“Hartcher was particularly aggressive”

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2 Responses to “Hartcher was particularly aggressive”

  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Firstly, once again I fail to see why any LNP politician agrees to appear on this far-left drivel called Q&A. By doing so they simply allow themselves to be used as a pinata for the other panellists and audience to ridicule, smear, mock and scorn. Any Liberal who appears on Q&A has zero self-respect.

    Secondly, how nice of Cathy McGowan to say “she would “love” to see Mr Morrison change, especially on his treatment of women’s issues and when it came to showing empathy.”. But I note that Ms McGowan remains strangely silent about Labor’s inaction and silence over Emma Husar and over the Kitching “mean girls” allegations or how there’s clearly a culture of bullying in the Labor Party. I note her silence around Albanese’s lack of ‘EMPATHY” after Kitching’s death. Ahhhhh but Cassie of Sydney, don’t you know? The hypocrisy must go on, it’s like a Broadway show, let’s call it “THY NAME IS HYPOCRISY” and it’ll become the longest show in history. And yet conservatives, Liberals and so on continue to buy tickets and continue to give it a 5 star review.

    So the Liberals are reaping what they sowed. They stood back and allowed Labor and progressive scum to set the narrative, particularly last year over the utterly ludicrous Porter allegations and the more serious Brittaneeeeee allegations. From day one, they have refused to fight the culture war, they said nothing to counter the very clear and obvious political harpoon being set up by Labor and their MSM and social media buddies to bludgeon Morrison and the Liberals. All Morrison and the Liberals did was to get down on their knees and fellate the opposition, the MSM and the progressive left and where did it get them? NO WHERE. It was so obviously a political set up and yet, like innocent private schoolgirls, the Liberals fell for it hook, line and sinker.

    Morning rant over.

  2. Not Trampis says:

    of course he will change just like Abbott did!

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