Russia Hoaxers To The Rescue

The Russian government is attempting to censor what their citizens can see and say online in order to obscure the truth and silence dissent.”

Laura Cunningham, president of the Open Technology Fund, explains why the famously truth-affirming Biden Administration has given $4.8 million to VPN firms.
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6 Responses to Russia Hoaxers To The Rescue

  1. Boxcar says:

    What is the situation with Assange’ extradition, now that everything Russian has been found to be bullshit?

  2. Tel says:

    Firms that get money from the US government also report back to the US government … just so you know.

  3. C.L. says:

    Assange latest:

    Doctors’ orders to UK Home Secretary Priti Patel: “Do not extradite Assange”.

    I know he’s a weird bloke and all but this has become utterly disgraceful.

    In a letter sent last Friday, Doctors for Assange told Patel that approving his extradition would be “medically and ethically unacceptable”. Assange faces 18 charges under the Espionage Act with a 175-year prison sentence for his role as a journalist and publisher exposing war crimes committed by the US government in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Assange has been imprisoned for exactly 10 years this Sunday, first under UK house arrest, then inside Ecuador’s embassy in London where he was illegally detained by UK authorities who refused to grant him safe passage to Ecuador. Since April 2019, he has been detained in London’s Belmarsh maximum security prison despite having committed no crime under UK law.

    The Australian government has refused to intercede on Assange’s behalf, a stance maintained by newly elected Labour Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Assange is an Australian citizen, with a wife and two young children in Britain.

    Interesting that Albanese has already been told to toe the line by the Americans.

  4. C.L. says:

    The Open Technology Fund is wholly financed by Uncle Sam.
    Which is to say, it’s a CIA front.

  5. twostix says:

    Until recently, a lack of interest I guess, I never really put two and two together that it was Julian Assange who wrote the proof of concept and cutely named “Rubberhose Filesystem” way back in 2000. A computer filesystem that was designed, so that under “rubber hose” interrogation, you could hand over certain passwords that would unlock certain parts of it and, so the theory went, appease your torturers and allow you off without giving them the good stuff which remained hidden.

    This mitigates against coercive interrogations and legal compulsion.
    Only “safe” information need be revealed. It isn’t possible to show
    that additional information exists. Nor is it possible for the subject
    of a coercive demand to show that they have revealed all
    information. Thus a rational coercer can never demand proof of full
    co-operation, as its provision is computationally infeasible.

    Talk about foreshadowing, and I remember a lot of the debate about it during the 2000’s, on the one side were idealistic computer nerds who believed they could use technology to One Weird Trick their way past unlimited state power and a couple of its goons giving you the treatment. On the other were realists we said they’d just lock you up forever for fun, and because they can, just in case you know more than you’re letting on.

    Unfortunately we all got an answer as to the reality.

    (So will Crypto shortly – which is that whole thing done over again – Defeat the Banking / Government complex with this One Weird Tech Trick).

    Also you can glean a lot about the man from some of the files in that codebase including this clever slightly off putting short story .

  6. C.L. says:

    Well, if he’s rubberhosed himself and his files, that explains (but doesn’t excuse) the maniac obsession with imprisoning him forever.

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