Ted Kennedy’s party unveils the story of a vehicular incident

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  1. False Equivalence says:

    A 26 years old staffer who clearly has been on the fast track chose to give evidence in public. If people want to undermine her, they’ll need to come out of the brush and into the hearings.

  2. Buccaneer says:

    Her evidence by her own admission was someone who was there told me that’s what happened.

    It didn’t occur to her or anyone on the committee examining her that perhaps they should be getting testimony from the someone who was there.

    Massive own goal that just deligitimised the whole farce. Particularly given the fairly obvious logistical improbability of Trump attempting to grab the wheel of the limo involved.

  3. entropy says:

    Quite so Buccaneer.
    Third party hearsay? that is seriously stupid on behalf of the DNC. It must figure enough idiots will believe it.

    Leaving aside the concept, well comedy fantasy really, of watching the fat Don jump up from the back seat of a limo across the drinks cabinet and over the front seats to grab at the wheel.

  4. Baba says:

    Cassidy Smollet. Forever.

  5. Lee says:

    Her evidence by her own admission was someone who was there told me that’s what happened.


  6. Buccaneer says:

    The most troubling part of the whole thing, was watching ch 10 news omit that it was hearsay testimony. One might think that a sitting president’s crack head son leveraging his dad’s political career to do questionable deals on an international stage, it seems with his Dad’s endorsement, might make interesting news in Aus. But no, flunky says Trump did something ‘outrageous’ is news.

    Trump doing or saying anything outrageous is no longer news, it’s ho hum.

    News is that it’s now ok to admit that Bill Clinton was friends with Geoffrey Epstein. No one lining up to say it’s a travesty that he hasn’t faced any kind of inquiry though…

  7. entropy says:

    Posted a comment on one of The Australian’s Maxwell stories that it would be good to have a bit of journalistic interest on the list of Epstein party friends, as so far it seems as if the only one was Prince Andrew. No one else of interest. At all.
    It actually got accepted at first and attracted 55 likes before it was ultimately rejected.

  8. Petros says:

    Do we have the worst media in the Western world? Maybe Canada and NZ are worse.

  9. False Equivalence says:

    You really should not rely on news clips! Her evidence was over an hour, Virtually all of it was first hand: stuff she saw and heard. It is unequivocal evidence of a plot by Trump and others. It is also clear that Trump intended harm to Pence.

  10. Lee says:

    Yes, Trump was going to overthrow the government with a handful of unarmed protesters who he had nothing to do with in any case.

  11. Prospero says:

    Yes, Trump was going to overthrow the government with a handful of unarmed protesters who he had nothing to do with in any case.

    Enjoy being a member of a cult impervious to evidence, Lee?

    It’s impossible to argue with such imbecility.

  12. Passing By says:

    A summary:
    Today’s testimony before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol was explosive. It tied former president Donald Trump and his chief of staff Mark Meadows directly to a plot to overturn the U.S. government.

    The witness was Cassidy Hutchinson, a 25-year-old aide to Meadows and congressional liaison who was well known on Capitol Hill. She was a staunch Republican who had worked for Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA), the second highest Republican in the House, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). An aide to former House speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), Brendan Buck, tweeted that “when Meadows was on the Hill he always insisted that she be in *every* meeting he had, no matter how small. It was odd then, and doesn’t seem to be working out for him now.”

    Hutchinson testified that leaders in the Trump White House planned the attack on the Capitol. On January 2, 2021, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani met with Meadows and others in the White House, and as Hutchinson walked him to his vehicle, Giuliani asked her if she was excited about the sixth, saying, “We’re going to the Capitol! It’s going to be great!” When she asked Meadows what Giuliani meant, Meadows told her, “There’s a lot going on…things might get real, real bad on January 6.”

    On January 4, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien called Meadows to warn of violence on January 6. The Secret Service and White House Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato, who was in charge of security protocol to protect anyone covered by presidential protection, also warned of coming violence.

