A red letter day: China and Russia defeat the United States

Imitation is not just the highest form of flattery. It’s also the most emphatic form of capitulation.

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  1. Prospero says:

    Just a bullshit argument, Tel.

    What was Hunter Biden actually doing wrong?

    The conspiracy is all about Joe Biden acting to protect his son. In fact, and you accept this – everyone wanted Shokin sacked. And that is why Biden was free to brag about it.

    Trump’s motive was purely for political gain:

    “There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that, so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great,” Trump said in the July 25 call, according to the memo. “Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution, so if you can look into it, It sounds horrible to me.”

    This indicates exactly how the whole of the Trump Right conspiracy mind works – “And that looks suspicious to me” – when in fact, it’s just dumb laziness that doesn’t bother looking into to the details to find out that no, it’s not suspicious, and it’s not a conspiracy.

  2. Boambee John says:

    Passing Wind

    Yes. Did it happen? And if it didn’t why doesn’t the lawyer simply go down to a court and demand it?

    According to the lawyer, no, it didn’t. It has now been provided, but that does not mitigate against the clear breach of procedure at the time.

  3. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    What was Hunter Biden actually doing wrong?

    More to the point, why was someone in Ukraine paying him tens of thousands a month as a director of a company in a nation where he does not speak the language, in an industry of which his knowledge seems to be minimal? What was expected in return?

    Answer that question, then ask yourself what would you say about one of Trump’s sons in the same circumstance.

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