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The Solicitor-General says the co-ministries ScoMo assumed were completely valid and legal.
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  1. twostix says:

    The Australian headline “Morrison actions ‘inconsistent’ with constitution ”


    Must have been alongside the section that outlines the “National Cabinet”: A secret chamber where the PM and Premiers meet and discuss the legislative and executive agenda of the country without any public oversight.

  2. jupes says:

    Oh dear. Labor and their media hacks will have to apply a bit of effort to drag this out for another week or two.

  3. C.L. says:

    Albo appoints himself Attorney-General:

    I am giving notice today that [an] inquiry will take place. This isn’t something that cannot be just dismissed.

  4. Lee says:

    Albo taking his cues from the Biden administration.

  5. Not Trampis says:

    It has to do with the conventions of the day which morrison trashed.

  6. C.L. says:

    On the upside, he didn’t give the resources and energy brief to a Pakistani broker or take a loan from Saddam Hussein.

  7. Not Trampis says:

    your knowledge of either subject is again poor.
    Connor got sacked over the matter and the money was to ‘assist’ the ALP then in opposition.

  8. Buccaneer says:

    It has nothing to do with conventions, the opinion makes it clear that the governor general appoints ministers on the advice of the PM. The PM making himself a back up to avoid the need to appoint a new minister in an emergency situation is not inconsistent with conventions because they thought it was an emergency. It wasn’t but no one is arguing that.

    Instead the advice puts up some very weak arguments about publishing ministerial appointments being a convention.

    No wonder they delayed it by a day. When will the media turn on this clown?

  9. C.L. says:

    Maybe if Albo wasn’t holidaying or out on the piss on a Monday night, he might have seen this Mack truck heading his way.

    If there is one trait that unites the contemporary left around the world it is the belief that their hate-fantasies are actually reality.

  10. C.L. says:

    How ‘conventional’ was it for Bob Hawke to bribe the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in 1982 – including with a signed secret deal to give him more perks and a golden parachute as High Commissioner in London?

    Is that in the Constitution?

  11. twostix says:

    The constitution that suddenly they care about literally ordains that movement between the states “shall be absolutely free”.

    That can be nuanced out of existence for two years, but the PM (not mentioned in the Constitution) asking the GG to swear him in as another Minister = MAHCONSTITUTOIN!

    It’s so obvious that they’re attempting to hang Morrison for this, not just for the obvious political reason, but so the entire political and media establishment class can all get in front of and put the post-hysteria questions about the unlawful, insane, King Henry VIII / Jim Jones behaviour of all of them over the last two years, to bed.

  12. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    your knowledge of either subject is again poor.
    Connor got sacked over the matter and the money was to ‘assist’ the ALP then in opposition.

    Had Rex seen the writing on the wall more clearly than Gough? He started the negotiations while Labor was still in power.

  13. Lee says:

    The same people attacking Morrison over this alleged “impropriety” seem quite okay with Stairman Dan and his obsessive secretiveness ($75 billion blowout he tried to hide, among other things) and his virtual one man band government, that is except when he trots out a minister to take the blame or deflect the attention away from him.
    BTW, one day maybe we will find out the real reason why several senior Victorian Labor ministers are quitting politics about the same time.
    I suspect the reason is two words: Dan Andrews.

  14. Buccaneer says:

    In addition, Andrew’s was able to avoid responsibility for the hotel quarantine debacle by saying he didn’t remember. It’s convention for leaders to resign when they are that incompetent or corrupt that they need to use that kind of excuse when 800 people die on their watch.

    it’s also convention for the media to hound them out of office.

  15. NoFixedAddress says:

    Teacups, storms and broken china.

    The state premier members of ye olde “National Cabinet” fame must be worried that ScoMo can pitch some dirt at them.

    Look over there… another ScoMo “woman problem”!

  16. Not Trampis says:

    Rex Connor was given permission to negotiate a loan. That was withdrawn when it was clear that had gone pearshaped.

    gough tried to get Iraqi money for the ALP. He would have been sacked by caucus except for incredibly sloppy journalism by Rupert himself in the OZ.

    what in the hell is CL on about. Hawke was made Oppo leader AFTER Fraser called an early election. Hayden became foreign minister. After a time he was made G/G.

