What Becomes of the Broken Minded?

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7 Responses to What Becomes of the Broken Minded?

  1. RacerX says:

    Have I got this plan right? The poorest in society won’t be able to afford meat anymore, reducing demand. This demand reduction leads to a reduction in stock levels thus saving the planet while creating a new source of government revenue at the same time.

    My only suggestion is what ever level the tax is set at wouldn’t it work better if it was increased?

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Charles has the answer!

    Climate madness: Prince Charles backs face masks for cows in bid to tackle climate change (3 Jun)

    The 100-gram rubber masks with solar-powered fans are designed to direct the animals’ exhalations into a small chamber and then use chemical processes to convert methane into carbon dioxide, Agrarheute explained. But first farmers have to be convinced to actually use the masks.

    Probably need something for the other end too. And for humans as well, especially if they make us eat vegan. I’d like to see Charles lead by example in this.

  3. Entropy says:

    How much has the ruminant population in NZ (or Australia for that matter) contributed to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions over the last 100 years?

    Are they more methany than they used to be?

  4. NoFixedAddress says:


    You go too far!


    There is already enough idiocy and broken winded in every so called Parliament in Australia.

  5. Buccaneer says:

    I’ll have my gimp steak rare thanks

  6. Rockdoctor says:

    She is definitely trying to move the spotlight of her failing poll numbers. Crime is out of control especially by Maori gangs, inflation problem, mounting pile broken promises and an economy in trouble.

    For a country that has prided itself on it wool and dairy products could this be the final nail in her coffin?

  7. Riversutra says:

    I’m waiting for the movie, I hear it’s a cross between Footrot Flats and Once Were Warriors called Flatulence Rainbow Warrior.
    Brought to you by the makers of Black Sheep and let me tell you those sheep are a real danger!

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