Francis admonishes Putin and repudiates Biden’s Endless War

The Pope’s Sunday statement called for an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated resolution.
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18 Responses to Francis admonishes Putin and repudiates Biden’s Endless War

  1. Pommy Al says:

    Why did it take him so long?

  2. C.L. says:

    I think that’s unfair, Al.
    He’s been saying the same thing for a good while and has also made several attempts to speak directly to Putin, meet with the Russian Patriarch etc.

    Now watch as this important intervention is disappeared by the media. Why? Because the Pope utterly rejects the mainstream dogma of fighting on until the unhinged US ‘administration’ gets what it wants.

  3. Boxcar says:

    Gotta wonder how informed he is – only two countries mentioned, and Russia is the bad guy. and he got his gig just before Ukraine had the fairest election in history, until Biden.

  4. C.L. says:

    Popes don’t always communicate by mentioning.

    We know that the protagonists were on the verge of a negotiated settlement months ago but that Boris Johnson was dispatched to Ukraine by the US to warn Zelensky off.

    The extremist US government and military-industrial complex want perpetual war.

    When Francis tells the Ukrainian President he MUST be open to negotiation, he is plainly and obviously slamming America’s earlier sabotage of talks.

    On how informed the Pope is, it was always the view of the CIA that the Vatican had the best humint in the world.

  5. Terry says:

    ‘The course of the war in Ukraine has become so serious, devastating and threatening, as to cause great concern.’
    …but I was led to believe the globalists were winning.

    Why is it only a problem now? The embryo of this abomination was conceived years ago. It might be a little late to be lamenting what it has grown into.

    Just STFU pontiff. If you cared about people and preventing their premature deaths, you would not have shamelessly supported vaxxxines and Climate Change™. An utter fraud.

    We look forward to two years hence, for the pope to demand magic food production (from somewhere/somehow) to feed the world’s millions of starving, conveniently ignoring the consequences of the disastrous actions and inactions of policies he fully endorses today.

    The war is tragic, and well above this shill’s pay grade.
    He has the ideological sophistication of an average 12-year-old schoolgirl.
    A total disgrace.

  6. Not Trampis says:

    Biden’s endless war?? It was Putin who invaded Ukraine.

    Why would Ukraine want to give up any of their territory to such a war criminal.

  7. Franx says:

    I read it as – possibly – a response in light of the integration of the Donbas into the Russian Federation and that, with this in place, there are clearer lines of opportunity for dialogue, involving, in particular, questions as to what it means to be Russian in the Ukraine.

  8. Boambee John says:

    Good to see that Non Mentis always sticks solidly with the so-called “progressive” narrative.

    Would he dare to consider that both sides are, at best, highly imperfect? No, of course not.

  9. Why would Russia want to leave its territory to such a war criminal?

    This is the only war I can remember where nobody has called for a ceasefire. I don’t give a fuck whose to blame. End this needless killing and suffering now.

  10. rosie says:

    Not the first time Pope Francis has spoken out.
    I distinctly remember early on him slamming leaders at no risk themselves who care nothing for shedding the blood of countless ordinary people.

  11. Lee says:

    This is the only war I can remember where nobody has called for a ceasefire.

    Well, Donald Trump did call for peace negotiations to take place (which even John Pilger acknowledged and gave him credit for), but was howled down by the usual suspects, who want to fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian.

  12. and says:

    The slippery slope:
    And down and down, I go
    ‘Round and ’round, I go
    in a spin

    Girls volleyball team banned from locker room after trans teammate complaints: Report

  13. Morsie says:

    Andrews is a pro abortion Catholic.Time for the powers that be to grow a set and either ex communicate him or at least refuse communion.

    Waiting waiting

  14. C.L. says:

    Andrews is a pro abortion Catholic.Time for the powers that be to grow a set and either ex communicate him or at least refuse communion.

    Correct, Morsie. But he is not a Catholic.

  15. Franx says:

    Andrews is not a believer.
    Absent in his words and his actions is an inclination for acknowledging transcendent realities. The immanent is all. Andrews, Louise Milligan and others of their ilk are prone to adverting to their Catholic heritage in order to claim some superior sociocultural cred, as, eg, when they note they are the product of a Catholic or a ‘convent’ education; or that they are of something like a long-suffering Irish Catholic extraction. But the facts speak for themselves. I doubt that Andrews is a practising Catholic. Yet if he were practising and receiving Holy Communion, then his conscience, as with everyone, is ultimately between himself and his Maker.

  16. Not Trampis says:

    Putin invades a country and suddenly the deplorables want a ceasefire.

    It is very easy to have a ceasefire. Putin takes all o f his troops out of Ukraine. He is the ONLY one that has an endless war in his sights merely because of his incompetent army.

  17. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    [Putin] is the ONLY one that has an endless war in his sights

    ROFLMAO, DemonRat president in the US, and suddenly world-wide US military actions are respectable.

    Well, maybe forget about that whole Afghanistan thing, and the abandoned weapons and equipment.

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