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America’s frontier plebiscites in the 1900s were completely legit

Reservations: US officials closely watching sham referenda in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

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Melons Aside

Yes, this is real: Italy’s Giorgia Meloni denies she is anti-women as credentials questioned.

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A Deadbeat Away

The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.” – Kamala Harris

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The Queen’s Obsequies

Tradition is the latest thing but only the upper case variety can unite and heal Western culture GIVEN that no pope has ever attended the funeral of an English monarch, the current successor of Saint Peter and Vicar of Christ … Continue reading

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Carrier unveils dicey new ‘our pilots are mentally ill’ sales pitch

Airport ’22: Virgin Atlantic lets male pilots and crew wear skirts to ‘express their true identity.’

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Full Marx

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Beetroot the new Beatitudes

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Benito Horsolini

Jacinda Ardern has told the United Nations that freedom of speech online must be outlawed.

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Biden forgets deceased woman he was honouring is deceased

Biden looks for dead Indiana Republican during news conference: ‘Jackie, are you here?’ So of course, she was on his mind, she was on top of mind for the president. I don’t think it’s all that unusual to have someone … Continue reading

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That time Joe Biden accidentally said the terrorist part out loud

Comedically, the Ghost of Kiev was hard to beat but his reign is over. I give you Kremlin frogmen.

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You might be “far right” if…

The great Cassie of Sydney has an important definitional update for the world’s dictionaries.

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It should start by investigating itself

The Attorney-General has announced a quarter of a billion dollar barrel of pork for Labor lawyers.

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“When you watch this video, you’ll quickly realize why the establishment is afraid of her.”

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Profiles in Courage

Vic Liberals to give new hospital in Melbourne’s east an Indigenous name if elected in November.

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ABC smears Giorgia Meloni but promotes far right hate symbol

■ What it felt like the first time I wore a hijab to school. ■ Muslim women on breaking down misconceptions and why wearing a hijab is empowering. ■ Journalist Noor Tagouri becomes first woman to wear hijab in Playboy. … Continue reading

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Open to Voice third chamber, LNP backs ICAC fourth chamber

Quitting: Peter Dutton confirms Coalition in talks to pass Labor’s anti-corruption commission bill.

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The Huli Wigmen of Papua New Guinea are still talking about it

  Former prime minister Julia Gillard reflects on her blistering ‘misogyny speech’ 10   years on and reveals the moment she knew it would ‘reverberate around the world’. I think its power has been that there are millions of women who have … Continue reading

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The ABC on a woman with the same views as John F. Kennedy

   Giorgia Meloni could make history as Italy’s first female PM.   She would also be its first far-right leader since Benito Mussolini. Meloni promotes what she calls traditional Christian values. She opposes same-sex marriage and allowing same-sex couples to adopt children, … Continue reading

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