A Small Army of Karens

The worst President in American history: 71 percent don’t want Biden to run for reelection: poll.

As of tonight, the only group that continues to enthusiastically support Joe Biden is college-educated white voters in urban areas – particularly middle-aged women with unhappy personal lives. If you’ve got more than three cats, an NPR tote bag and wear a mask alone in the car, you are all-in. Everyone else is running away. Effectively, what we’re seeing is the end of the modern Democratic Party.”

Video: As Tucker Carlson explains, only GOP establishmentarians are propping Biden up
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3 Responses to A Small Army of Karens

  1. Jannie says:

    I think Biden should run again, but not be president again. It will be fun to watch and should guarantee a win for whoever opposes him. But the Democrats know well how to defraud the election process, from stuffing ballot boxes with “mail in” votes to hot wiring electronic voting machines. I am not aware of any reason why they couldn’t just do the same again.

    On the other hand I don’t think Trump should run again, even though it would be a just outcome and refute the 2020 results if he won, and the Derangement it would cause the Left would be a wondrous sight. Sad to say trump is too old, he will be 78 in 2024, and 82 in 2028. He does seem to be fully compos mentis but the chances of things going wrong at those upper ages is pretty high. I don’t want to be too critical of him given that his entire term was kneecapped by the establishment media, RINOs, the bureaucracy and and the Spook agencies. But Julian Assange.

  2. C.L. says:

    I tend to agree, Jannie.
    We have to move beyond the weird American gerontocracy. People as old as America’s leaders have nothing truly invested in the future which is why, historically, the senescent were always considered prone to warmongering.

  3. NoFixedAddress says:

    I do not believe Trump is too old and give the example of David Sowell on his 92nd birthday last week.

    If there is a 2024 USA Presidential election Trump is America First and would pull the crap out of bureaucracy at the expense of his own reputation.

    He won’t need to even serve the full 4 year term but take the heat out front of his band of Patriots doing the work.

    The one thing that always stands out for me of the first Trump Presidency was his Finance and Trade People whose actions should be studied by future folk for their collective will to put America First.

    I have no doubt that DeSantis will be a great President but right now Trump is the leader required to restore the Republic.

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