“At 82, Pelosi seems sharper and more on-the-ball than Biden”

Greg Sheridan deploys the lowest bar since Mickey Rooney’s short-lived career as a high jumper:

Pelosi has received a lot of bipartisan, Republican support for this trip. One Republican, of course, denounced her. Donald Trump slammed Pelosi’s trip and said she would make everything worse. In a crowded field, this is one of the most pathetic and dishonourable of Trump’s interventions. There is not a single moment when Trump puts anything, even the national interest against Chinese intimidation, ahead of his momentary personal political interests and vendettas.

Sheridan’s entire column is about how everything is in fact worse. The world, he writes, “moved a few steps closer” to “war of unimaginable consequences.” How did that happen? “The current crisis was provoked, not caused, by Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan.” So Trump was correct but Sheridan doesn’t like it because the former President won’t sing along with Uniparty muppets who just lost a 20-year war. Adults know that a moral right to do a thing doesn’t obviate the discretion governing when. Beijing’s description of her visit as “manic, irresponsible and highly irrational” was accurate. Sheridan’s heroine is in the news today for saying her “connection” to all this is founded on having been told as a girl that “if I dug a hole deep enough we would reach China.”

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30 Responses to “At 82, Pelosi seems sharper and more on-the-ball than Biden”

  1. and says:

    But, but… but

    the Star Mangled Nana was awarded the
    Order of Propitious Clowns with Special Grand String [and Yo-Yo]


  2. Buccaneer says:

    It’s hard not to thinks it’s all just a cynical ploy to take attention away from questions about whether her hubby is receiving insider information on his stock trades

  3. Lee says:

    But Sheridan was telling everyone before the last election that Trump had to go for Biden, as the latter would somehow be more stable and no threat to world peace, unlike Trump.
    Sheridan is clueless.
    He should quit while he is behind, as every time he opens his mouth he puts both feet in it.

  4. and says:

    “At 82, Pelosi seems sharper and more on-the-ball than Biden”

    Yep. That’s not saying much, is it? A cardboard box left in the rain is sharper and more-on-the-ball than Biden… and Sheridan, for that matter.

  5. Lee says:

    Had President Trump (or one of his emissaries) gone to Taiwan he would have been slammed for it as being a provocation of China, and for “trying to start WWII”, by all those now praising Pelosi for visiting there.

  6. and says:

    Fine, upstanding Poop Town family

    EXCLUSIVE: Smoking gun documents tie Nancy Pelosi’s son to fraud and bribery scheme to remove permit violations against squalid San Francisco flop house owned by his ex-girlfriend and probed by the FBI


    Paul P’Lousy Jr was also with Ol’ Nance in Taiwan.

    And the hits just keep on comin’

    Paul P’Lousy Sr


  7. Lee says:

    “At 82, Pelosi seems sharper and more on-the-ball than Biden”

    So what?
    I could go through most nursing homes here in Melbourne and find many of whom you could say that.
    I wouldn’t send them on a diplomatic mission to Taiwan though, even if qualified.

  8. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Sheridan is clueless.”

    He’s a dribbler, a fair-weather fool. Much like his mate Andrew Blot. The two of them so desperately want to be liked and respected by their enemies. Both are cretins.

  9. C.L. says:

    In the same column:

    The Avoidable War, a typically impressive piece of analysis by Kevin Rudd, comments: “It is relatively easy to envisage a flow of events that mutates into a sort of Cold War 2.0, which, in turn, runs the risk of triggering a hot one.”

    In Danger on Our Doorstep, a totally different type of book, but equally brilliant, Liberal senator (and retired major general) Jim Molan envisages another war scenario.

    Impressive, brilliant?

  10. and says:

    Fine, upstanding Poop Town family

    … who played a large part in getting the “Poop” in the Town.

  11. NoFixedAddress says:

    Pelosi is the daughter of a Mafia Don… she is the godmother.

    The ferkin prosecutor of Trump was a Boston FBI arzehole that looked after Whitey Bulger.

    Bulger’s brother is still a member of Boston political system!

  12. NoFixedAddress says:

    Sheridan is a dickhead.

  13. NoFixedAddress says:

    And if you need to know how the FBI operates, and they have an office in Australia, then check this.


  14. howardb says:

    Pelosi ‘connection’: “if I dug a hole deep enough we would reach China.”

    Astounding idiocy. The USA is crumbling.

    The visit to Taiwan is a diversionary maneuver staged by both sides. Both the White House and the CCP are pursuing the same agenda in the background: total control of the population through digital central bank money.

  15. NoFixedAddress says:

    howardb says:
    8 August, 2022 at 12:26 am

    total manipulated crap to feed the deplorables on both sides.

  16. Petros says:

    Yet people pay money to read Sheridan’s opinion pieces. Go figure. I wonder if they look at how many subscribers actually click on his articles and spend enough time on there reading them. Bugger all I’d say. Do they allow comments on his articles?

  17. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    It’s interesting that Pelosi was going through regular brain freezes a few years ago, but that seems to’ve dissipated. I wonder if she’s on the same stuff that Biden is?

  18. Not Trampis says:

    I am not as worried about war as others.

