Michigan governor avenges Roe v. Wade by killing children

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) used her line veto power Wednesday to eliminate state support for adoption agencies, pregnancy facilities, and maternity homes proposed as alternatives to abortion.

Before signing the $76 billion state budget, Whitmer cancelled a $2 million adoption tax credit, $10 million to promote adoption “as an alternative to abortion,” $3 million for a maternal navigator pilot program, and $700,000 for the Real Alternatives pregnancy program, which promotes “childbirth, alternatives to abortion, and grief counseling.”

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7 Responses to Michigan governor avenges Roe v. Wade by killing children

  1. Pommy Al says:

    These people hate anyone who breathes especially kids. Totally evil scum.

  2. Old Lefty says:

    Any comment from Biden’s altar boy Cardinal Cupich? Orbis he too busy banning traditional Masses?

  3. Old Lefty says:

    Or is, not Orbis!

  4. Tel says:

    So much empathy!!!

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Whitmer should be prosecuted for mass murder for her policy of keeping infected elderly in nursing homes in 2020.

  6. dover_beach says:

    These people are truly evil.

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