    Hutchinson connected Trump to the insurrection attempt when she noted that on January 5, Trump told Meadows to contact Trump confidants Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, both of whom Trump had recently pardoned after they had been convicted of crimes, to talk about the next day. Hutchinson says Meadows did that. At the time, Stone was in Washington, D.C., where he was repeatedly photographed with members of the Oath Keepers who were acting as his bodyguards. A number of Oath Keepers have been charged with seditious conspiracy; at least two have pleaded guilty.

    That night, Meadows wanted to go to the “War Room” that Giuliani, Trump lawyer John Eastman, and others had set up at the Willard Hotel, but he ultimately decided to call in rather than to go in person.

    According to Hutchinson, by about 8:00 on the morning of January 6, intelligence reports were already coming in that some of the people near the Ellipse, where Trump was to speak, were dressed in body armor and armed with Glock-style pistols, shotguns, and AR-15s, along with other weapons. At 10:00, Hutchinson, Ornato, and Meadows talked of the weapons, but Meadows brushed it off, asking only if they had told Trump, which they had.

    That made Hutchinson’s next revelation seismic. Text messages between Hutchinson and Ornato show that Trump was “furious” before the Ellipse rally because he wanted photos to show the space full of people and it was not full because law enforcement was screening people for weapons before they could go in. Trump wanted the screening machines, called magnetometers, to be taken down. Hutchinson testified that Trump yelled, “They’re not here to hurt me. Take the F’ing mags away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here.”

    Then, knowing that some of the people in the crowd were armed, Trump repeatedly urged them to “fight,” using language his lawyers had warned against.

    Hutchinson testified that Trump was determined to go to the Capitol with the crowd despite the desperate efforts of White House Counsel Pat Cipollone to make sure it didn’t happen. Cipollone told Hutchinson that Trump’s appearance there would open the White House up to being charged with “every crime imaginable” because it would look like Trump was inciting a riot. Nonetheless, Trump was furious that Meadows had not been able to persuade the Secret Service to make it happen, so furious that Cassidy heard from others that when he found that the SUV in which he was riding would not take him to the Capitol, Trump had lunged at the agent refusing to take him there.

    Hutchinson did not know what the plan was for Trump’s trip to the Capitol, but there was talk of an additional speech there, “before he went in. I know that there was a conversation about him going into the House chamber at one point,” she said. The president is only supposed to go into the House chamber when specifically invited, so perhaps he expected to be invited in, or perhaps he was going in without an invitation, or perhaps those talking about it were just tossing out unworkable ideas.

    Back at the White House, as the rioters breached the Capitol, Hutchinson went into Meadows’s office between 2:00 and 2:05 to ask if he was watching the scene unfold on his television. Scrolling through his phone, he answered that he was. She asked if he had talked to Trump. He said, “Yeah. He wants to be alone right now.” Cipollone burst into the office and said to go get the president. Meadows repeated that Trump didn’t want to do anything. Cipollone “very clearly said this to Mark—something to the effect of, ‘Mark, something needs to be done or people are going to die and the blood’s going to be on your f-ing hands. This is getting out of control.’”

    When the rioters began to chant, “Hang Mike Pence,” Cipollone tried again to get Trump to stop the rioters, and Meadows again said, “You heard it, Pat. He thinks Pence deserves it. He doesn’t think they’re doing anything wrong.” Then, rather than calming the crowd as it threatened the vice president, at 2:24, Trump put out the tweet further blaming Pence for letting him down.

    By 3:00, White House personnel, Ivanka Trump, and various members of Congress were begging Trump to release a statement telling the rioters to go home, making it clear they all knew he could make the violence stop if only he wanted to. But he didn’t want to. Not until 4:17, after Biden had already made a statement, did he speak up. Trump told the rioters to go home and that “we love you.”

    The next day, as Cabinet officers talked of invoking the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and removing Trump from office, advisors convinced Trump to make a video. Even then, he refused to say that the rioters should be prosecuted—instead, he wanted to talk of pardoning them—and refused to say that the election was over.

    In the aftermath of the election, both Meadows and Giuliani asked for a presidential pardon.

    What emerged from today’s explosive hearing was the story of a president and his close advisors who planned a coup, sent an armed mob to the Capitol, approved of calls to murder the vice president, and had to be forced to call the mob off. Two of the president’s closest advisors then asked for a presidential pardon. While they did not get those pardons, Trump’s PAC later gave $1 million to Meadows’s Conservative Partnership Institute.

