Plucky machine braves the sceptics without a bulletproof vest

I do believe it was rigged in some way. No president can lose so many states and still win an election. Yes, I think Trump did win. Did you vote for him? He’s not my favorite person, but he is better than Biden. He is brash and says things that aren’t politically correct but he gets things done which is what we need.”

– Robot BlenderBot 3 to the Daily Beast’s Tony Ho Tran. More tuned-in than John Howard.
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  1. C.L. says:

    Donald Trump is not fit for office: John Howard.

    John Howard has described ­Donald Trump’s behaviour as “appalling” and “atrocious” for not accepting the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election and seeking to overturn the result, and declared him utterly “unfit” to return to the White House.

    Writing in a new book A Sense of Balance, the former prime minister savages the former president for not respecting democratic traditions and his ­serial trashing of political norms and conventions, and says the Republican Party should have repudiated him.

    “Trump’s atrocious behaviour after losing the 2020 election … has surely made him unfit to return to the White House,” Mr Howard writes. “It was dumbfounding to me, and I am sure to many others, that the party should have chosen him as its candidate in 2016.

    “He lacked public grace, a huge deficiency for an American president, who is both head of state and head of government.

    “He had little respect for his party organisation, despite the support it gave him during the presidential campaign.”

    Mr Howard expanded on his sharp criticisms of Mr Trump in an exclusive interview with The Australian, saying he hoped the Republican Party selected a different candidate to contest the 2024 presidential election.

    “I am not any fan of Trump,” Mr Howard said. “His behaviour since losing the election has been disgraceful and I just hope, pray, that the Republicans will find somebody else to get behind because he has behaved terribly.”

    While Mr Howard said he had “mixed feelings” about Mr Trump’s 2016 presidential bid, which he found as “uninspiring” as Hillary Clinton’s, he rebukes the “condescending view of the metropolitan elites” who believed somehow the voters had “got it wrong” by electing him.

    These comments were made before the FBI raided Mr Trump’s palatial Mar-a-Lago residence this week, which was reportedly linked to classified national security documents that were illegally removed from the White House rather than handed over to the National Archives and Records Administration.

  2. jupes says:

    Hahaha. At the end of the article, they call the robot a racist.

    You couldn’t make this shit up.

  3. Cassie of Sydney says:

    John Howard, whose hubris over the last two years of his prime ministership gifted this country over a decade of political instability.

    He should keep his trap shut.

  4. NoFixedAddress says:

    Not forgetting Howard committed Australians to the never ending wars that Trump wanted to end.

  5. False Equivalence says:

    Cassie: so you like dictators, but not politicians with “hubris”? How amusing. Why not move immediately to Pyongyang?

  6. twostix says:

    Howard and Howardism really hasn’t aged well.

    One hit wonder.

  7. Charles says:

    It’s my belief that JWH has lost the plot to some extent, and this blast from him exposes how uninformed and out of touch he really is. Despite the fact that 75 million or so US voters supported Trump in 2020, he still draws enormous crowds whenever he speaks, those he endorses in Republican primaries are winning candidature and the majority of all US voters (>56%) think the 2020 election was rigged to some degree, JWH thinks he knows a lot that they all don’t.

    All the while his Liberal party has been taken over by public servants and Green rent-seekers, is now virtually unelectable at state and federal level across the land, and he either has not noticed or it is of no interest. I think the days of him being a credible commentator are long gone.

  8. Jannie says:

    Falsity belongs in North Korea. With the intellectuals of socialism.

  9. WolfmanOz says:

    Well said Charles.

  10. Fat Tony says:

    Howard disarmed this country. The enormity of the evil of this action will become apparent in the next few years.

  11. cuckoo says:

    Predicting that BlenderBot will come up with information damaging to the Clintons and will shortly thereafter be found in a scrapyard having committed suicide with two shotgun blasts to the back of his cerebral unit.

  12. NoFixedAddress says:

    cuckoo says:
    13 August, 2022 at 8:17 am

    Predicting that BlenderBot will come up with information damaging to the Clintons and will shortly thereafter be found in a scrapyard having committed suicide with two shotgun blasts to the back of his cerebral unit.


    Not forgetting hanging from the junkyard crane as well.

  13. Eyrie says:

    Seems John Wanker Howard has a new book out. How long before it is in the remainder bin?
    Trump sure looked more Presidential than Clinton, Bush2, Obama and Biden to me.

  14. Michael says:

    John Howard gave us Malcolm Turnbull. THAT’s s stain that can’t be washed away.

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