Who could have predicted it?

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  1. Not Trampis says:

    people watched the logies?

  2. Mantaray says:

    Got me beat how any of this is “going” anywhere. CCTV footage should show what, or what did not, happen.

    “Did NOT “seems most likely, which esplains why Higgins is making a tactical retreat under covering fire from the luvvy sniper teams.

    No doubt hoping for some sort of payment similar to what Alan Tudge’s bimbo got…..so’s she can buy a few more “vestal virgin: all in white” outfits for her next appearance on Australian Idol. FFS.

  3. C.L. says:

    people watched the logies?

    800,000 online searches for the speech + the live audience.

  4. Riversutra says:

    In the ACT a rape trial must go before a jury…….the Sussman trail verdict in Washington DC shows how that works in the swamp capitals.
    The Prime Minster threw him to the wolves with his “apology”.
    Lisa Wilksimian knew nothing legal would happen to her and it would only help her new best friend Brittany if she trashed the accused in front of 800,000 viewers.
    And now we all have to stand around and hear about how jury selection and “judicial procedures” will protect this sacrificial offering to the woke.
    As a Victorian, I’m used to the Judiciary being a sick joke but I still feel for the real victims.

  5. Entropy says:

    Imagine what would have happened at work if she said it was consensual.

  6. Old Lefty says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: why isn’t Wilkinson (aka Mrs Red Bandana) facing contempt proceedings?

    For the same reason, I assume, as Milligan never faced them for her blatant breaches of the rules of sub judice contempt in the Pell case.

  7. C.L. says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: why isn’t Wilkinson (aka Mrs Red Bandana) facing contempt proceedings?

    Indeed. This entire case stinks.

    At old Catallaxy, I posted a backgrounder on the ACT DPP based on his then available old Tweets. Some of them were truly shocking – for example, one implying Tony Abbott endorsed child molestation. The hatred of the Liberal Party was off the charts. I see his Twitter account is now private; now you know why.

    I predicted then he would commit Higgins’ alleged rapist to trial despite the impossibility of a fair trial.

    Two years later, the Supreme Court judge allowed the trial to go ahead despite all the prejudicial coverage that occurred subsequently. Today – yet again – Justice McCallum merely stays the case while making a strange criticism of “the media” over the Wilkinson speech. Except the Logies is a live telecast and has been for decades. The “media” are not to blame as a generic class. Wilkinson the individual said what she said live to air of her own volition. This was obviously contempt.

    Paul Murray commented tonight that there seems to be one law for “lefty celebrities” and another for everyone else.

    The accused is on a hiding to nothing.

  8. Petros says:

    Will he get off because they have stymied the due process?

  9. Syd Gal says:

    There have been recent reports that Wilkinson started reading her speech to the ACT DPP and he told her he was not a ‘speech editor’. But it almost seems as if elements of the media are deliberately trying to delay/stay the trial. What about all the publicity about the Higgins/Tame National Press Club event back in Feb? Higgins stated her case in the first sentence of her speech. The DPP’s comments at the time were about Morrison’s statement, there was not much commentary about the NPC event.

    Milligan tweeted a pic of herself and Wilkinson at the Logies and Wilkinson retweeted it the next day, adding that Milligan’s Canberra Bubble expose helped Higgins ‘find her voice’.

    And what about Higgins and her boyfriend Sharaz posting on instagram about all the support they received from the female director of the PR firm (described on their website as the leading government relations firm in Australia). She appears in pics at March4Justice and at the NPC address. As do many high profile politicians.

    The president of the Aust Bar Association gave a 3 min interview on the issues on ABC’s 730 last night. But surely the judiciary should have been aware of the media problems in this matter after Cardinal Pell’s case and Milligan’s book, and her numerous appearances and interviews on the speaker circuit.

  10. C.L. says:

    The news angle – that Justice McCallum gave Lisa a good talking to – is a con.
    She should have declared the case permanently stayed.

  11. Lee says:

    What would have happened if Lehrmann had come out on national TV and declared his innocence and ergo Higgins was a liar?
    Somehow I think he would have suffered a much worse outcome than being hit with a wet lettuce leaf.

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