Look what I’ve inherited and look what I’ve done!”
Joe Biden on the US economy
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  1. NFA says:

    Long knives are out for Joe Biden post-midterms, but Biden says Jill and dead son Beau want him to run again
    By Monica Showalter

    If Joe Biden disgusts us with stubborn willingness to sacrifice the entire economy for the sake of his greenie, open-borders, big-spending, agenda, note that Democrats have it in for him, too.

    For Democrats, their logic is that Joe has sacrificed their political power for the sake of his greenie, open-borders, big-spending agenda. They cite ‘inflation,’ forgetting that they were the ones who enacted the big spending that triggered the inflation and Joe embraced, and somehow, Joe hasn’t magically stopped it. For them, this is simple: angry voters at midterms about to destroy their party’s majority in the House and Senate, so Joe is going to pay for it.

    Several news stories suggest that Biden is being set up to become the fall guy in the aftermath of the midterm wipeout that’s coming for their party, he may well know it.

    The main item was from The Hill:

    With three weeks to go until Election Day, Democrats say they are worried that Biden’s shaky approval ratings will end up hurting their chances in the House and Senate races.
    And as inflation soars and fear of a recession continues to mount, Democrats say the president will end up being “the fall guy,” as one source put it, even if some in the party don’t think the criticism is entirely fair.

    “It’s all about the economy, and at the end of the day, everything is more expensive than it was a year ago, retirement accounts are plummeting, and gas prices are lower but they’re inching up again,” one Democrats strategist acknowledged. “And President Biden is in charge, so of course people are going to point to him, unfairly or not.”

    No, Democrats were in charge. Democrats are the ones who passed the monster spending bills that brought the inflation. Rep. James Clyburn admitted that they “all knew” the inflation would happen when they voted ‘yes’ on the trillions in spending bills, but they did it anyway. That’s why they are being thrown out.

    But Biden signed the garbage, so by their logic, Biden will pay, too.

  2. C.L. says:

    Long knives are out for Joe Biden post-midterms, but Biden says Jill and dead son Beau want him to run again.

    Nah. He’ll be given the old Hu Jintao heave-ho.

    His wife is a disgrace. She wants him to run again because she likes the lifestyle.

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