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You’ll have to change the Constitution to find out what’s in it

One of the things I’m trying to avoid here [is] people looking for all of the detail and saying, ‘well, if you disagree with one out of the 50 [clauses] but 49 are OK, vote no’. What I am not … Continue reading

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Let’s not rush to judgement

China says it will shoot Pelosi’s plane down if she travels to Taiwan under US fighter escort.

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Dumb whites. “I do wonder if some of them can read and write”

Marcia Langton should be wondering about the literacy of the Aboriginal Industry’s young charges.

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Chook rorted $200m for nation’s most expensive ever attack ad

$325,000 per inmate: Queensland’s Wellcamp quarantine hub will be mothballed within days. The state government could have bought a one-bedroom unit for each guest. This was a trigger-happy decision to try and wedge the former federal government and this waste … Continue reading

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Albo’s price hike: Mr 33% makes electricity a luxury for the rich

Renew Balls – the yet to be invented baseload briquettes touted by Labor – fail Millions of Australian households have been warned to brace for savage hikes to their power bills after prices in the country’s biggest electricity market rocketed … Continue reading

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On ideological extortion and intolerance

The great Cassie of Sydney on this week’s ‘Manly 7’ disgrace: The other half of the rainbow.

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His pronouns are he and him and he was standing at the dispatch box in a blue suit First, help Australians with the costs of living by cutting childcare costs for 1.6 million families and reducing barriers for parents, overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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George Washington and his troops were not true Americans

Hopped-up Joe Biden’s latest howler proves Donald Trump still owns what remains of his mind.

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In 1982, Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for urinating on the Alamo

Hold our beers, say shock rockers: Rainbow light plans for Shrine of Remembrance draw criticism.

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She wants senators to go on praying to Aboriginal spirits

But Christianity built Parliament: Atheist Senate president Sue Lines wants Lord’s Prayer ‘gone.’ “On the one hand we’ve had ­almost every parliamentary leader applaud the diversity of the parliament and so if we are genuine about the diversity of the … Continue reading

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The Greatest Shame of All

IN any noble fight, there is always a turncoat. It didn’t take long for the crisis team managing the fallout from the Manly Sea Eagles’ unforced knock-on this week to dragoon a Polynesian who was happy to parrot pieties for … Continue reading

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Welcome To Woolies

Video: Northern Territory police arrest teenager after daylight ‘riot’ in Darwin CBD supermarket.

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Role models who aren’t passive-aggressive fabulists might help

But quite literally there are kids out in the suburbs that are killing themselves.” – Ian Roberts criticises a newspaper column by Jason Akermanis, 2010 There are kids killing themselves in the suburbs.” – Ian Roberts on why the NRL … Continue reading

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The Unmanly Sea Eagles stand down seven black Christians

THEIR offence? Refusing to wear a special rainbow-striped jersey – the first in NRL history – to show management’s weird support for gay “pride” during Thursday night’s big match against the Sydney Roosters. Ironically, Josh Aloiai, Jason Saab, Josh Schuster, … Continue reading

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Smoke On The Daughter

Caroline Kennedy was ‘welcomed’ to Australia today in a ritual dating back to the mists of 1976:

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PM set to present credentials to Her Majesty at Ultimo Palace

Brown paper bags of gratitude: Anthony Albanese’s visit to Ita Buttrose to ‘protect the ABC.’

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In Some Ways Similar

Climate deniers are really in some ways similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers in Uvalde, Texas, waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred.” After all these years, Al Gore is still a … Continue reading

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The Churchill of Our Time rounds up the usual suspects

Zelensky’s handpicked governor of Mykolaiv will shut down city to root out “saboteurs and spies.”

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