Occident & Emergency: Why The Empire Can’t Strike Back

Or Putin Never Called Me Nigger

NO, a sleazy extremist obsessed with killing children is not a heroine of the Western world because she stumbled out of a plane for a photo opportunity in Taipei. Banned by the Catholic Church from receiving communion in her home state of California – an exceedingly rare ecclesiastical penalty – Nancy Pelosi’s disregard for life, objective morality and the rule of law is comparable to Beijing’s. Actually, it’s worse. Chinese communists have the excuse of invincible spiritual ignorance several decades in the making. Despite being the beneficiary of at least 15 years in the educational care of professed women religious, the 82 year-old House Speaker militantly insists that disembowelling, dismembering and decapitating nine-month-old fetuses is not only licit but patriotically sublime. She and her financiers at Planned Parenthood are a bigger threat to American lives than Xi Jinping and it isn’t even close. Pelosi – the unlikely champion of the We Must Stand Up To China Lobby (18 months ago, most of the same people told us to lay down to Brett Sutton) – says the world faces a choice: “between autocracy and democracy.” It actually faces the primordial choice of good or evil and these are not coterminous with her trite demarcation. The raid on the home of their probable 2024 opponent by the Democrat Party’s gestapo proves, in any case, which side Pelosi’s comrades have chosen. Yes, that’s them – in jackboots and blouses of brown.

Evidence that the West’s house is made of glass, built on sand and divided against itself now makes an unambiguous case for Us against Them more or less impossible to prosecute. The degradation of its moral authority to the point of equivalency – or even sub-parity – with the world’s traditional autocracies is unprecedented for the West in contemporary history and entirely self-inflicted. Of all the atrocity charges to emerge from the Zelensky regime, claims in late July that a Russian soldier had castrated a Ukrainian POW were more clumsily mistimed than most. All the ashen-faced news anchors editorialised on the subject but didn’t tell their viewers that no details about the relevant video had been verified or remind them that Ukraine has been running a yarns-for-arms scam for months – let alone did they discover or broadcast PAR 46 of the latest Ukraine situation report by the UN OHCHR. It could be ad rem. So too Ukraine’s notorious track-record of torturing Russians. Meanwhile (in the same week), health ministers told the The Australian they wouldn’t be following the lead of Britain’s Tavistock Clinic by stopping the castration of children. A week later, the US Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr Dick “Rachel” Levine, advocated the mutilation of children on MSNBC. The previous day, the Biden Administration pressed ahead with a court campaign to force doctors to do the mutilating. Is this your side? It isn’t mine.

Like a lot of famous quotations, Muhammad Ali’s seminal explanation for refusing to be drafted into active military service in February 1966 was not something the credited aphorist ever said. It is a conflation of something he did say with something others said. By the acclamation of willing attribution, the Louisville Lip came to be viewed as the man who gave the slogan stopping power. What sustained that connection was both the truthfulness of Ali’s position and the storied QED rope-a-dope his persecutors fell for when they banned him. The shit sandwich served to him – submission in the Mississippi Delta but manumission in the Mekong – reeked. So does the brazen evil and hypocrisy force-fed to Westerners over the past three years.

In Victoria – where conscientiously objecting doctors are already compelled by the state to refer-on suicidal patients to be murdered by psychopaths with no such compunction – moves are now afoot to force Catholic hospitals to kill unborn children. From 1 January 2023, all Catholic hospitals and aged care ‘homes’ in Queensland will also be required by the State to facilitate homicide. In Britain, police arrest citizens who mock the homosexual ‘flag’ and preachers who quote the Bible. “This is a Christian country,” two women cried, as Londoner John Sherwood, 71, “was led away in handcuffs, questioned in a police station and held overnight.” No wonder vox-popped shopper Aisha told the Guardian in 2016 that mayor-elect Saddiq Khan’s victory proved London was “the best city in the world to be a Muslim.” Not Riyadh or Abuja, strangely.