    What is it about the High Commissioner

  17. rosie says:

    I’m so sick of the ALP being the copy cat from Ballarat to Democrats.
    So obvious, so lame.

  18. vlad redux says:

    Never launch an inquiry unless you already know the answer.

  19. Perfidious Albino says:

    Just waiting for the AFP to raid Mar-a-Scomo now…

  20. C.L. says:

    what in the hell is CL on about. Hawke was made Oppo leader AFTER Fraser called an early election. Hayden became foreign minister. After a time he was made G/G.

    What is it about the High Commissioner

    Secret leadership deal letters between Bob Hawke and Bill Hayden revealed.

    Troy Bramston

    Bob Hawke and Bill Hayden ­exchanged secret letters that detailed the terms of an agreement to facilitate a leadership change on the eve of the 1983 election that swept Labor to power.

    These letters became Mr Hayden’s insurance and the foundation stone for the Hawke government…

    The leadership transition was finalised in Mr Hayden’s Brisbane office with deputy Labor leader Lionel Bowen, Senate leader John Button and Senate deputy leader Don Grimes party to the agreement. Mr Hayden only agreed to resign if the deal was put on paper. Bowen and Grimes, however, did not know there was an exchange of letters.

    The letters, signed on February 3, set out Mr Hayden’s terms: his staff were found new jobs; John Dawkins, Peter Walsh and Neal Blewett remained shadow ministers; he be made shadow foreign minister and hold that ministry in government; be given an additional private secretary; and be appointed high commissioner to London for five years.

    Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition was bribed out of his office using paid positions of the Crown as currency. The Parliament, press and people – and the rank and file of the ALP – were not informed.

    Try reading a non-leftist news site at least once a year, goofball.

  21. C.L. says:

    Sheridan on Bolt decided to ignore the Solicitor-General’s report.

    Direct quote: “He still doesn’t think he did anything wrong.”

    Well, he didn’t, Greg – and that’s a fact.

    The hysteria at News Corp on this is astounding. As an organisation, they cheered lockdowns and covid nazism but now they’re pretending to be Westminster purists. Who can forget Henry Ergas’s columns backing the morality of forced vaccination?

    My my, they haven’t aged well.

  22. Passing By says:

    Totally valid. Why have any cabinet? Especially when you e true genius on hand. In fact why have elections? Spot on CL. Restore monarchy.

  23. Boambee John says:

    Passing Wind

    Well might you ask the question, but nothing will make Dan Andrews respond.

  24. Old Lefty says:

    The SG’s report was categorical that the GG had no discretion to refuse to act on the advice of the government of the day. Leftoids baying for Hurley’s blood please note: if he was wrong in not rubber-stamping the government’s advice, then Kerr in his turn may have been right. Maybe that’s why Albanese is protecting Hurley?

  25. Old Lefty says:

    Andrews appointed a veteran ALP Socialist Left judicial hack who (in complete contrast to her performance on Gillard’s gung ho Get Pell royal commission) found that not only Comrade Andrews but all his leftist minions had no responsibility for the quarantine fiasco. What a surprise!

  26. Buccaneer says:

    Andrews appointed a veteran ALP Socialist Left judicial hack who (in complete contrast to her performance on Gillard’s gung ho Get Pell royal commission) found that not only Comrade Andrews but all his leftist minions had no responsibility for the quarantine fiasco. What a surprise!

    There is a stronger case that the convention is that a healthy media would have already have hounded Andrews from office more than 12 months ago, than the supposed conventions Morrison has been accused of breaking. The Andrews matter is way more serious.

  27. Passing By says:

    I see that even Tony Abbott refuses to defend Morrison. It seems that civil behaviour and convention does count with some.

  28. Boambee John says:

    Passing Wind,

    Suuure. Now if only the fascists of the left had thought of that when Abbott was PM. Eating an onion anyone?

  29. Buccaneer says:

    You have to be intentionally obtuse to think that the current kerfuffle counts for anything when the supposed conventions by the admission of the solicitor general have not been consistently followed and other more obvious conventions, like leaders resigning for gross misconduct, Andrews, chooky just brazen it out. At least Gladys eventually did the right thing and resigned.

    While the left bleat about conventions, they have never cared for them when it suits. It’s a complete non argument. Morrison did nothing wrong, Albanese only a couple of months in is scratching for a distraction for a government with no idea.

