Democrats push to normalise child molestation with big money

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5 Responses to Democrats push to normalise child molestation with big money

  1. Lee says:

    Head Of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Org Arrested For Child Porn.

    In that tweet, the toddler is looking very worriedly and dubiously at that drag queen.
    Even toddlers have instincts or bad feelings about some things.

  2. C.L. says:

    Even toddlers have instincts or bad feelings about some things.

    They certainly do. Deep, primordial instincts.

  3. C.L. says:

    Note how those Democrat politicians willingly allowed Biden to molest their daughters. With his behaviour, Biden is telegraphing that his special privilege of access to children supercedes parental authority. That’s exactly what the drag-in-school and trans-mutilation movement is doing on a global scale. In turn, this builds on the compulsory ‘vaccination’ of perfectly safe children during the ‘pandemic.’ Western governments cannot allow parental authority to stand; it is seen as direct threat to the Total State.

  4. Old Lefty says:

    And never forget that, here in Oz, ‘our’ ABC has never retracted or recanted Richard Neville’s promotion of pederasty, which in turn has the endorsement of Whitlam’s hand-picked chairman Richard Downing. Or that the woke left and its media organs have vilified Justice Wood in NSW as a reactionary purveyor of moral panic and a fascist redneck homophobe for his daring to conduct a very tame investigation into The Wall and certain gay ‘nighclubs’ (i.e. boy brothels) in Darlinghurst.

    They needn’t have worried, of course. The Wood inquiry came to a shuddering halt when a disbarred lawyer (Witness KR 5) spoke of recognising captains of industry, politicians, judges, lawyers at Castellos, one of the most disgusting of those establishments.

    On the way, though, Justice Wood committed another capital thought crime by finding that the state school system was no better than the Catholic, and arguably even worse. For that, he has been airbrushed from history.

  5. Fat Tony says:

    The Parasite Class wants unfettered access to kids.

    Their billions can buy them everything they could possibly want – apart from legal access to kids.

    The Great Reset – accompanied by a drastic reduction in the world’s population, will give them what they want. Absolute power, 400 or 500 million slaves & a plentiful supply of kids.

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