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Sounds More Aboriginal

I think it was actually Prada, not Gucci. So I stand corrected.” – Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

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The Palaver Synod

FOR reasons that were esoteric even at the time, in January 897 the corpse of Pope Formosus – who died seven months earlier – was exhumed and put on trial in the Basilica of St John Lateran by Pope Stephen … Continue reading

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‘Yes’ case will have to make do with ABC’s $1 billion

No public money for ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ campaigns in Voice to Parliament referendum, Burney confirms.

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Let’s check in on the ‘values’ Britain is fighting for in Ukraine

The Court of Appeal has decided that Down Syndrome pre-borns can be exterminated until birth.

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The Mainstream

Albanese accuses Dutton’s Liberals of ‘failing to come to terms with modern Australia.’ “You can’t run a major political party by listening to what fringe elements are saying. You need to be in the mainstream. That’s where the Labor Party … Continue reading

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Who Dis Jacinta Up On Dat Nag?

She’s caught in a vortex that reminds me of Pauline Hanson 26 years ago … it’s a celebrity vortex. It’s very compelling, it gets her out in front of people and it gets a lot of cheers. But it’s also … Continue reading

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The liquidation of the Kulaks – coming soon to Australia

JUST IN – Netherlands to "compulsory purchase" and close up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU environmental rules. — (@disclosetv) November 28, 2022

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Conversion therapy: Welcome penises, Tasmanian lesbian told

State tribunal rejects the right of lesbians to hold social functions that exclude transgender people.

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Hero: Roger Franklin wasn’t voting Liberal – even if it killed him

“A party of lemmings led by a human weather vane”: Hopeless Beyond Words or Measure.

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Apartheid Boycotted

Nationals will not support Indigenous Voice to Parliament in a huge blow to the advisory body.

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Gough Medicine

THERE is no point getting angry with anyone about the death of morally responsive democracy in Victoria or anywhere else in the Western world. Pretty much everyone is to blame. A Uniparty now reigns over the ashes and rubble of … Continue reading

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Pope Bergoglio surprised’ the Chinese Communist Party lied

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Weekly Clearance

■ I hope historians can one day work out how Canada of all places became a bastion of nazism. ■ Yes, that’s a good point about Bill Barr but his ‘burn down the GOP’ Trump op-ed is mostly fair. ■ … Continue reading

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Yes, Santa Claus, There Is a Virginia

SPLENDID timing. The day before Victorians pass judgement on the Andrews junta, former High Court judge and ABC radio hostess Virginia Bell handed down her report into the largely contrived Morrison secret ministries flap. An Albanese freebie, this provided the … Continue reading

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Queenslanders pay her $468,020 a year to put them out of work

Lionel Murphy Scholar and Land Court President Fleur Kingham doesn’t care about lost benefits: This case is about Queensland coal, mined in Queensland, and exported from Queensland to be burned in power stations to generate electricity. Wherever that coal is … Continue reading

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Won’t Someone Think of The Jobs?

16 months-old: Court finds preschool failed to protect children from harm after toddler’s death.

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Coming soon: A ‘national conversation’ on the age of consent

Tucker Carlson: There is a tolerance for paedophilia among the most powerful in our society.

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Climate Candyland

It was Western Christians who finally abolished slavery. It is Western atheists who are reviving it. Solar-grade polysilicon producers are connected to Uyghur forced labour – either directly through participation in state-sponsored forced labour schemes, or indirectly through the sourcing … Continue reading

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