Let’s check in on the ‘values’ America is fighting for in Ukraine

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  1. Jannie says:

    A few days ago I watched a video by Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, in an interview with Joe Biden in the White House. She/he specifically referenced how children were being denied “Gender Affirming Healthcare” by their parents and by State laws. Joe Biden said he thought it was wrong to deny their healthcare and he fully supported her position, i.e. to provide sex changes (surgery and drugs) to kids without parental consent.

    I cant find the full video now, the various links on TikTok and Youtube seem to have been edited or taken down, because I cannot find it. The available media has edited out the part where he/she refers to children. The vid is embedded in this Tim Pool video.

  2. Jannie says:

    It wont let me post the video, but check out Tim Pool,


  3. C.L. says:

    Here’s the link, Jannie:


    The President of the United States sat down with a pervert and during that ‘interview’ confirmed his support for mutilating children.

    Biden is not a bumbler to laugh at. He is an evil degenerate.

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    The bottom line is that this has always been about the children. From homosexual liberation to SSM to trans mutilation to having children as sexual toys. This is the natural progression of “queerness”. The perverts behind queer theory are unapologetic in their quest, meanwhile most ordinary people have their heads stuck in concrete about where this will end. And the push for minor attraction legitimisation has already begun. Will this be the nadir which prompts people to fight back? I don’t know, because most in the West, due to the collapse of religion and family, have been completely emasculated morally. But there’s one thing I do know…and that is that no civilization and no society can withstand this assault of perversion, and the bottom line is that no civilization and no society deserves to survive this.

    The West is over.

  5. Roger W says:

    Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi’s husband has row with his “friend” that does not end well…

  6. Yank says:

    This is a fine example of putinism. Ukrainians are fighting to resist invasion. Even the German president, a staunch advocate of negotiation with Russia, has now urged Germans to support Ukraine strongly until Putin is driven out.
    Here we see the Putin meme designed to appeal to religious bigots is working for him in this small web site of propaganda.
    Christ would disown you CL.

  7. Tel says:


    Women’s talk shows in 2022 by FreedomToons.

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