Just In Time

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  1. Shy Ted says:

    Ha ha, demonic shits.

  2. Mantaray says:

    Got me beat why any of this would / should bother a CL reader….

    No-one with even the tiniest intellect believes any of it. Every house has two or three cars in the drive , and probably a boat and caravan lurking thereabouts. Every airport is jammed with travellers, while cruise ships are doing fantastic business.

    Turn on the telly and there are dozens of shows promoting travel, and cars, and 4WD drive adventures of all ilk. Fishing shows and loads of fast tinnies to get to those fish…

    Meanwhile, there are thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of well-heeled celebs and business types, and pollies etc getting around in private jets. and on and on…

    So; where do we find the folk who believe there is a climate catastrophe brewing?

    BTW: In May this year when the first shrieking about food shortages and rampant inflation appeared, I bought a supply of non-perishables. The docket from Woolies shows prices to be exactly (that’s exactly) the same as they are now…and no shortages whatsoever. Plus, remind me of when’s that first russian nuke gonna hit Paris….again?

  3. Ed Case says:

    What happened in 1685?
    Charles II died without a legit Heir, his brother inherited the Kingship, trouble started, James II turfed 4 years later, but the trouble never really stopped.

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