Boleyn ’em over: England revives the jurisprudence of 1536

Three crown courts will become “specialist rape courts” under plans to equip them with tailored support for victims as part of efforts to reverse dismal conviction rates.

It’s hard to think of a more damaging way to undermine the administration of justice than to tell the public that juries have wrongfully liberated hundreds of rapists and that courts exist solely to convict. If those men were guilty, why didn’t the Crown Prosecution Service appeal every one of the cases? Here’s a better idea: stop telling women they were ‘raped’ because sexual encounters – often originating in drunkenness – went wrong. Stop taking advice from feminists who think trials are a blood sport they have to ‘win’ at any cost. Clearly, too many men in the UK have been charged by officials more fearful of a woke commotion than a miscarriage of justice. The “dismal conviction rates” are actually splendid acquittal rates. Prove me wrong.

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4 Responses to Boleyn ’em over: England revives the jurisprudence of 1536

  1. cuckoo says:

    Erm, will these new courts be racing to convict ‘asian’ grooming gangs? Nah, didn’t think so.

  2. Franx says:

    Conviction and not acquittal is the corollary of the accuser being deemed the victim in making the accusation. The law continues to allow it.

  3. Pommy Al says:

    Exactly Franx.
    You’re not a victim until it’s proved.
    No one is automatically guilty.
    Unless you’re a man.

  4. Old Lefty says:

    It will come as no surprise that Ms Judd of the Victorian Socialist Left Office of Political Prostitution and her cheer squad are advocating similar ‘reforms’ after the High Court’s comprehensive trashing of her ‘specious’ (their word) case against Cardinal Pell.

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