Quitters’ Ale

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10 Responses to Quitters’ Ale

  1. Bluey says:

    They will learn appeasement never works. Or they’ll go bust. Idiots.

  2. Buccaneer says:

    I note Cheer cheese is pretty much on sale every time I go shopping, I always buy Bega, I don’t care that it costs more

  3. MatrixTransform says:

    never negotiate with terroir-ists

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Maybe they should rename Banjo Patterson’s poem from “The Wild Colonial Boy” to something more appropriate to the times. How about “The Peaceful First Nations Birthing Person”? Probably would need to rewrite the text as well.

  5. Shy Ted says:

    In 2020 Melbourne bottle shop chain Blackhearts & Sparrows stopped stocking the brewery’s beer because they found the use of the word “colonial” was problematic

    Does that really say Blackhearts? And they don’t see the irony? Blaggards.

  6. Morsie says:

    You cant blame them in some ways.Its hard enough running a business without having to deal with this virtue signalling political bullshit.
    Obviously the ban from various retailers was having an effect.
    However just as many people will now avoid the brand because of the change.

  7. Terry says:

    ‘Waalitj beer’

    No doubt in honour of the extensive wheatbelt founded and farmed by Bruce Pascoe’s ancestors.

    These people are barking mad. Utterly insane; the inevitable destination for woke cowards and for the bullies that prey upon them.

    The real question is, how do we excise this cancer from society without killing the host?

  8. C.L. says:

    I see Blackhearts & Sparrows is selling a beer called Sudden Death.

    Not very ‘drink responsibly.’

  9. jupes says:

    However just as many people will now avoid the brand because of the change.

    Hopefully more.

  10. Rockdoctor says:

    Never heard of them. Publicity stunt? I’d say they are appealing to the Fremantle type who are more likely to be customers anyway.

    As for Blackheart & sparrows, looks like a bespoke liqour outlet confined to the more gentrified areas of Melbourne. Sorta confirms my suspicion of the above.

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