In the United States: January 6 strollers are held in solitary confinement for months without trial and tortured; incited by a hundred Henrys, a Democrat with dash attempts to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh; the homes of every Catholic judge on the Supreme Court are illegally stalked but no arrests are made. The FBI also neglects to investigate razed Catholic Churches and firebombed pro-life offices. In Germany, those who refuse to lie about a person’s non-existent ‘sex change’ will henceforth be prosecuted. So too will the praying Irish. Sweden and Finland – the two NATO dole applicants feigning dread of Russian invasion to score a free lunch of matériel from the American middle-class – have been conquered by Islamic gangs and atheist militants respectively. Only the UK threatens Sweden’s hold on the Daughters of Lot Trophy for surrendering up virgins to priapic hordes, no questions asked. Actuating the violence – the sanctioned rape, abortion, infanticide and euthanasia – is an obviously punitive mania for obliterating a civilisation’s hitherto objectivist morality. To this end, nothing is beyond the pale. The suddenly fashionable molestation of children worldwide by cross-dresser perverts and the EU’s declaration of war on Hungary for its prohibition of child-grooming are not random but orchestrated.

“Am I wrong or have more people been arrested in Canada this year for going inside a church to worship than for burning one down?”

Aaron Wudrick of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Wall Street Journal

For long seen as the Ned Flanders of the Anglosphere, okily dokily Canada cannot be forgotten in any Cook’s Tour of autocratic degeneracy. In fact, it has become the flashpoint exemplar of the new nazism and the Western nomenklatura’s exterminationist war on Christians. The unlawful arrests of Artur Pawlowski, the trampling of the elderly by mounted gauleiters in Ottawa and the seizing of dissenters’ bank accounts were not the worst of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s many crimes. His endorsement of the Kamloops Hoax encouraged the desecration, vandalism and incineration of 63 churches in the summer of 2021. The similarity with Kristallnacht is unmistakable. A difference is that at least the SS had a body – Ernst vom Rath’s – as a pretext. Trudeau described the holocaust as “understandable.” The push-back against state terrorism in Canada inspired others around the world. When the Dutch government began liquidating the kulaks in the name of ‘climate change,’ farmers took tractors to a gunfight after the fashion of trucker Canucks.

When this asteroidal lump of pandemic tyranny and moral relativism crashed into planet neo-con at Kabul Airport a year ago today, I reached not for my Browning but for the Bishop of Hippo. The West had lost the Afghanistan War and therefore the so-called Global War on Terrorism as well. Its legislatures were suspended, its citizens were imprisoned, its freedoms were prorogued and its treasuries depleted. Not a single one of these collapses – nor any of the enormities essayed above – were committed or caused by the presidents of Russia or China. The Alaric at the gate wasn’t them. He was Jacinta, Boris, Justin and Joe. The three savants who napkin-sketched AUKUS were less interested in fanciful nuclear submarines than they were in saving face two weeks after being routed by the Taliban. When Vladimir Putin began his ‘special military operation’ in February they saw a way out of Dodge. They and their guilty ilk turned the attention of their populations away from their own criminality and towards the Russian bogeyman.

St Augustine would see something familiar in the denialism, the blame-shifting and the proud reluctance to accept the end of earthly things. He wrote De civitate Dei after the Visigoths had besieged, taken and ravaged Rome in 410 AD. The sack prefigured Odoacer’s coup de grâce 66 years later but was a scarifying event in its own right to those who lived through it. Augustine reassured the Christians who were being hounded (for bringing calamity upon the city by snubbing the pagan gods) that they weren’t to blame. It isn’t hard to imagine how they must have been treated. In the new communist America, this is what Catholics are enduring in some parishes as they attend Mass. The mob’s deities are now Roe and Wade rather than Mars or Bacchus but the hatred is the same. Mere solace wasn’t Augustine’s homiletic goal, though. His argument that far from devitalising Rome, Christianity extended its life was only premising the gist: the faithful had to remember it is the heavenly City of God in the history of salvation that triumphs, not the frail imperia or intentions of men.

