Ted Kennedy’s party unveils the story of a vehicular incident

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  1. Passing By says:

    Trump didn’t leave office peacefully. That’s the issue

  2. Buccaneer says:

    That must be why they arrested him and charged him, instead of running a show trial that is going nowhere. He was marginally less graceful in defeat than Hillary and Al Gore. At no stage did he co-opt the apparatus of state to keep himself in power. That’s what dictators do. A little like the way the Clintons and Obamas used the apparatus of the state to spy on Trump and arrest people in his campaign.

  3. Tel says:

    Fortunately, there are free educational materials available on the Internet.


    After reading and understanding this, you will note that the “steering wheel grab” testimony meets exactly the definition of heresay. In particular.

    In keeping with the three evidentiary requirements, the Hearsay Rule, as outlined in the Federal Rules of Evidence, prohibits most statements made outside a courtroom from being used as evidence in court. This is because statements made out of court normally are not made under oath, a judge or jury cannot personally observe the demeanor of someone who makes a statement outside the courtroom, and an opposing party cannot cross-examine such a declarant (the person making the statement). Out-of-court statements hinder the ability of the judge or jury to probe testimony for inaccuracies caused by Ambiguity, insincerity, faulty perception, or erroneous memory. Thus, statements made out of court are perceived as untrustworthy.

    Cassidy Hutchinson was not inside the vehicle at the time, she had no direct observation of what Trump said or did, she only relays what she claims Anthony Ornato told her … and this was a statement made outside the courtroom, and thus heresay. It’s simple … you can figure it out if you try.


    There’s also point by point breakdown of a bunch of items in Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony which cannot possibly be true. He goes through in exceptional detail, and since he knows Anthony Ornato and he knows how the Secret Service operates, it’s clear the Cassidy Hutchinson steering wheel claim is quite ridiculous.

  4. Buccaneer says:

    Passing wind is not much interested in evidence or reading links. Just making the same inane comments over and over.

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