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John Howard’s enduring legacy

Man found dead in Melbourne this morning after ANOTHER shooting. Thank goodness for Australia’s strict gun laws that only allow criminals to own firearms. — Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) June 29, 2022

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What “pride month” is about

Coaching the West to legalise child molestation: “What the heck are they doing to that bear?”

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Albanese to solve the earth’s energy crisis and feed the world

The Prime Minister of Overseas tells NATO he’ll use imaginary technology and good intentions. “Our goal is for Australia to be a renewable energy superpower. But we’re also ambitious for what we can achieve as a global community,” he will … Continue reading

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First, revoke the Queen’s Birthday honours of health officials

They lied: Covid reinfection is on the rise and epidemiologists want to know the consequences.

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Ted Kennedy’s party unveils the story of a vehicular incident

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Labor’s Strategic Vision

We recognise there is strategic competition in our region, and Australia is not afraid to stand up with all the countries of our region for an open, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific. Under my government, it will be through Australia’s actions … Continue reading

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Mutilating and killing children is now a form of leftist revenge

Like Herod’s Massacre of the Innocents: Israel loosens abortion regulations in response to Roe.

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Well, they did buy the place in 2014

Property rights: New York Times confirms on-the-ground CIA agents are directing war in Ukraine.

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Judith Sloan on state budgets as nationally consequential cons

Australia’s best economics columnist: Hey presto, enjoy these state budget conjuring tricks.

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Banned from paying for dinner, Putin retires for a night cap

🧵 What Russia’s debt default means for the world. Spoiler alert: not much. Who is affected? Data from the Bank for International Settlements shows French banks held about $4.5bn of Russian government bonds as of last year, while US lenders … Continue reading

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Looks like lefties picked the wrong month to quit crying

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While Joe Biden spent $54 billion to defend Ukraine’s borders…

‘Stacks of bodies’: 46 people found dead in trailer, 16 hospitalized, San Antonio officials say.

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Tinfoil Tampons

With Roe v Wade gone and abortion banned in some US states, Americans are deleting their period tracker apps.

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Five justices made the decision but only one is a “stain”

I’d be interested to know what the Law Society of New South Wales had to say about this tweet: This guy deserves every bit of infamy history is going to give him. He will leave nothing but a stain. … Continue reading

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Hard cases make bad law but zombie-grade distractions

There are circumstances where we need to think about the mother’s wellbeing as well as the circumstances in which that pregnancy, particularly in abhorrent cases like rape and incest, that we need to just use a little bit of common … Continue reading

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Voicers wheel out the old ‘leftism is really conservatism’ trope

Last seen during the gay ‘marriage’ debate, Troy Bramston press-gangs it back into service. The voice to parliament is not a third chamber. It would only advise the parliament, which could accept or reject its advice. The voice would not … Continue reading

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Incited by Obama, Pelosi and Biden, Democrat terrorists “act”

The old KKK handbook: Historic Catholic church in West Virginia destroyed in suspected arson.

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Vaping: In a stunning development, prohibition isn’t working

Tonight’s Four Corners will look at the latest iteration of a dangerous habit the state can’t kick.

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