If they lose Sinclair Davidson, you’ll know it’s really serious

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40 Responses to If they lose Sinclair Davidson, you’ll know it’s really serious

  1. Roger W says:

    Hopefully, he is the first of many.
    For evil to triumph…

  2. and says:

    See the Bombers fly? Nup. Nup.

  3. Pommy Al says:

    Christian support for the bombers will evaporate. As it should.
    Average decent people’s support for them will disappear too.
    Woke fuckwittery breed’s contempt that is long lasting and deep.

  4. Terry says:

    ‘See the Bombers fly?’
    Stick forward, Throttles forward, Gear up, Flap up, Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses on, Smug Satisfaction Face(SSF) prepared…

  5. Terry says:

    …experience arsehole projected through face at high speed.

  6. Davey Boy says:

    Bernard Gaynor is of the view that
    – Mr Thorburn should have stayed and fought
    – Mr Thorburn’s resignation signals capitulation
    – Mr Thorburn when CEO of NAB did empower the very people who boned him

  7. a reader says:

    Interesting that I could find quotes in support from the Bishop of South Sydney in the media but nothing from the Archbishop of Melbourne Philip Freier until I went to his facebook and saw this posted at 18:45 today

    Andrew Thorburn and Essendon
    This is the public statement I issued to news media this afternoon regarding the resignation of Andrew Thorburn.
    I regret that the short-lived appointment of Andrew Thorburn as CEO of the Essendon Football Club should have been the source of so much angst for so many people.
    It was his role within the City on a Hill church that many thought led to a conflict of interest with his football role. The clergy leader of the City on a Hill movement, Archdeacon Guy Mason, is a senior leader in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. I have always found him to be a person who puts God’s unconditional love for all as first in his life and in his interaction with others. He is the founding leader of City on a Hill and has served in that role since 2008. He will certainly be aware of the diversity of views amongst the members of City on Hill congregations.
    In 2016 I joined the Archbishop of Canterbury and other international Anglican leaders in agreeing a statement that rejected homophobia and affirmed that ‘God’s love for every human being is the same, regardless of their sexuality, and that the church should never by its actions give any other impression.’ I have seen nothing in Andrew Thorburn’s reported comments that contradict this position.
    It would be unfortunate if people of faith are sidelined from participation in professional and public life on account of personal religious belief. Everyone should expect to be judged on their behaviour not on their religious beliefs.

  8. rosie says:


  9. Mantaray says:

    a reader (6.36pm). You read exactly like listening to my demented mother, who is away with the pixies on every subject.

    The link above claims that Peter Comensoli is the catholic archbishop of Melbourne. then YOU reckon it’s Philip Freier. WTF?

    What are you on about?

    BTW: if you are mentioning another church’s archbishop is it the Greek Orthodox or the Lutherans? My mum is also totally confused on such “nuances”, but does not blog here..fortunately!

  10. Boambee John says:


    Read the statement included in a reader’s comment. It seems pretty clear that Freier is the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne. Comensoli is the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne.

  11. NoFixedAddress says:

    For the sake of idealogical purity the AFL will have to bar the Essendon FC.

    You can’t be too careful with dangerous thoughts.

    No doubt the club has already wiped out all reference to him but the AFL need to maintain purity of thought.

  12. Mantaray says:

    Boambee (8.45pm). yeah, I got that almost immediately by GoGoDucking it.

    Point is that we shouldn’t need to go searching for what is meant. I have enough of this when dealing with all these early-stage dementia gene-jabees about the place, and with the well-demented older crowd I encounter. Nothing more annoying (for me) than to have several issues or several people being discussed and not having it made clear what is being discussed exactly.

    Why can’t posters just read what they’ve written and then think “does this make sense to someone not in my head?” before sending it?

  13. Boambee John says:


    I didn’t do any searches, just read the enclosure, which referred to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Just read it in context.

  14. NoFixedAddress says:

    Mantaray says:
    6 October, 2022 at 6:47 am

    What are you talking about?

