tel says:

    Has anyone got a link where I can watch all the debates? Are they on cspan perhaps?

    I feel guilty for failure to punish myself by watching … but I don’t feel so very guilty that I would search through all the spammy fake links in order to find one that’s watchable.

  8. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    Only useful as a spectacle? No wonder Their ABC wants one, they have to get their viewer numbers up somehow!


  9. C.L. says:

    You haven’t missed anything, Tel, believe me.
    I have watched and listened to more Albanese than I have before, though, and – wow – he has the most annoying diction and delivery of any Australian politician, excepting Julia Gillard.

  10. Tel says:

    I forced myself to sit through that youtube link above (not the “undecided voters” at the end, there are limits) … my summary is you can have the snake or the toadstool … pick your poison.

    Albo muddled his way through … mostly incoherent and constantly dangling the bribe of higher minimum wage and free childcare. ScoMo came across much sharper, although I don’t trust anything he says … he lost me at the start when he said there was some mystical force coming across the oceans that caused inflation … as if Australia doesn’t have a sovereign currency. On the whole ScoMo did have quick and direct answers for every policy question, and he avoided pointlessly repeating himself. He accuses Albo of being a weather vane which is certainly correct.

    Egats, the key question at 22 minutes, “Can I get a commitment from both of you that families won’t have to pay to see sport on their television?”

    Lol, the answer, “Well we are committed to a review.”

    Albo’s effort to jump in on climate change seems unlikely to pull in all that many votes … I dunno, personally I don’t meet all that many people who see climate change as a serious issue. Even the ones who give it lip service don’t personally do all that much … the true zealots of course already mostly vote hard left, but the regular folks have bigger things to worry about than the many years of failed disaster predictions.

    … wow – he has the most annoying diction and delivery of any Australian politician, excepting Julia Gillard.

    Albo far more annoying than Gillard ever was … and that’s no hyper bowl!

  11. Buccaneer says:

    Again, we have an election where the contest is to determine which shit sandwich is more smelly. The problem for Morrison is that he simply hasn’t called out the bits that are gaslighting, apologised for the stuff ups and laid out a coherent plan forward.

    There is not point identifying why Albo is a basket case, he’s too dumb do anything other than gaslight say what he thinks people want to hear.

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