Vaping: In a stunning development, prohibition isn’t working

Tonight’s Four Corners will look at the latest iteration of a dangerous habit the state can’t kick.
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10 Responses to Vaping: In a stunning development, prohibition isn’t working

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The FDA just banned Juul, although a Federal Judge has inserted an injunction.

    Federal Court Blocks FDA’s Juul Ban (24 Jun)

    At the same time they’re reducing nicotine levels in cigarettes to uselessness.

    Biden administration proposes rule to cut nicotine in cigarettes (21 Jun)

    In short nicotine is anathema to Gaia, but THC is holy. Or something.

  2. Chris M says:

    Couldn’t they be offered Joes free crack pipes instead?

  3. and says:

    A comment on the Cat from 2019

    With their prohibition crusade stalled in the 1970s, it was antismokers that suggested pursuing “safer” cigarettes, i.e., low-tar/low-nicotine, to stay in the “game”. By the early-1980s, it shocked even antismokers how easy it was to manipulate people to antismoking by claiming that nonsmokers were being endangered by ambient tobacco smoke – “passive smoking”. This was the avenue to prohibition. They dropped everything else, including “light cigarettes”, claiming that this, too, was just another conspiracy by the [evil] tobacco industry.

    Claiming [erroneously] that smoking is due to “nicotine addiction” put nicotine under the jurisdiction of the pharma-dominated, antismoking Federal Drug Administration (FDA). It was something that the misocapnists/capnophobes were trying to do early last century in America without success. This time the antismoking nut cases managed to bamboozle their way to success.

    Well, the FDA is now ready to act on tobacco. And guess what they’re going to do? They’re going to lower the nicotine level of cigarettes such that the only cigarettes that will be available will be light cigarettes, the very same light cigarettes [erroneously] condemned by the antismoking nut cases as a tobacco industry “conspiracy”. You couldn’t make up this stuff.

  4. and says:

    You also may have noticed that since Labor got into power, the antismoking adverts and adverts for essentially-useless Big Pharma quitting products have ramped right up.

    The elite – the lizard folk – are terrified of tobacco smoke. Their “utopia” has no [tobacco] smokers.

  5. and says:

    In short nicotine is anathema to Gaia, but THC is holy. Or something.

    Dope, other hard drugs – no problem. Poofism, transmogrifiers, “minor attracted persons”, and abortionphiles should not only be accommodated but celebrated. In the midst of this orgy of “inclusivity and diversity”, smokers are to be reviled, constantly “helped” by the State (and the brainwashed thereby) through escalating punishments and exclusion to accept “salvation”. WHAT A MESS!!

  6. and says:

    A sign appearing in the NYC subway

  7. Tel says:

    In short nicotine is anathema to Gaia, but THC is holy. Or something.

    An addict is someone you don’t like, who smokes as much as you do.

  8. C.L. says:

    I see more and more people looking for cigarette butts these days. Used to be the preserve of the older eccentric homeless but not any more. Two weeks ago, I bought some things (including a packet of Winnie Golds) at a Kwikimart. There was a young woman who obviously wasn’t travelling too well kind of loitering in the shop and she left as I did. Outside, she asked if I could spare a few durries. My hands were full so I flicked her the pack as I passed her – originally intending to tell her to take a few while I put my bundle of groceries in the car.

    Then I just thought, F-it, “keep the packet.”

    “Really?” she said.

    I wasn’t angry with her but with the sanctimonious, dishonest scum in Canberra who drive these people to desperation just because they want a damned cigarette. Meanwhile, you cannot enjoy ten minutes of an NRL match without being bombarded with coprorate bookmaker ads virtually daring young men to punt on everything – live, on their phones. I utterly despise our rulers. They insulate themselves from everything.

  9. NoFixedAddress says:


    That is sad as!

    We obviously need Many More “Bananas In Pajamas”.

    But your drug distribution activity has been noted.

    After a lifetime of RYO stuff I prefer the menthol stuff these days although I see crack pipes may be the go.

    I will have to contact a biden hunter as to where I can get mentholated crack.

  10. Shy Ted says:

    Greh Hunt was on 4 Corners last night calling them (all things vaping) “merchants of death”. Revoke his passport. In case of deaths from things he’s been in favour of.

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