What we’re fighting for against Russia

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13 Responses to What we’re fighting for against Russia

  1. Edddystone says:

    A freak show.

    They’re just rubbing our noses in it now.

  2. C.L. says:

    US polls demonstrate it’s working a treat for Republicans.
    What’s the old maxim – don’t interfere when your enemy is dressing up as women?

  3. Lee says:

    I suspect that everyone is laughing at them behind their backs.
    The bald guy in drag looks a bit like Matt Kean with head completely shaved.
    They would be enough to put me off my dinner.

  4. Franx says:

    The Ukranian propaganda machine might do well to ensure this image does not reach their fighting forces on the front lines.

  5. Chris M says:

    Both sides are debauched, just in different areas.

    Hopefully the French Ambassador has sufficient humour to overlook the insult of sending clowns.

  6. Cassie of Sydney says:

    No society, no culture, no civilization can withstand such freaks. The West is dying, you can hear the death rattles.

    I don’t like Putin’s war but I cannot and I will not defend a West that justifies and normalises sinister fetishes. Sorry.

  7. Riversutra says:

    Edif Piaf used to sing ” no, I do not regret anything”. Non, je ne regrette rein.
    I regret actually looking at that photo.
    You can get away with this in Paris but are they going to wear this at the reception in Saudi Arabia?

  8. Buccaneer says:

    They must have freaked out when Trump was going to exit Afghanistan with no prospect for a substitute.

  9. jupes says:

    What we’re fighting for against Russia

    In that case, the sooner a Russian victory the better.

    Is the bald bloke the one who likes getting sodomised while dressed as a dog? Or have I got my freaks mixed up.

  10. and says:

    This is the French Ambassador avec ami


  11. False Equivalence says:

    Cassie: the West is not dying. The countries associated with European culture remain the most influential, most prosperous and by any measure have the best living standard. Some have rising evidence of disparity in health and nutrition, such as the US has done for almost two decades, but in general the West is in robust good health.
    The fact that social media allows people to get riled up over things they object to in far distant countries may be one of the sadder elements of prosperity.

  12. Jannie says:

    ….but in general the West is in robust good health.

    I struggle to find words to describe how idiotic that is. The banality of evil?

  13. howardb says:

    The entire Democrat party agenda can be summed up in 5 words:
    castration, sterilization, abortion, inflation and decriminalization.

    Biden Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine: We need to “empower” kids to go on puberty blockers and get sex reassignment surgery.
    “Judge Blocks Biden Transgender guidelines”

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