If that insight strikes you as an impractical piety, you’ve misunderstood Augustine and misread the moment. A society imbued only with a stony, compelled relativism – rather than a striving for that perfect charity wherein natural law and the Golden Rule exist in life-affirming tension – can never last. From the standpoint of secular progress or Pelosian “choice,” this symbiosis is crucial whether you happen to be religious or not. As an ethically coherent geopolitical bloc – albeit one built on the catacombs of old Christendom – the ‘Western World’ Empire is dead. A survival strategy that’s all scaremongering ad extra and no expiation ad intra is destined to end badly. Pulling your head in is sometimes the best way to stick your neck out. Not that you’d guess if you took existential tips from all the ‘experts’ illuminating the present with the gaslights of yesteryear. Thus Greg Sheridan pretends that cheering Ukraine in a war it was finessed into provoking by the United States is some kind of Reaganite test. Preposterously, he writes of Boris Johnson that “on everything else except support for Ukraine, Johnson has governed as a left-of-centre, zeitgeist-observing Labour leader might.” A more left-of-centre, zeitgeist-observing war there has rarely been. Sheridan is standing shoulder to shoulder with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Adam Bandt.

It matters a great deal that the men traditionally drawn to military service are now less interested in an army that holds an inclusion festival – with draq queens to entertain the children – than they are in defying their own government. On current recruitment trends, Michael Bloomberg reports, “the outlook is troubling.” Never before have Western governments loathed their own constituents like they do today. Churchill cosplayers insist that ‘our’ persistence in Ukraine is the smart way to ‘send a message’ to Beijing but the army of Alis now reporting for duty at anti-government protests sends a much clearer one. Augustine – whose official title in the Church is Doctor gratiae, by the way – would surely counsel us to preserve the only foundations that can take the weight of massive restoration and trust no-one casting pagan aspersions. In light of Troy Bramston’s interview with John Howard last week, it seems fitting to say in conclusion that a man who must accept a portion of blame for several hundred thousand dead civilians should refrain from judging the “grace” of Donald Trump. The only family he ever bombed was the Clintons.

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90 Responses to Occident & Emergency: Why The Empire Can’t Strike Back

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    In his The Anatomy of Fascism, Robert Paxton, the pre-eminent authority on its ideology, wrote that the Ku Klux Klan in 1867 rather than Mussolini’s squadristi in 1920 could be seen as the first fascist movement.

    The KKK were Democrats, you do realise that don’t you Prospero?

    Fascism is leftist. So it’s quite reasonable to propose the KKK as fascists.

  2. Prospero says:

    Spare me the dumb, Right wing, populist, simpleton version of history that goes “you know, everything bad that has ever happened was done by the other side of politics. They’ve always been evil and always will be. Unlike us.”

    It is a significant reason why your side is dumb and dangerous.

  3. twostix says:

    Should have put a trigger warning on this post CL.

    Like holy water into the eyes of the devil himself by the looks of the raging meltdown in the comments section.

  4. and says:

    Methinks Propsero has blown a [leftist] gasket.

  5. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    “No-one forces anyone to work in an abortion clinic where abortions are done.”

    Governments have and are forcing Christian hospitals to provide “reproductive health services”. The Victorian government requires doctors with a conscientious objection to providing abortions to refer requests to doctors who do not object. This forces doctors with conscientious objections to participate indirectly in the procedure.

  6. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    “You’re a fact challenged lightweight, Blowie.”

    You are an ignorant fool.

  7. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    “We shall see. Meanwhile, he’s a fascist.”

    Pot, meet kettle.

  8. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    And again at 1654, Hello pot

  9. Buccaneer says:

    Not smart enough to work out almost every fascist dictator was a hard core leftist who embraced nationalism. It’s not really right wing to be slightly left of Stalin.

    NSDAP 25 point plan, socialism. Mussolini, socialist, Franco, socialist. It’s all there if you read more widely than fragile lefty propaganda. It’s no accident that all the worst mass murderers in history were socialist or communist. Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot.

    I worked with a Cambodian guy who lost his whole family to Pol Pot. I’d love you to meet him, but you’re too ignorant to care.

    We’re all laughing at you Prepo, every time you make a sad accusation of someone being poorly informed, you expose your dogmatic ignorance a little more. Then double down on the you’re all dumb. Sad.

  10. Passing By says:

    A full on Roman paedophile orgy. You’d think the Catholics would be last to lay down ethical prescription. But here it is. Full on.

  11. Boambee John says:

    Passing Wind continues to flaunt his religious bigotry. Pissing in the wind, actually.

  12. Prospero says:

    I worked with a Cambodian guy who lost his whole family to Pol Pot. I’d love you to meet him, but you’re too ignorant to care.