  15. Not Trampis says:

    The point missed here and with Folau is this attitude is mainstream.
    Folau was dismissed by the ARU and then the NRL said he could not play there.
    all he did was paraphrase a bible verse. This had nothing to do with inclusivity with rugby.
    In this case someone has taken a sermon from yonks ago and laid it on Thorburn’s feet. Like CL did with Obama in fact.
    We do not know whether he agrees with it or nor . We do know he was quite inclusive at the NAB.
    My guess is he sees saying certain actions will lead to hell unless there is repentance is completely different to saying who can work in a place or who can paly a sport.

    I find it quite ironic that all those people who claim not to believe in GOD are so angry about saying something is sinful.

    In essence mainstream Australia are saying you cannot say anything is sinful even though we do not believe in GOD.
    The problem with the Folau conclusion is we di not get to see whether an employer can flick a person for writing biblical verses or more anywhere in our time.

  16. Old School Conservative says:

    It’s got beyond irritating to see the weasel words “(insert woke anti-religious organisation here)/Essendon is committed to providing an inclusive, diverse and a safe Club, where everyone is welcome and respected.”
    To exclude Christians is not inclusive.
    To sack a Christian does not promote diversity
    It is not a safe environment when an employee can be sacked for associating with Christian beliefs.
    All lies.
    Yet not one journalist calls them out.

  17. Buccaneer says:

    Mainstream Australians voted with their feet, Rugby is in the toilet. A bunch of elitist wankers want to tell us that mainstream Australians believe this rubbish

  18. Hugh says:

    I hope this is a gentle arm-loosener for Abp Comensoli. He and his fellow Australian bishops, and the bishops across the world have been woefully remiss in sticking their mitres above the parapet on tasks much closer to home, such as staunchly opposing a P0pe who well and truly has gone off the reservation together with his running dogs in the hierarchy who are heretical on the morality of homosexual acts, etc etc.

    With respect your grace, the Catholic Church, particularly in the declining West, is a fish rotting at the head. Fix that up and these downstream effects will be much easier to deal with.

  19. C.L. says:

    In this case someone has taken a sermon from yonks ago and laid it on Thorburn’s feet. Like CL did with Obama in fact.

    A typically dumb comparison.
    Jeremiah Wright wasn’t preaching orthodox Christianity. He was preaching race hatred. Not “yonks ago” but the Obamas were still members of his ‘church’ until Barack himself could no longer tolerate his extremist rhetoric.

  20. Not Trampis says:

    you simply cannot take it.
    you laid Wrights sermons at Obamas feet. People did the same thing with Thorburn.
    Cathodic teaching is not orthodox christian teaching. just one example will do. ALL people are sinful ( that is what original sin is all about) yet Catholics are led to believe Mary was without sin. NO biblical support for that.

    No understanding here yet that attacking Christianity is mainstream.
    I see David Koch even conflates homosexuality is a sin with homosexuals cannot play AFL.
    This what both the ARU and NRL essentially agreed on re Folau

  21. C.L. says:

    You were caught out making a dumb comparison. You imply that Jeremiah Wright was an orthodox Christian. Not even the Obamas thought so. That’s why they left his ‘church.’ Oops.

    NO biblical support for that.

    Worshipping a book (as autistic protestants do) is heresy – as Jesus made perfectly clear.

  22. NoFixedAddress says:

    what did @realTrampis say?

  23. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    Cathodic (sic) teaching is not orthodox christian teaching. just one example will do.

    The church Thorburn goes to is run by an Anglican minister.

  24. Boambee John says:

    NoFixedAddress says:
    6 October, 2022 at 10:33 am
    what did @realTrampis say?

    Sometimes his illiterate rambles can be hard to understand, but be kind to him. Not many people fail pre-school, as Non Mentis did.

  25. Franx says:

    It’s about thought crime.
    It’s not about living peaceably in a pluralist society.
    It’s about a thuggish premier publicly announcing a corralling of the state into agreeing to be, ‘against that kind of thinking.’