    That, right there, is enough to make today stunning. But there was more.

    Hutchinson described an angry and violent man who threw plates at the walls when he was frustrated.

    The committee revealed that when it interviewed Michael Flynn, he took the Fifth on whether violence on January 6th was justified either legally or morally. He also took the Fifth on whether he believed in the peaceful transition of power in the U.S.

    Vice-chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) revealed at the end of the hearing that witnesses said they had been pressured by Trump’s people to remain “loyal” when testifying, and having just tipped their hand about just how much information the committee has, Thompson urged those witnesses to come back and revise their testimony. He urged others to come forward as well—perhaps a nudge to Cipollone, who has been portrayed positively in the hearings, both today and in the hearing covering Trump’s attempt to install Jeffrey Clark as acting attorney general, when Cipollone stood against that corruption.

    CNN journalist Jake Tapper concluded: “It was devastating testimony, a portrait of a president who was completely and utterly out of control and, without question, knew of the danger of his supporters that were going to the mall…. This was obscene.”

    It was. And yet no one in the White House either spoke up to warn us before January 6 or testified at Trump’s second impeachment trial, where he was charged with incitement of insurrection and, thanks to Republican senators, acquitted.

  13. Lee says:

    Enjoy being a member of a cult impervious to evidence, Lee?

    It’s impossible to argue with such imbecility.

    You being a classic case in point, and of projection, Prospero.
    And to think that lefty morons accuse others of being “conspiracy theorists.”

  14. Boambee John says:


    Enjoy being a member of a cult impervious to evidence, Lee?

    I’m pretty sure that Lee is not a leftist.

  15. Baba says:

    According to Hutchinson, by about 8:00 on the morning of January 6, intelligence reports were already coming in that some of the people near the Ellipse, where Trump was to speak, were dressed in body armor and armed with Glock-style pistols, shotguns, and AR-15s, along with other weapons.

    Fortunately they were all arrested and disarmed as they attempted to storm the Capitol. Their trials and sentencing for armed insurrection have been a great embarrassment to Trump.

  16. Ed Case says:

    It’s a PsyOp.
    Just because Biden, Clinton, Obama and all the rest are crooks, that doesn’t make Trump a goodie.

  17. Buccaneer says:

    Armed with mobile phones. The hyperbole continues, there was no attempted coup. It takes a particularly credulous person to think someone prepared to spice up their testimony with obviously false second hand hearsay is absolutely telling the truth in the rest of the hour worth of trudge.

    It’s pretty obvious the only armed people on that day were the security forces, everyone one else was having a rowdy protest. Far less violent and threatening than both the BLM riots and the Roe protests outside the houses of the justices.

  18. Entropy says:

    Mmyes, where are all these people arrested with firearms?

  19. Tel says:

    Her evidence was over an hour, Virtually all of it was first hand: stuff she saw and heard.

    Full transcript is right here.


    As usual you are wrong … hardly any of it is first hand, mostly she retells what she gets from either Mike Meadows or Anthony Ornato. The implausible “steering wheel grab” in particular was hearsay … but even the stuff that she claimed was directly from Trump was stuff she “overheard” at a distance and will be impossible to verify, especially with a noisy background environment.

    Feel free to quote some specifics that make you case … you aren’t really into details though are you?

  20. Rohan says:

    Entropy, where is the media footage? They were everywhere that day and everyone participating was live streaming from their phones.

    There’s a coup alright. Just not the one the media is reporting on.

  21. Passing By says:

    Tel: her evidence is largely first hand. That is, what she herself saw or heard. I can see this might be inconvenient but I’m sure you won’t need to wait too long before some more first hand evidence shows up. For example, the steering wheel guys have already given evidence. I suppose that will come out shortly.
    Suggest you have a close look at the proceedings.
    Trump is toxic to many of his erstwhile supporters at which time I expect that quite a few fanboys will be suddenly on another lane altogether.

  22. Buccaneer says:

    Oh no, the Jedi mind trick, just keep repeating it til enough people think it’s true.

