Everyone is guilty, says WA Chief Justice in sinister leftist rant

Without evidence, Peter Quinlan made the claim at a Women in Mining and Resources summit.
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9 Responses to Everyone is guilty, says WA Chief Justice in sinister leftist rant

  1. Terry says:

    ‘…claims to have never encountered sexual harassment is either “lying” or “morally obtuse”.’

    Only a sexist (bigoted prejudgement based on sex) would claim this.

    Anyone behaving in this manner has no place being a judge of anything, let alone on a Supreme Court.

    Centuries of civilisation brought to its knees by moral midgets masquerading as giants. Pathetic.

  2. C.L. says:

    Well, if you’re a man or a company relying on his judgement in a harassment-related case, you now have grounds for appeal to the High Court. He has stated on several occasions that everyone must be presumed guilty.

  3. Franx says:

    Lucky for him that, so far, he has avoided ‘stories’ or ‘allegations’ or ‘claims’.

  4. Lee says:

    ‘…claims to have never encountered sexual harassment is either “lying” or “morally obtuse”.’

    I have never come across it.

  5. Fat Tony says:

    I have never come across it.

    Nor have I – started working in 1968.

    I have come across a fair amount of bullying type harassment, but that’s not what he’s referring to.

  6. C.L. says:

    There is a certain kind of strangely vain woman nowadays who sees some kind of weird feminist prestige in wearing hi-viz and working in the most male-dominant environment possible – as if to prove they’re not only As Good As The Guys but also a cut above females in frocks. For the first time in history, technology – like air-conditioned dump trucks with power-steering – makes it seem doable. Before long, however, they decide that the only way they can cope is to get rid of precisely what lured them to this test of their go-girl resolve – namely, masculine rough and tumble. At that point, they’re traditional damsels in distress – but in hardhats.

  7. Lee says:

    Of the two bullies I came across in the workplace, one was a woman.

  8. Rockdoctor says:

    This is another beat up. I have seen very little behaviour that would constitute sexual harassment. In fact the pendulum has swung so hard the other way I am seeing managers appointed who lack experience other than gender, vexatious complaints entertained and diversity pursued over competence. So yeah, na.

    Quinlan IMO however deserves all the contempt he should be getting. If he is prepared to ignore hundreds of years of jurisprudence for the “feelz” then he unfit to even being admitted to the bar let alone the position he holds. I do hope his intemperence is examined by the HC but won’t hold my breath.

  9. Charles Rasp says:

    I wonder how many mining and exploration sites Quinlan has ever visited or worked at? I’ve worked at many and am aware of only one incident that I could describe as “sexual harassment” … was more of a case of voyeurism. Fired the bloke.
    I am not a liar or morally obtuse.
    Maybe it’s all just Quinlan’s projection?
    Perhaps the legal game is much worse than the mining industry?

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