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“I take the issue of threatened species very seriously,” a theatrically overwrought Tanya Plibersek said today. “It was me that listed the greater glider.” Ennoblement for progressives is that simple. Meanwhile, her federal colleague Katy Gallagher will host a gathering this week in Adelaide of all state and territory ministers for ‘women’ to formalise a “national approach” to safeguard abortion. (Unborn children being a decidedly lesser glider). In an odd nod to the benefits of childbirth, South Australian minister Katrine Hildyard says the termination of Roe v. Wade took away the cherished freedom of American women to get rid of unwanted babies, no questions asked – “a right for which their mothers and grandmothers fought.” You could quietly inform these cauldron stirrers that the US Supreme Court’s rulings have no standing in Australian law but they wouldn’t listen. Hysteria and self-delusion, by definition, are impervious to reason. In a bumper month for ladies in charge, Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath has also requested that Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus empower doctors to advise people over the phone on how to kill themselves. Inciting or counselling suicide via any carriage service is a Commonwealth criminal offence.

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  1. Lee says:

    In an odd nod to the benefits of childbirth, South Australian minister Katrine Hildyard says the binning of Roe v. Wade has taken away the freedom of American women to kill their own children …

    It has done no such thing.
    Roe v. Wade has about as much relevance here as the deplorable BLM movement.
    In other words, none.

  2. C.L. says:

    Victorian Minister for Women Natalie Hutchins told The Australian her state should serve as the model when drafting a national plan. “We would support a nationally consistent approach to abortion laws, but we won’t wind back the progress we’ve made on ensuring women are supported to access the services they need,” Ms Hutchins said.

    Queensland Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman said having a national agreement on standards would act as a bulwark against any future attempt to roll back abortion rights.

    “Queensland would support a national approach to accessing termination of pregnancy services and the laws that underpin that ­access. Having a national agreement from all states and territories would also mean it would be less likely for laws to be wound back following a change of government,” Ms Fentiman said.

    NSW Minister for Women Bronnie Taylor believes accessibility is the ultimate goal.

    “Anything that makes it easier for women to access high quality healthcare is always the ultimate goal, and if that means a standardised approach, then I am open to having that conversation,” Ms Taylor said.

    SA Minister for Women Katrine Hildyard said “it has been terrible” to see women in the US face losing the right to safely access abortion – “a right for which their mothers and grandmothers fought”.

    Lauren Moss, NT Minister for Equality and Inclusion, believes her Labor government is a ­“national leader when it comes to safe abortion access” and would water down its laws.

    “National uniform legislation has its benefits … For the Territory to support a universal proposal, Territorian women’s existing rights would need to be maintained or improved.”

    ACT Minister for Women Yvette Berry believes all jurisdictions should have policies in place that provide “affordable, safe and legal abortion services” and give women the freedom to have control of their bodies.

    Jo Palmer, Tasmania Minister for Women, said the situation in the US “has caused concern for many women, but it has no bearing on access to surgical terminations in Tasmania”.

    WA Minister for Women Simone McGurk is taking the first step to decriminalise abortion, and has pledged to bring the state’s “outdated” laws, introduced more than 20 years ago, into the 21st century.

    We do need a gender quota for parliaments. 85 per cent male, minimum. Because all I see from women in Australian politics is death and defamation.

    Margaret Thatcher was interested in economics, industry, manufacturing, freedom…

  3. Lee says:

    Amazing how all these politicians have suddenly rediscovered bodily autonomy, but not with regard to vaccination coercion.

  4. and says:

    Yvette D’Ath-Vader

  5. Entropy says:

    What is most depressing about this is how easily and readily state ministers give up a responsibility of the states.

  6. NoFixedAddress says:

    Death Squads at Dawn should be next on the list.

  7. C.L. says:

    At this stage, NFA, don’t given them any ideas whatsoever.

  8. Chris M says:

    Death Squads at Dawn should be next on the list.

    Well they are obsessed with killing so you could suggest adding to their list, probably dumb enough to support the proposal.

    Personally I’d start with tar and feathers, together with stripping all family assets.

  9. Wyndham Dix says:


    The modern female is oblivious of the moral dimension. To her it is a health issue – hers, not that of the new life she carries within her womb.

    The abominable slaughter in European concentration camps 80 years ago pales into insignificance.

  10. Lee says:

    When did society lose its moral compass?

  11. Franx says:

    No talk of what killing the child in one’s womb does to the psyche. Never mind the soul. The body is not too approving either.
    But the poor fathers.

  12. Petros says:

    Toxic muliebrity.

  13. Perplexed of Brisbane says:

    Ironic that doctors did not stand up to protect life when the governments were trying to force the vax on us but I’m sure they will ‘bravely’ stand up to the Commonwealth law to advise people on how to commit suicide.

    I mean, it’s only business. They have to make room for new patients on the books, so getting rid of a few hangers-on will free up space in the booking schedule.

  14. Prospero says:

    Just so you know:

    More than half of Australians (57%) supported abortion access whenever a woman decides she wants one. A further 20% supported abortion in certain circumstances, such as when a woman has been raped. Only 8% of Australians indicated that abortion should never be permitted, unless the life of the mother is in danger, with a further 3% not permitting abortion under any circumstances.

    This appears to be a blog for the 3%. Good luck with changing laws when you have comprehensively failed to convince the public of your position.

  15. Wyndham Dix says:

    Toxic muliebrity.

    Quite so.

  16. MatrixTransform says:

    Ennoblement for progressives is that simple.


  17. Chris M says:

    When did society lose its moral compass?

    It happened by the rejection of Christianity which is the very foundation of Western culture. You don’t get to reject the core belief and keep the moral bits you might like.

  18. C.L. says:

    This appears to be a blog for the 3%. Good luck with changing laws when you have comprehensively failed to convince the public of your position.

    I like those odds, Prospero. We conquered Rome with far fewer than that.
    + About five minutes ago, people said the same thing about Roe v. Wade.

  19. Boambee John says:

    I assume that Preposterous is here for lack of any other forum where he/she/xe might occasionally get attention. If he/she/xe hasn’t yet worked out that his/her/xer ideas are not convincing anyone here (except, maybe, Non Mentis and Dick Ed), I am surprised that he/she/xe manages to breathe.

  20. Prospero says:

    I like those odds, Prospero. We conquered Rome with far fewer than that.

    This is clearly why fascism in the form of Putin and Orban appeals to you. Can’t convince the public, so must have your small minority views forced on them.

  21. Boambee John says:


    Orban seems to have convinced Hungarian voters.

  22. Lee says:

    This is truly astonishing and shows a complete lack of a moral compass:


    Notice how this demented, fanatical Democrat’s (Elizabeth Warren) eyes are almost popping out of her head as she speaks.

  23. Tel says:

    Inside out and upside down Leftist Logic (TM) goes something like this … when a small minority of unelected central planners in the EU decide to force certain lifestyle decisions onto the Hungarian people, who thought they were signing up to free trade, not social engineering … and when Orban resists and says he refuses go along with imposing these rules … thank you very much the Hungarians are happy with their traditional society … thus the Leftist sees Orban as the “Fascist” for having an opinion different to the EU foreign bureaucrats.

    You know it makes sense … to a Leftist.

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