Smoke On The Daughter

Caroline Kennedy was ‘welcomed’ to Australia today in a ritual dating back to the mists of 1976:

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  1. Chris M says:

    Medicinal marijuana! Actually everything in the photo speaks authenticity.

  2. and says:

    Is that Caroline in the photo and is she choking?

  3. and says:

    And we can be sure that smoking (tobacco) is banned for the entire grounds.

  4. and says:

    I saw what you did with the title, CL. 🙂

  5. Entropy says:

    With the traditional portable fire pit.

  6. and says:

    Does an indigene come in at the end with quick bursts of a fire extinguisher à la Leo Wanker?

  7. Davey Boy says:

    She didn’t inhale, of course

  8. Old School Conservative says:

    Funniest photo ever!

  9. C.L. says:

    Strange that they haven’t revived the genuine ‘welcome to’ custom of ancient times: holding one another’s penises.

  10. Petros says:

    Crikey CL. I didn’t know that one. That’s one way to ensure the trust of the other man I guess. As for the ceremony, I note the cultural appropriation of a flag. No such thing in the good ole pre-invasion days. As for the smoke machine, it looks like some Greek bloke trying to get it ready for the souvlakia.

  11. Buccaneer says:

    If only they’d put one of those pictures on the pack…

  12. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Ten news luminary Hugh Riminton is in the bad books already.

    Australia Ambassador Caroline Kennedy accuses male reporter of talking over woman (22 Jul)

    How naughty of him, doesn’t he know she’s royalty?

  13. and says:

    Click Click … ooooooorrrrrrrr… Click Click

    It wasn’t quite Ich bin ein Canberran but Caroline Kennedy was given a very Australian greeting as she begins her term as US Ambassador.

    In a first for the US Embassy, the daughter of former president John Kennedy was welcomed with a smoking ceremony and presented with a message stick by local indigenous elders.

    As the green gum leaves were lit and shrouded her and husband Ed Schlossberg in smoke, Ms Kennedy was told the ceremony was intended to keep her safe while she stayed on Ngunnawal country, the land which takes in the ACT.

    “This is really one of the most important days of my life,” she said.

    “To mark this moment with a ceremony that carries so much significance makes me feel a great deal of responsibility and strengthens my commitment to work to strengthen the bonds between our nations and our peoples.”

    Caroline Kennedy: ‘This is one of the most important days of my life’.

  14. jupes says:

    We really are a most unserious country.

    Just embarrassing.

  15. Tel says:

    Pope Francis, with native drums and hand kissing apologizes for the “possible” remains at Kamloops … no actual evidence … but who cares? This is about religion after all.

    Call me skeptical if you must, but I prefer the scientific method to mysticism.

  16. C.L. says:

    Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2015 had called for a papal apology to be delivered on Canadian soil, but it was only after the 2021 discovery of the possible remains of around 200 children at the former Kamloops residential school in British Columbia that the Vatican mobilized to comply with the request.

    “I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for the discovery … and all the spotlight that was placed on the Oblates or the Catholic Church as well, I don’t think any of this would have happened,” said Raymond Frogner, head archivist at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.

    Not a single bone has been found at Kamloops.
    It is a declared hoax.

  17. calli says:

    They do barbecues better in Texas. At least they put the lid down on the smoker.

  18. cuckoo says:

    Given that ‘experts’ were calling for nitrous oxide to be banned as a pain treatment during childbirth, because of ‘climate change’, can we get a comparative figure on the number of smoking ceremonies performed each year in Australia?

  19. cuckoo says:

    The media gushing over Caroline Kennedy even outshines their ridiculous attempts to present Albanese as some kind of wise elder statesman/man of destiny.

  20. Not Trampis says:

    Caroline looks have not been enhanced by age. Gee she looks old.
    She has been a successful ambassador before but could have someone told her about australian press conferences.

    not a great start.

  21. Buccaneer says:

    Uncharitably, she looks like she’s had a solid pack a day Winnie Red habit for the last 40 years.

  22. Petros says:

    Just read that the Bushes and Clintons had been either president, vice-president, or secretary of state for 32 years continuously. Enough of the nepotism. No doubt this Kennedy would not have her position without it.

  23. C.L. says:

    The Kennedys spent a lot of their youth in the sun.

  24. Lee says:

    Not a single bone has been found at Kamloops.
    It is a declared hoax.

    I think Pope Francis is a “hoax.”

  25. Eddystone says:

    C.L. says:
    25 July, 2022 at 8:59 pm

    Strange that they haven’t revived the genuine ‘welcome to’ custom of ancient times: holding one another’s penises.

    The fact that Caroline appears to identify as a woman should not have stopped them.

    What a bunch of transphobes!

  26. Shy Ted says:

    Hugh Rimington wins cos he’s of the monkeypox and Manly shirt persuasion.

  27. Gab says:

    ”Smoking ceremony” is actually a curse.

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