Tingle pens inevitable Liz Truss “lessons for” Coalition column

But oddly, she doesn’t mention the Biden catastrophe in her analysis of overseas trends to heed.
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5 Responses to Tingle pens inevitable Liz Truss “lessons for” Coalition column

  1. Terry says:

    If the Libs were serious about restoring their credibility (I don’t think they are), the second* thing they would do is hire Laura Tingle as their strategy consultant, and then do the opposite of anything she suggested.

    * Right after launching anything “wet” leftwards into a vat of putrid Green-Teal sludge (where it belongs).

  2. Ed Case says:

    Thatcher is okay now, because she explained her reasoning?
    That’s interesting.
    Basically, we’re back to the Keating Era, when the Plan was always to prevent the Economy from overheating.
    By driving interest rates & Dole queues up.
    And blaming the Black Economy and Rorters.
    Tingle is worried about Dutton, though.
    He’s a lot more measured than Tony Abbott, and he’s not burning Political Capital by arguing over small stuff.

  3. Ed Case says:

    Labor and The Greens will only play gesture Politics over the Environment, so all Dutton’s gotta do is point out their many failures.
    It won’t be hard.
    Air pollution, water pollution, habitat destruction, signing up at Climate Conferences doesn’t solve those.

  4. Old School Conservative says:

    The Bee summarised Truss the best:
    Feminists Rejoice As All-Time Record For Shortest Term As Prime Minister Now Held By A Woman

  5. Entropy says:

    Ed, you forgot it’s different when they do it. So..free pass.

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