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Finally: Liberal state government outlaws the disposable spork

NSW to phase out more single-use plastics on November 1: Everything you need to know.

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K-Mart Elon To The Rescue

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Let’s check in on the ‘values’ Britain is fighting for in Ukraine

They said, ‘if you just apologize, then we can just leave all of this here and you can go home.’ I told them I was not going to apologize because I had not done anything wrong.”    – Wales: Woman arrested … Continue reading

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Bizarre appointment may be a first in the history of diplomacy

Albanese’s Apartheid: Expression of interest for the role of Ambassador for First Nations People. Nominees must be Australian citizens and be of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage. The citizenship requirement is an admission that these so-called ‘first nations’ do … Continue reading

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Mrs Pelosi cheered the invasion of Melania Trump’s bedroom

Mike Pence condemns attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband as Donald Trump remains silent.

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Science: Trump was right

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This is how Harlem gangster Frank Lucas ran his heroin racket

Hook ’em and fleece ’em: Pfizer plans to sell its covid vaccine at a 10,000% markup in 2023.

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Jolly Greenroom Giant

You don’t say: Everybody knows the Russians are ‘lying through their teeth’: General Jack Keane. Disclosures that Sky News Australia never makes about its favourite “four star general”: Keane is a former advisor for the Academi mercenary group (notorious under … Continue reading

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Just In Time

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Let’s check in on the ‘values’ America is fighting for in Ukraine

Torture and mutilation: Study finds trans ‘top surgery’ up almost 400 per cent among children.

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Oi Oi Oikonomikos

If a personalist balm is what our political economy needs, leaders should start by apologising THOUGH not won over by Waleed Aly’s contention this week that the idea of a ‘wellbeing budget’ is gaining traction – as evidenced, he thinks, … Continue reading

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Incoming WEF junta to the ‘heat or eat’ heartland: Drop dead

“Committed to the policy”: Rishi Sunak brings back fracking ban in first PM’s Questions.

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Fryer Tuck

Tucker Carlson draws the most Democrat viewers in key demo, even topping Rachel Maddow. There is an entire cottage industry within media dedicated to disseminating Tucker Carlson’s nightly Fox News musings to presumably liberal audiences who may not be tuning … Continue reading

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Peter Dutton stood on a rake and got the thwack he deserved

Michelle Landry has accused the PM of “bullying” her in QT. Nonsense. It was a bravura rebuttal.

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Albo lost your $275 but found 200 million for fascist yobbos

Masters of Afghanistan: Australian troops to help train Ukrainian forces in fight against Russia. Stay home, watch it on TV. Don’t even risk it because you could end up coming back in a coffin.” – In 2012, former England captain … Continue reading

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Picketing Pocahontas

“The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable,” tweeted Miss Cortez. You betcha.

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Remember, this is the man loony neo-cons trust with your life

‘Where are we going?’: Biden appears to get lost in White House garden after tree-planting event.

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Lucky For Them

I don’t think it’s insignificant a country like the United Kingdom has its first prime minister of colour.” – Jim Chalmers channels Dirty Harry’s lieutenant

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