    You think I need convincing that Pol Pot was bad, hey? What a maroon, as Bugs would say.

  13. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    Only an historically ignorant fool or a tool of communist propaganda would not be aware of the socialist origins of Mussolini’s fascist organisation or of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

    Only someone out of touch with current events would be unaware of the ease with which Russian and Chinese communists have embraced fascism.

  14. Baba says:

    A tour de force, CL, unfortunately diminished by the very last sentence.

    Trump was duped by the White Helmets’ Douma ‘gas attack’ hoax in April 2018 and bombed various sites in and around Damascus in retaliation. Civilians died.

  15. Buccaneer says:

    And there is no low you won’t plumb, trying to make a joke out of the real suffering caused by your team. Well done.

  16. Prospero says:

    I called you a maroon for your risible attempt at a character attack, bucco.

    And you’ve done it again. Quite the joke to me.

  17. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    Small things amuse small minds.

  18. Buccaneer says:

    You’ve shamed yourself here plenty of times, I’m just setting you straight. You’re just not smart enough to realise it. You’re right about one thing though, you are a joke.

  19. Prospero says:

    The thing I have trouble comprehending, Bucco, is how you can think the side which screams “it’s warrrr” in reaction to it’s nominal leader facing a search warrant which didn’t come up empty handed, and who just pleaded the 5th 400 times in another investigation, can with a straight face think it’s not the radical, violence threatening, side that’s a threat to democracy.

    I presume you can only get to such a position by believing voter fraud conpiracy, as well as the scorched earth vilification of the left that became the Gingrich tactic.

    Both are not factually based, and as such, makes you incapable of reasoning with.

    Anyway, you’ll lose long term, I’m confident of that. Political movements that aren’t fact based never last forever.

  20. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Prospero, it’s all absolute truth, as history will show eventually. Indeed we keep on seeing such confirmations time and time again.

    I have been watching such things with care since mid 2015, even as I’ve been watching the climate scam since 2006. Much like the Covid arc since Feb 2020, where everything I’ve been saying has been confirmed, to much discomfiture of several righty friends. But that’s science, it don’t care what you want to believe it just is what it is.
    My suggestion is don’t burn any bridges you don’t need to. Reality does have a way of overwhelming fraud and fantasy eventually, and that can be hard to take if you were on the side of unreality. Prepare yourself for it.

  21. Buccaneer says:

    If you’d been through as many fictional lawsuits as Trump, I bet you’d end up pleading the 5 th too. It’s strange that you claim to have facts on your side but constantly use non fact based inference like Trump pled the 5th. The exaggeration doesn’t help either.

    You clearly don’t respect people who don’t share your echo chamber, then call those people fascist, straw man and misrepresent their arguments and positions.

    I’ve just pinned you that you are not here to argue just to smear and attempt to upset people. By your own admission, multiple times.

    All you’ve really done is shame yourself as an immature troll.

  22. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “You clearly don’t respect people who don’t share your echo chamber, then call those people fascist, straw man and misrepresent their arguments and positions.

    I’ve just pinned you that you are not here to argue just to smear and attempt to upset people. By your own admission, multiple times.

    All you’ve really done is shame yourself as an immature troll”

    Correct, which is why the ever patient and tolerant Sinclair ended up banning him.

  23. Prospero says:

    Bucco, Bucco, Bucco. The problem is you have become completely immune to the hyperbole, exaggeration and lies of your own side. You complain about trolling (which, tbh, I don’t think is a fair description of comments which quote or cite evidence, which I do quite often) as if you really just want people to argue with reason and calm, but at the end of a post that opens by calling Pelosi “a sleazy extremist obsessed with killing children”.

    You are full of blind Hypocrisy if you think youre the reasonable tone police of the internet.

  24. Prospero says:

    Hi Cassie. The last line in my last comment applies to you too, but times 1000.

  25. Cassie of Sydney says:

    LOL, the bait worked. You’re like a child with a lolly jar Slug, you just can’t help yourself. Are you here all the time? If so, then you clearly don’t have a life. Sad. It must have been desperately hard for you when Sinclair banned you. What did you do with yourself?

