What “pride month” is about

Coaching the West to legalise child molestation: “What the heck are they doing to that bear?”
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6 Responses to What “pride month” is about

  1. twostix says:

    Watch the left hand side of the screen.

    Watch the shaved head Lesbian woman walk over, bend down, and order a toddler girl to watch and wave.

    Don’t look away. If that little girl has to watch this stuff, so do you.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    What “pride month” is about

    Laurence Fox said it in one tweet.
    Then was banned.

  3. C.L. says:

    Thanks for that, Stix. 🙄

  4. twostix says:

    Who are the people taking children and waving flags at these things while that walks down the street twerking his nappy at them?

    Many Gen-X and Y are terrible, terrible parents. Truly bad, they offer zero protection to their little children and are proud of it. And this isn’t just around the margins either.

  5. Old School Conservative says:

    Twostix, I was hoping the bloke running up to the fat old pervert at the end was going to punch him out or kick him in the gonads. But the clip ended.
    Yes, my anger is wrong but a mere bagatelle compared to the continuum of perversion thrust in our faces daily.

  6. C.L. says:

    my anger is wrong

    No it isn’t.

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