  26. C.L. says:

    Trampo loves these people: leftists in government and the media who attack Christians and Christianity. Rather than abandon them on principle, he instead hides behind the idea that “attacking Christianity is mainstream” and drags the Virgin Mary into the discussion.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  27. Buccaneer says:

    The great irony here is that religious tolerance as a concept really only took root in recent times and is still not a universal concept. One could hardly argue religious tolerance is a cornerstone of taliban or pretty much any Islamic nation. Even Buddhist controlled Myanmar is not famed for this, and yet every western nation that has practiced this has become prosperous, stable and productive.

    Usher in the ‘tolerant’ left to positions of power and influence and it goes straight on the bonfire in the altar of leftist control.

    It’s just a transparent and grotesque appropriation of any kind of principle and morality to pretend that the exclusion of Thorburn signals inclusion.

    How long will we need to wait before the virtue mob turns on these people?

  28. NoFixedAddress says:

    The AFL are certainly stuffed!

  29. Morsie says:

    Still waiting for a comment from the Chief Imam

  30. rosie says:

    Well said CL.

  31. Not Trampis says:

    as usual Maerian heretic CL gets it wrong again.
    He tried to verbal Obama over a minister. Now we learn Thorburn marched in a gay pride march.
    It is one thing and quite proper not to discriminate against gay people in a job at say at the NAB. It is quite another to march in a gay pride march which is endorsing a lifestyle we are told in the bible is a sinful practice.
    Wake up. The AFL, ARU , NRL are leftist organisations?
    Essendon is full of commos.

    It is mainstream. Until you lot realise that things will get worse

  32. Boambee John says:

    Until you lot realise that things will get worse

    ROFLMAO. Non Mentis goes full m0nty-fa. You should never go full m0nty-fa.

  33. Buccaneer says:

    One might have thought that given Thorburn has prayed so heavily at the altar of the LGBTQ community they could have trusted him to execute his job at Essendon and been a force for the reform of the City on the Hill church group. But no, dig up statements made by one pastor 10 years prior to Thorburn’s involvement, then exclude him from a plumb role at Essendon, who does the left have lined up for that job then, it’s clearly got nothing to do with any conflict of interest.

    When your whole ideology is about playing favourites, it becomes a race to see who has the most powerful mates, clearly Thorburn doesn’t have the right mates.

  34. Buccaneer says:

    How dumb does one have to be to spend all their time on blogs schilling for the left with no reward, while watching all the people on the velvet get the spoils day after day?

  35. Entropy says:

    It is a mystery. I suspect it is because even though NT is excluded by his masters from the velvet, they haven’t given up hope that one day they might make it, if only they can demonstrate sufficient fealty to those in charge.

  36. Perplexed of Brisbane says:

    So the AFL is pursuing two coaches for allegedly telling players to get abortions for their pregnant girlfriends and simultaneously threatening an administrator for being against abortion?

    Will fans leave? No. From what I gather of AFL fans, as long as a game is played at some stage, they will put up with whatever crap is dished up beforehand.

    I remember hearing an (apocryphal) story of an AFL fan ringing up talkback radio after 9/11 and the Wayne Carey scandal on why fans were more concerned about the latter and said something along the lines of, “I know a lot of people died, but this really affected people.”

  37. Ragu says:

    I’ve never understood why my archbishops gets involved in my sport. When I try to win, whether that’s me trying to break the spirit of the guy playing loose head while I’m trying to lord it as tight head or I’m doing a sub three minute mile the last person I’m thinking about is the guy running my church.

    I’m in it to physically destroy that loose head or to push myself faster in 1500 meters so I don’t come last. That’s the point, my forte brings strength to my church. I don’t need a dickwad archbishop to tell me that we need to devolve to mediocrity, because that will not win a physical battle.

  38. Lee says:

    I haven’t read a newspaper in years, but from what I can gather, apparently most of the football and cricket journos at Melbourne’s Herald Sun are hopelessly woke and left wing.
    It is most certainly the case with Caroline Wilson, who does not work there.

  39. Ragu says:

    By the way, good trolling of Skincare Davidoff

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