The Wallabies learned to sing the national anthem in Yugambeh

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8 Responses to The Wallabies learned to sing the national anthem in Yugambeh

  1. jupes says:

    Yagemba? What about the other Aboriginal languages? When do they get a run?

    Seems to me that the Wallabies will be too busy learning how to sing ‘girt by sea’ in a couple of hundred currently discriminated against languages, than they will training how to beat the Poms.

  2. Jannie says:

    I only tuned in for the last 20 minutes, and was pleasantly surprised by the play and the result. I had to look up a vid to watch the singing part. Cringe and belly laugh and disbelief. Like dot painting experience is a prerequisite for managers in the public service.

  3. Charles says:

    If they could learn how to pay rugby as well as they’ve have learnt how to be woke, they should’ve been the permanent world champions by now.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Only 249 more versions for them to learn then.
    Should keep the side from having to do rude and unnecessary stuff like training.

  5. Lee says:

    I didn’t know that Aborigines invented rugby.
    Or organised sport for that matter.
    Or even knew the concept of “nations” and “anthems” before the British came along.
    This is nothing less than extremely embarrassing brown nosing by the woke whiteys who participated and those who ordered them to do so.

  6. Old School Conservative says:

    A reminder – they played for the Ella-Mobbs trophy, which until very recently was the Cook Cup.

  7. Shy Ted says:

    It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the political correctness game.

  8. a reader says:

    The wokeness of Rugby means I lost so much interest that I didn’t even know they were playing the Poms this winter

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