    I will add that you offer nothing here except low level malicious, spiteful and vicious trolling. You’re not here to engage, you’re just here to throw abuse at C.L. and others. And no, unlike you I am not an “immature troll”.

    Perhaps it’s time you got some professional help?

  26. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    “Bucco, Bucco, Bucco. The problem is you have become completely immune to the hyperbole, exaggeration and lies of your own side.”

    Pot, once again, meet kettle.

    Your mind is so closed that it could not be opened with a jackhammer.

    Still not found some PC talking points for a response to the Klimate questions on the Science thread? Sad, low energy.

  27. Boambee John says:


    ” It must have been desperately hard for you when Sinclair banned you. What did you do with yourself?”

    Same as he has been doing here for several days. Wanked.

  28. Prospero says:

    Cassie, I’ve never bailed up an ageing ex PM on the street, made him start shaking with my aggression, and then shared the story online.

    He might think the idea of ‘getting help’ applies more to you than me…

  29. Buccaneer says:

    Prepo, doesn’t look like too many people here are very sorry that you feel butthurt when you get a taste of your own tactics.

    Keep trying to salvage yourself, it’s too late, everyone sees you now, no one is taking you seriously. You can’t keep throwing accusations at other people that reflect your own behaviour and straw man theirs.

    BTW, you missed corrupt when it comes to Pelosi.

  30. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Cassie, I’ve never bailed up an ageing ex PM on the street, made him start shaking with my aggression, and then shared the story online.”

    Gosh, I’m being stalked by Slug of Brisbane. Slug of Brisbane likes to stalk and intimidate women. Careful now Slug. Oh and I didn’t “bail up” anyone, there was no “aggression” between me and that “ex PM”, I leave aggression to your side of politics. Did you ever condemn the physical attack on ex PM Tony Abbott or the physical attack in broad daylight against Andrew Bolt? I bet you didn’t, in fact I bet you laughed out loud.

    You need professional help Preposterous.

  31. Prospero says:

    I just find the “meta” comments about trolling very tedious, Bucco. Especially when they become “don’t come here you don’t respect us”. Well duh, have a look at amount of respect you and the blog owner gives to those you chose to vilify with the type of hyperbole that guarantees you are not going to be taken seriously by politicians, journalists, whatever.

  32. Prospero says:

    And, I would add, this is why I consider banning people like me from forums like this to be very, very cowardly and the height of hypocrisy.

  33. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    The best reason for banning you isn’t your perpetual snooty abusiveness. It is that you add nothing of substance that can’t be picked up by a scan of the MSM headlines.

    You might be capable of independent thought, but you never demonstrate that capability.

    If you are ever asked a question not answerable with a lefty talking point, you move on.

    Essentially, you are a waste of pixels.

  34. Buccaneer says:

    You truly are a complete hypocrite, you always resort to personal attacks and when called out sulk and lash out at anyone giving it back to you. Gee I feel so upset that you would consider banning me, you are a troll by your own admission. We’re I to come to your blog and troll you I would expect to be banned. Yet when you come here and troll the author and others by your own admission, you think I should be banned for calling you out. Good one Pelican.

  35. Prospero says:

    Who said I think you should be banned, Bucco? Your “stop trolling, you don’t belong here” comments are tedious, but whatever.

  36. Not Trampis says:

    Trolling is not disagreeing. This is a by product from Sinclair Davidson who always asked why people would turns up on Catallaxy to offer a different opinion.

    But then Sinkers never understood the english language. Predecessor anyone

  37. Boambee John says:

    The pre-school failure tries to teach his betters. LOL.

  38. False Equivalence says:

    BJ: Catholic Church has publicly documented its activities in covering up and in some cases disguising extensive paedophile activities by priests over decades. It is only people like you who persist in denial.

  39. Tintarella di Luna says:

    Thanks CL

  40. Boambee John says:


    BJ: Catholic Church has publicly documented its activities in covering up and in some cases disguising extensive paedophile activities by priests over decades. It is only people like you who persist in denial.

    Public school systems and orphanages have generally concealed their activities in covering up and in some cases disguising extensive paedophile activities by teachers and staff over decades. Recent enquiries have exposed them. It is only people like you who persist in denial.

    Oddly, it is the Labor Party which has had the most members who have been convicted of such activities.

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