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14 Responses to Trumpstadamus

  1. Lee says:

    The average price of gasoline in the U.S. is approaching $7 a gallon.
    When Trump left office it was around $3.50.

  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    Canada is apparently USD$11 per gallon.

  3. NoFixedAddress says:

    What is the Australian price of fuel?

    And we sit on a disappearing under the oceans island that has coal, oil and gas that we are not allowed to access!

  4. Buccaneer says:

    $11 a gallon is $2.40 a litre

  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    Where is Tampis to give us the lsd troof?

    AP reported, “The government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has authorized Russian troops, planes and ships to deploy to Nicaragua for purposes of training, law enforcement or emergency response.

    “In a decree published this week, and confirmed by Russia on Thursday, Ortega will allow Russian troops to carry out law enforcement duties, ‘humanitarian aid, rescue and search missions in emergencies or natural disasters.’

    “The Nicaraguan government also authorized the presence of small contingents of Russian troops for ‘exchange of experiences and training.’

    “Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, told the Russian news outlet Sputnik that the measure was routine.”

    First Biden’s economic sanctions backfired and the ruble doubled in value in just 3 months.

    Now this.

    Putin vs. Biden is looking more like Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  6. Old School Conservative says:

    Buccaneer says:
    14 June, 2022 at 5:36 pm
    $11 a gallon is $2.40 a litre

    Some Northern Beaches petrol stations have premium 98 selling for $ 2.47.
    Any disaster President Brandon can perpetrate, we can surpass.

  7. Buccaneer says:

    $7 a gallon is $1.54 a litre. we have more taxes on petrol than the us does, they also have sell lower quality and lower octane fuel. Our minimum octane is 91 theirs is 89.

  8. Not Trampis says:

    Russia never invaded Ukraine when Trump was in because they did not need to.

    As I said yesterday Mark Harrison at vox eu has a different view on sanctions. given the shortages in Russia I tend to agree with him.

  9. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    As I said yesterday Mark Harrison at vox eu has a different view on sanctions. given the shortages in Russia I tend to agree with him.

    That pretty much guarantees that he is wrong.

  10. NoFixedAddress says:

    Those bloody Russians are no longer reliable communists, eh Tampis!

    Communist America and the EU certainly think so.

    While your dropping LSD in the bong water, have a go at absorbing this,

    Why the West Lusts After Ukraine

  11. Fat Tony says:

    For conversions, remember that:

    1 US gallon = 3.8 litres
    1 Imperial gallon = 4.54 litres

    Also the disparity between US wages and Australian wages

  12. NoFixedAddress says:


    Thank you Fat Tony

    I had certainly forgotten the US gallon v Imperial gallon difference even though in a former life it was just a natural conversion!

  13. NoFixedAddress says:

    A link posted at furniture store as ‘Biden responds to Trump’.

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