And the award for best ignorer of a Supreme Court goes to…

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9 Responses to And the award for best ignorer of a Supreme Court goes to…

  1. NoFixedAddress says:

    AOC of the year 2023

    woops sorry

    Australian Of The Year 2023… Miz Brittany Higgins!

    WooHooo…. Clap Clap Clap.

  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    I dedicate this song…. Cry Me A River is dedicated to …. wait … wait… Lisa Wilkinson…. no no … It is dedicated to Peter Fitzsimons.

    Don’t the 3 of them look cute in that group hug…. but who is the gorilla with the red bandana?

  3. Petros says:

    Is she trying to deliberately sabotage the proceedings to get her mate off the hook? What would be the consequences for her if she was?

  4. Entropy says:

    For Lisa? Zero.
    But Ms Higgins would get to be a permanent martyr.

  5. Petros says:

    Sorry I meant is Higgins trying to sabotage it all.

  6. Old Lefty says:

    What about contempt proceedings against Wilkinson? Oops, I forgot. You have to be a conservative critic of judicial wokery to be at risk of those.

  7. Old Lefty says:

    Meanwhile, if Dreyfus if the Victorian ALP is so horrified about ABC revelations if rampant abuse in state care

    then will he and the ABC ask where McClellan and his other hand-picked Socialist Left stooges on Gillard’s sham royal commission were in all of this? Or in the investigation of state institutions (including state schools) in Tasmania? Is suspect not.

  8. NoFixedAddress says:

    Old Lefty says:
    20 June, 2022 at 8:05 pm

    You get to become a PM when you cover over Qld judicial abuse of children in State “care”.

    Uni-Party rulze.

  9. Old Lefty says:

    Agreed, No Fixed Address. And of course when the McClellan circus came to Brisbane it refused to touch the Heiner inquiry scandal (and the state education department that sheltered leftist abuser Bill D’Arcy) and spent all its time going after – guess who? – the churches.

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