A ‘sorry’ pay cut for politicians would be universally beneficial

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5 Responses to A ‘sorry’ pay cut for politicians would be universally beneficial

  1. Franx says:

    This bonus-business is making work fit the ideological cut-out where some of it is worthy and some of it is not.

  2. C.L. says:

    Exactly, Franx. And that’s why it’s spectacularly dumb. Perrottet is reminding people who lost their jobs, businesses and savings that they weren’t “essential.” On the other hand, the people remunerated for nursing the ill are being paid a bonus because they… did their job.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    NSW Libs have caught fast train disease too. Always seems to afflict lefty pollies, it’s a strange ailment.

    NSW govt backs in faster rail services between Sydney and Central Coast (12 Jun)

    The New South Wales government has pledged to spend $500 million on building faster rail services between Sydney and the Central Coast. NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said the plan could slash travel times between Sydney and Gosford to 25 minutes.

    Train services past Cafe Bruce, which is near the line, have been near empty lately. Sydney Trains even cut services back to the weekend schedule for all days of the week it was so bad. No lefty wants to be in a carriage with infected plague carriers. And people are working from home and avoiding the commute to Sydney anyway. Righties also tend not to use public transport, in part because they don’t work in offices in Chatswood and the like.

  4. Buccaneer says:

    Victoria has ratios for nurses, NSW is the best run state from a hospital delivery perspective. Victoria has been in code brown. Ratios are simply a union initiative to increase membership with no reference to either working conditions or patient delivery. There are so many areas that can be reformed in the public health system to ensure care givers spend their time giving care instead of doing insane admin tasks. The government needs to focus on that not empty slogans and union posturing.

  5. Mantaray says:

    Bruce of Newcastle. Hard to make head or tail of that fast-train plan. It’s gonna be 25 mins Gosford to Sydney but they are making a big deal about replacing the Wyong bridge….which is not between Gosford and Sydney.

    The already existing tracks from Sydney to Gosford (and then to Newcastle of course) can already take fast trains since they are the tracks the XPT uses Sydney-Brisbane via Gosford + Newcastle. “Based on the British Rail designed Intercity 125 High Speed Train, each XPT set is made up of two XP locomotives in a push-pull formation coupled to between four and seven carriages”….. “On a test run to Albury on 18 September 1992 the XPT reached 193 km/h between Table Top and Yerong Creek.[12] 200 km/h was the target speed” = can already get from Gosford to Sydney in about 25 minutes if it didn’t need to stop.

    What slows the Sydney-Gosford commuter trains each morning and afternoon is that they have to stop several times to pick up workers heading to and from Sydney.

    As I live in NQ and don’t get much info on how the NSW Govt is pissing taxpayers’ dough against walls down there, could you let us know what the plan is? Thanks.

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