  30. Syd Gal says:

    Current AG on TV and radio re an Inquiry into Morrison. But when will there be an Inquiry into the Get Pell Campaign? Vic politicians promoted Milligan’s and Morris-Marr’s books and retweeted Andrews’ statement the day of the HC decision. The current AG is pictured on social media accounts of the highly visible victims’ support group CLAN (who commissioned and held up vile posters outside the courts) telling them he did not attend Red Mass in 2020. That AG amended the RC Act in 2013 so that there would be no investigation of CSA abuse claims made at the RC by the RC, and witnesses would not be cross examined. Reading the transcripts, it seemed odd that some of the most bizarre statements were given and then the person just left the stand. And each victims’ narrative from the “Private Sessions” on the RC site includes a disclaimer from the Royal Commissioners.. “the person was not a witness, and did not need to take an oath or affirmation, although they were expected to tell the truth”.

  31. Not Trampis says:


    you are a complete and ignorant embicile.

    firstly it wasn’t a secret. Anyone having a drink with Peter Walsh at the time knew all about it.
    Hayden was never appointed to any job in London. you miss the point again. Hayden demanded this. Hawke wasn’t offering as Bramston shows!!!
    By the way Hawke had the numbers to be leader as Button attested to Hayden at the time and with Hawke as leader they were all certain the ALP would win.
    It isn’t hard to find this out if one is not lazy.

    amazing deplorables still wanted more people killed of covid because of opposition to lockdowns and vaccines.

    I defended Pell to the hilt because I thought on the basis of probability the alleged actions could not have happened. However both a jury found him guilty and the court of appeal confirmed this.
    Is your RC going to question the jury and judges?

  32. Buccaneer says:

    Exactly what percentage of Australians had a drink with Peter Walsh? The man must have an incredible bladder..

  33. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    Hayden was never appointed to any job in London. you miss the point again.

    You miss the point (yet) again.

    Hayden was appointed as GG, he got his reward, just in a slightly different form.

  34. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    PS: you are a complete and ignorant embicile.

    Only a complete and ignorant embicile (sic) would not be able to spell “imbecile” (synonyms: fool · idiot · cretin · moron · dolt · halfwit · dunce · dullard · simpleton · nincompoop · blockhead · ignoramus · clod).

    You really, really, should have tried harder at pre-school.

  35. Not Trampis says:

    so we have a not so silent agreement that says he had a job in London anytime he wants it but Hayden prefers G/G which even took his old press secretary by surprise.

    Hayden was able to double dip on superannuation though as many do as G/G.

    Walshy was a bitter man however he did a mea culpa on Hawke and stated he was a better PM than Hayden would have been and he like almost all in the caucus had underestimated Hawke. Hawke had been a shadow minister who had done little indeed few thought he was the better of the minister.

    By the way AM and PM had people talking about the agreement but off the record.
    A new government and it was old news

  36. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    All of your babbling does not remove the reality that Hayden “cut a deal” that later enabled him, as you said, to “double dip on superannuation”. Looks like, walks like, talks like an “incentive”, even a “bribe”?

  37. Not Trampis says:

    Hayden made the terms. Hawke did not ‘bribe’ him. Surely even a primary school drop out can understand the difference

  38. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    The one being bribed usually sets the terms. Even a pre-school failure should know that.

    Consider yourself degraded to kindy.

  39. Not Trampis says:

    First CL said Hawke bribed Hayden.
    Second Hayden making the terms is the opposite of a bribe.
    Most people would understand that.

  40. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    The bribe has to be satisfactory to both parties. Most people would understand that.

    Perhaps Hawke had someone else in mind for London at the time the bribe became payable, and Hayden offered to settle for the GG job?

    Try to think outside your narrow parochial box.

  41. CL,

    you are a complete and ignorant embicile

    Not one to send a dinner invitation to…

  42. Buccaneer says:

    Embicile, that needs to go in the cat dictionary.

    Grossly ill informed individual who in their desperation to insult an opponent inadvertently torches their own credibility with a statement that proves Abraham Lincoln’s adage that it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  43. Jannie says:

    Embicile has a certain ring to it, it conveys a sort of unintended ironic truth. In the just universe only people with a working knowledge of dictionaries are permitted to insult their betters.

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