    Russia is in deep doodoo in Ukraine with an economy that is imploding.
    China is far more integrated in the world economy than Russia. It would lose a lot more if a war was started by them.
    Very hard to invade an island as well.
    We can assume China would not adopt the Russian tactics of simply making a city complete rubble.

    Having said all that their foreign policy nous has gone downhill very fast. In some ways it is similar to Europe just before WW1.

    Pelosi simply showing consistent behaviour towards both China and Taiwan she has for years,

  19. Boambee John says:

    Karl von Trampis has spoken, relax people!

  20. Edddystone says:

    Greg Sheridan, one of the reasons I cancelled my subscription to the Australian.

  21. Buccaneer says:

    Trampo is not worried about a war, well that’s a relief, not…

    China is not integrated into the global economy, the west has become reliant on China. They’ve transitioned production to themselves by underpricing lots of goods and fixing their currency, among other things.

    The belt and road is securing supply of the raw materials they need to run an extended war, meantime western countries can’t even guarantee supply of pharmaceuticals or silicon chips.

    Worse, quite possibly the only way out of their current property crisis is a significant war.

    That Ukraine is signed up to the belt and road and that only 30% of the weapons donated to Ukraine by western countries make it to the front line, should concern us all.

  22. Buccaneer says:

    Anyone that thinks it’s a coincidence that it’s hard to buy cars produced everywhere except China right now, might like to rethink that.

  23. NoFixedAddress says:


    you are a wuckfit.

    good luck in your fantasy land.

  24. Not Trampis says:

    wow NFA what repartee. clearly you are in a class of your own as a deplorable.

    buccaneer clearly contradicts himself. China is not integrated in the world econmy but the west has become more reliant on china. It is either one or the other!
    no the belt and road initiate is merely giving China pieces of infrastructure they do not really need when countries cannot pay up. If they can the countries finance a project at below market interest rates then China only gets what trade they can.

    China can threaten a war until the cows come home but if one eventuated it would really hit them hard. would the population settle for higher inflation and much lower GDP. Perhaps. what about the Taiwanese fighting back hard to avoid being part of china. how to explain that. China is not Russia
    not even chinese like to fight a war when there is little point to it and they could get killed.

  25. Buccaneer says:

    Perhaps I could have worded that more simply, China does not need the west, that is why they are not integrated into our economy, we are integrated into theirs though as the current supply shortages and inflation problems ably demonstrate.

    You are truly delusional to think that the Chinese will see war through your own lens. According to your logic, the Russian population should have revolted over the Ukraine war. Why hasn’t that happened? Perhaps they don’t pay much attention to semi literate blog botherers?

  26. Boambee John says:

    not even chinese like to fight a war when there is little point to it and they could get killed.

    Poor, slow, Non Mentis doesn’t seem to have noticed the demographic collapse coming in Chainerr. Winnie the Xi has two big problems. Act now, before the number of young men falls dramatically, then face the anger of families with only one child, sometimes only one grandchild, if Chainerr has huge losses in an attempt to win by force what he cannot gain with money. This problem dwarves the economic linkages.

  27. Not Trampis says:

    gosh China doesn’t need iron ore, coal etc? Who do you think they sell their goods to?

    The Chinese government has an informal agreement with their people. low inflation and ever increasing living standards. Neither happens under China invading Taiwan. both get worse, much worse.

    China is not russia. i have never said the russian people would revolt.

    I have been for some time talking about the Chinese slowdown and highlighted Noah smith’s piece of showing the Chinese Leader’s record is poor.

    The USa could much more easily convert to a war footing than China

  28. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The Chinese government has an informal agreement with their people. low inflation and ever increasing living standards. Neither happens under China invading Taiwan. both get worse, much worse.

    That’s true, except there are more players than just the proles. The PLA is a whole regime of its own, and more than one dictator has been knocked off by unhappy generals in the past. So Xi has to keep the PLA happy with lots of goodies, since conquests (which they yearn for) are not within his power to give. Unfortunately the Maoist cult is strongest in the PLA, since no senior officer got to where he is without being a believer of it. Or a very good actor. Which is Xi’s problem: how to keep about five million armed-to-the-teeth bonkers Maoists happy? So far his answer has been to give them yet more toys. Eventually though they’re going to want to try them out.

    I’m totally sure the senior strategists in Beijing realize that Taiwan has a serious stockpile of nuclear weapons, since the Taiwanese are not stupid, and have had a local nuclear industry since the sixties. It’s thought that the mysterious nuclear detonation in the Southern Ocean was a joint test by the South Africans, Israelis and Taiwanese.

  29. Buccaneer says:

    Since when has a decision to go to war been based on rational logic? The Chinese reliance on Aussie coal and iron will be transitory, they are planning for the long haul, but if they have no need to ‘sell’ good s to western nations they already have many resources at home and are locking up strategic supply with belt and road.

    The Nazis didn’t need to be in the world economy to achieve a war footing and now Russia is showing it doesn’t need inclusion in the world economy.

    It’s complacency and arrogance that see wars happen to the victims and conceit and arrogance that see the aggressors start them. I see all that on both sides, particularly the Pelosi stunt.

  30. Shy Ted says:

    Silly me, I read the headline as At 82% proof, Pelosi…

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