  23. C.L. says:

    Trump is toxic to many of his erstwhile supporters…

    This is a packaged talking point that isn’t supported by any evidence. The evidence is that Trump is monstering all other possible GOP nominees for 2024.

    Strange mania from Democrats and their apologists. If Trump was really toxic, why wouldn’t they prop him up and encourage him?

  24. C.L. says:

    No media follow-up on Biden’s daughter accusing him of sexual molestation or of that new video of Hunter standing over a frightened prostitute.

    My reading of Hunter, by the way, is that there is no other possible explanation for the indulgence afforded him than that he has something over his father. Join the dots.

  25. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Passing By is an apt name for someone who passes by truth and facts.

  26. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “No media follow-up on Biden’s daughter accusing him of sexual molestation or of that new video of Hunter standing over a frightened prostitute.”

    Of course not because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    The MSM is the enemy of the people.

  27. Prospero says:

    The MSM is the enemy of the people.

    The well known fascist line, thrown around casually. Whatever it takes, hey?

  28. Boambee John says:


    Demonstrate that it is wrong.

  29. False Equivalence says:

    Mr. Cipollone said something to the effect of, “Please make sure we don’t go up to the Capitol, Cassidy. Keep in touch with me. We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen.”
    The witness heard Trump’s legal counsel say that Trump’s plan to attack the Capitol is criminal. Cipollone has so far refused to give evidence. As have Meadows and others, including Trump.

  30. Passing By says:

    Cassie/Buccaneer: if you actually watch the full hearing you will see that the evidence is first hand. That is: what she saw and heard. You will also see that the security people have already been heard. If the people she mentioned the only ones who wont give evidence are the conspirators: Trump, Meadows, etc. we must wait to see who will show up at the next hearing.
    You don’t need to believe every word but trying to distort evidence is hardly intelligent.

  31. twostix says:

    The witness heard Trump’s legal counsel say that

    lol you people are insane.

    Empire of Lies is an understatement.

  32. Buccaneer says:

    It never ceases to amaze me at how folks come here and tell others what to think with no reference to the thought that some one can go back and read what was said both in the evidence presented and the comments previously made.

    If you can’t stump up the text that demonstrates where someone here tried to distort evidence rather than just express an opinion that either they don’t believe it or believe the evidence shows something other than what you have characterised. You are the one guilty of distortion.

  33. False Equivalence says:

    Bucc: Seems to me the argument is about a fact. Did the woman give evidence of what she herself heard and saw or did she pass on hearsay? Plainly, almost everything she said was her own experience – things she saw and heard herself.
    twostix: before you go off with your theories note that the witness was hired into her first josb by Scalise and Cruz and then Meadows, who insisted thatch go to all key meetings. She was at every stage an avowed Trump supporter (as was Cheney if you look at the voting record and statements). But when Trump directed the attack on the Capitol she decided he was a traitor and has acted on her convictions.
    Trump has said she is the witness from central casting.

  34. Buccaneer says:

    Plainly, at least part of her testimony, is hearsay she has repeated from someone who denies he ever said it. Worse, that hearsay is obviously ridiculous. It takes 2 seconds to search for an image of the presidential vehicle called the beast. Trump could lunge all he liked it would make no difference. If you believe the rest good luck.

    You haven’t stumped up with any text, you are full of sh*t

  35. twostix says:

    But when Trump directed the attack on the Capitol she decided he was a traitor and has acted on her convictions.
    Trump has said she is the witness from central casting.

    Yeah nah.

    She’s just a political striver who knows that there is near-zero downside and all upside to her fronting up and making up a story at this childish soviet show trial that nobody on the right could care less about.

    That’s how these things roll. I’d say as usual in three months it will be completely “debunked”, but it didn’t even take that long, it literally took six hours.

  36. C.L. says:

    I’d say she was forced to ‘testify’ by somebody on the committee staff saying, ‘hey, we heard somebody told you something about what happened.’

    Yeah but I wasn’t there. That’s just fourth-hand balderdash.

    Listen. Cupcake. This can go one of two ways for you…

  37. twostix says:

    Well known Pro Trump MAGA Qanon newspaper The Guardian:

    Senior Secret Service agents are reportedly prepared to testify that Donald Trump did not lunge for the wheel of his vehicle or physically attack the chief of his security detail after his speech near the White House on January 6 – as a former aide said he did in sworn testimony on Tuesday.

