American Mosley

Miranda Devine on America’s first fascist ‘President’: Tyrannical old Joe’s secret police state.
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  1. MatrixTransform says:

    noisy clowns infesting the joint with gibber

    they have the same quality as a bunch of blow-flies in your sun-room

    IRL you’d knock em down with Mortein

  2. Prospero says:

    Good grief. Just had a read of the Biden speech, and it is just pathetic that certain wingnuts are trying to turn it into “we should be in fear of our lives, he’s willing to use the military against us!”.

    I mean, this passage:

    We, the people, will not let anyone or anything tear us apart. Today, there are dangers around us we cannot allow to prevail. We hear — you’ve heard it, more and more talk about violence as an acceptable political tool in this country. It’s not. It can never be an acceptable tool. So, I want to say this plain and simple: There is no place for political violence in America, period, none, ever.

    You saw law enforcement brutally attacked on January the 6th. We’ve seen election officials, poll workers, many of them volunteers of both parties, subject to intimidation and death threats. And, can you believe it, F.B.I. agents just doing their job as directed, facing threats to their own lives from their own fellow citizens.

    On top of that, there are public figures today, yesterday and the day before predicting and all but calling for mass violence and rioting in the streets. This is inflammatory. It’s dangerous. It’s against the rule of law. And we, the people, must say this is not who we are.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we can’t be pro-insurrectionist and pro-American. They’re incompatible. We can’t allow violence to be normalized in this country. It’s wrong. We each have to reject political violence with all the moral clarity and conviction this nation can muster now.

    It’s a specific rejection of political violence.

  3. Passing By says:

    BJ: and I see trump now thinks he is still living in the White House, chatting to people like Zuckerberg.

  4. Prospero says:

    Re Passing By’s comment: yes, can you just imagine what would happen if Biden said something like that? Would be repeated endlessly on wingnut sites and commentary that clearly, he is so senile he doesn’t know what he is saying and is imagining things now.

  5. Buccaneer says:

    NBC, ABC and CBS all elected not to cover this speech because they thought it was a partisan speech that had limited newsworthiness.

    Biden backtracked his more inflammatory remarks the next day.

    I find it incredible that the Biden admin is so incompetent that they keep feeding Trump’s beefs. Calling Trump and anyone who has misgivings that claims of election fraud were not investigated as an insurrectionist is just one of many abuses of language that completely ignore the dems role in feeding perceptions that they are the problem. Calling republicans semi fascist is another.

    Prepo, you are a deeply dishonest commenter here who goes quiet when you can’t justify your positions or outright abuse other commenters.

  6. Prospero says:

    Calling Trump and anyone who has misgivings that claims of election fraud were not investigated as an insurrectionist

    Oh very funny. Trump “has misgivings” does he????

    No, he lies continually that he knows he won by millions of votes and a large slab of his base believe him.

    You’re dumb. (Didn’t want to disappoint you.)

  7. Prospero says:

    Calling republicans semi fascist is another.

    Biden specifically said in his speech this:

    Now, I want to be very clear, very clear up front. Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans. Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology. I know, because I’ve been able to work with these mainstream Republicans.

    But there’s no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. And that is a threat to this country.

    So he certainly wasn’t calling all Republicans the problem. (I would have been happier if he specifically called on mainstream Republicans to reject Trump within the party, though.)

  8. C.L. says:

    Prospero, it might be time to move on or maybe start your own site.
    You’re Biden-spamming here for up to 14 hours a day.
    Last say mania is always off-putting to other people.

  9. Buccaneer says:

    You seem to approve of the dems trying to dictate who can be part of their opponents platform and what they think, rather than coherently arguing why they are misguided and why their platform is better. Trump does a way better job of pointing out the dems flaws and why he thinks his platform is better. He also trolls them mercilessly. Although sometimes he goes too far, which would have been his downfall well and truly by now if the dems and their supporters didn’t use the tactics you resort to yourself.

    Calling Trump a threat to the country and anyone that the dems don’t approve of too, causes anyone on the fence pause for thought as to when would the dems relinquish this control? The answer is never. It’s also pretty facile.

    I might add, that thanks to the dems actions, MAGA is mainstream opposition for the dems now. Rightly or wrongly.

  10. Not Trampis says:

    It is both ironic and entirely suspicious that the obese one was always bored by intelligence briefings and rarely interested in what was said. Yet he took over 300 files with him.

    yeah what is a threat to the country. Perhaps people who tried to overturn a very convincing electoral victory. How about nominating fake electors. yeah that is a threat to the country. If you do not think that I agree you are very facile

  11. Boambee John says:

    You’re just your average conspiracy addled wingnut, BJ.

    Poor old Perverse Preposterous isn’t aware that the “cabal” boasted in Time magazine of their actions to “fortify” the 2020 election.

    It’s not a secret when they boast about it,

  12. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    Have you yet worked out that if a group calling itself a “cabal” gets together in secret to “fortify” an election by secret actions, what might seem to be a “conspiracy theory” if the group is mentioned before the election, becomes a genuine conspiracy when they boast after the election of their actions. It is no longer a theory.

    Idiot, get back to work, and bugger up your workplace instead of this blog.

  13. Prospero says:

    Tch tch, BJ: the blog owner might complain that you’re trying to have the last word, and that’s just not acceptable…

  14. Boambee John says:

    Perverse Preposterous

    I’ll just have to take my chances, as you are doing.

    I’ll take your response as an admission that you have not yet worked out the subtle thought involved.

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