Carrier unveils dicey new ‘our pilots are mentally ill’ sales pitch

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10 Responses to Carrier unveils dicey new ‘our pilots are mentally ill’ sales pitch

  1. cuckoo says:

    Ed Wood’s prophecy has come true. In Glen or Glenda there is a segment constructed like one of those corny educational movies (“Come back, Zinc!”). Direct quote:

    Give this man satin undies, a dress, a sweater and a skirt, or even the lounging outfit he has on, and he’s the happiest individual in the world. He can work better, think better, he can play better, and he can be more of a credit to his community and his government because he is happy.

  2. Terry says:

    Everyone should have a “uniform” where you can wear whatever you want.
    Makes perfect sense “in these times…”

    Just fly the plane safely. Express yourself somewhere else.

  3. Morsie says:

    Interesting that a “service ” industry seems to not care a jot about the opinions of its customers but is beholden to its staff.

  4. Baba says:

    The weird thing is that on the few occasions I have seen female airline and charter pilots they have always been wearing slacks.

  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    Commoners shouldn’t be flying anyway.

  6. Buccaneer says:

    Nothing quite like going back to the old days when women weren’t allowed on the front line, so some of the troops dressed up as women to be the entertainment.

  7. and says:

    “Transatlantic”, etc, has taken on an entirely new meaning.

  8. a reader says:

    I’ve long wondered how CASA would deal with dude-sheilas. I mean it is clearly a mental illness and if you’ve got depression or other mental illnesses they will declare you unfit to fly

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