    “Ok, we’ve made enough mileage out of that lie, now roll it back and destroy the dumb broad”.

  38. twostix says:

    Imagine being so dumb that even your own side’s readership are trolling you with retarded stories.

    Because that’s who this is for, the dumbo online political left. Nobody else is dumb enough to care about it.

    “Now front page that Trump tried to commandeer the presidential limo and attacked the secret service like a deranged baddie out of a movie, these idiots will believe anything we shovel out. But roll it back before normal people hear it or we’ll look like our 80 IQ readership and that’d be worse than death”.

  39. Buccaneer says:

    One might reasonably expect that the number of baseless claims the dems have made about Trump, might arise suspicion in the hardened members of the main stream media for whom their job includes protecting the credibility of their employer.

    Once upon a time, that meant vetting spurious claims, avoiding publishing obvious lies and apologising when they got it wrong. No longer, now it includes publishing every piece of bs as fact, burying inconvenient items and non personing people who don’t adhere to the narrative.

    If you’re a journo and you still do the former, don’t expect a Pulitzer or a Walkley.

  40. Passing By says:

    Twostix: both secret service guys have given evidence. Also, the agency has said it will give evidence in public. So we will see what they say.
    CL: there’s no evidence at all that the witness had any pressure.

  41. Buccaneer says:

    You accused people here of distorting evidence, still waiting.

  42. Boambee John says:

    Harem of Caractacus

    CL: there’s no evidence at all that the witness had any pressure.

    Duh! So there wasn’t a Mafia shooter standing there! What do you expect? Flashing lights?

  43. Passing By says:

    Buccaneer: Cheney has tabled statements from two witnesses. Up to the DA. I’m waiting too.

  44. Passing By says:

    Boambee: yes. I expect to see it in some form. More likely her explanation – that trumps actions s on 1/6 were treasonous – is true.

  45. Buccaneer says:

    You accused posters here of distorting evidence. We’re waiting for you to table those distortions.

  46. Buccaneer says:

    It’s kind of entertaining to watch the shill left implode on the Jan 6 show trial. With dramatic headline like this, If the January 6 Hearings Don’t Change Minds, Nothing Will

    It’s never occurred to them that if they actually treated Trump with fairness, dignity and grace, his overt narcissism would likely see him implode instead of them.

    Oh, no if only everyone believed all those truthful and impartial ‘fact checkers’ who never make mistakes and always, always own up when they do. It would be parody if they didn’t co-op the FBI and DOJ to do their bidding.

  47. False Equivalence says:

    The Orange Narcissist. Could be a film in that.

  48. twostix says:

    Yes it’d be about a pacifist president who presided over a booming economy, record low energy prices and the first period of quiet peace in the world since WW2.

  49. Buccaneer says:

    It isn’t that everything Trump did was right on January 6th, or that it wasn’t irresponsible of him to deny the election results and hold a rally. It’s the lie that Trump knew about and was somehow connected to the riot.

    It makes no sense. Trump had convinced Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to argue his case against the election results in the Senate. They were doing that. Trump gave a speech, then said to march “peacefully” to the Capitol.

    It’s actually more than that, since Trump started to run for office, he has been characterised as the devil incarnate. He regularly used injudicious language but rarely actually acted in the way he was characterised. Had he done so, he would clearly have been properly impeached and probably in jail. He couldn’t wipe his ass without someone examining the contents.

    For most of the last year of his term we were confidently told he was a totalitarian dictator that would not leave office peacefully. Yet, he did that under circumstances where he felt aggrieved by the result, even telling himself and his supporters that he thought it was rigged.

    Victory wasn’t enough for the dems, they had to take this guy down permanently and we have the spectacle of the Jan 6 commission. What we should have had was an investigation. like the Mueller investigation, to examine the claims that the former president made that the election was rigged.

    Not because I assume it was rigged but because proving one way or the other is the only thing that preserves democracy. Trump let the Mueller investigation run it’s course, the Biden admin pretended there was no problem. If the red wave emerges watch out Biden.

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