“Threat to democracy” is now American code for suspending it

Brilliant analysis of a coup by Augusto Zimmermann at Quadrant: How They Count Votes in Brazil.
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62 Responses to “Threat to democracy” is now American code for suspending it

  1. Not Trampis says:

    and the army never liked.
    Warmongers want the war criminal to take parts of ukraine. That is what a negotiated treaty is all about. They are beneath contempt.
    What is it about authoritarian leaders and deplorables. Why do they hate democracy so much? it!

  2. Petros says:

    Ha keep trying, Tramp. Some of us know the history.

  3. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    Make up what passes for your tiny mind. Either Australia never had compulsory service, or (if, as you say, “and the army never liked. sic), then we did. You cannot say, even as a pre-school failure, that the Army never liked something it never had.

    Did you actually get into pre-school? Maybe you were expelled from c hold care?

  4. Lee says:

    John; two things you’ll never get from NM are logic and reason.

  5. Entropy says:

    Nm doesn’t need to be logical. His goal is to derail the thread.

  6. Not Trampis says:

    Primary school dropouts do not understand english.
    I said the military has never liked compulsory military service. I never said it had never occurred. some of us lived through it.

    The only threat to democracy in the USa are the Maga republicans. Ub nless they win they refuse to recognise results. They gerrymander districts.

    I di not bring up compulsory military training

    Why are deplorables so ignorant?

  7. Buccaneer says:

    Look at the Trampis, paving the way for violence in the US post midterms with his spittle flecked invective. He would have made excuses for the Brown Shirts.

  8. Not Trampis says:

    you are part of the brownshirts as are all deplorables.
    Hate is all you have.
    you wish to destroy democracy. you clowns are so stupid you have no idea of what would occur overseas if this occurs.
    That is what happens when cultists swoon over a moron.

  9. NFA says:

    @ real Trampis

    you are a socialist alliance bullshift artist.

  10. Buccaneer says:

    And right on cue, the spittle flecked Trampis is back using the old schoolyard argument of ‘I’m not, I know you are’.

    Trampis, you do realise that the Nazis did exactly what you are doing to lay the ground for violence when you don’t get the result you want… They also constantly repeated derogatory terms to dehumanise people the didn’t like or didn’t agree with. They also had people who repeated their mantras, just like you do, thoughtlessly and with no respect or regard for the people they targeted.

  11. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis,

    My apologies, your stupid use of the absolute “never” distracted me from the incorrect tense of “like”.

    Taking the issue of what the Army might or might not like, I am surprised that one of your obvious political inclination would be sympathetic to open military rejection of government policy. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    That said, of the four schemes, the first was taken over by the raising of the volunteer First AIF, but was generally accepted by the Army, which wanted soldiers better trained than the voluntary system could provide. The post war plans drawn up by the Army called for a force of some 170,000, mostly part time. This number could only have been reached with compulsory service, suggesting that any dislike was not deep.

    The 1939 scheme was a lifesaver for the Army with a war imminent. Do you really think that they were against it?

    The 1950s scheme was, as you indicated, not liked by the Army.

    The 1960s scheme was initially disliked, until the Army realised that it provided a guaranteed supply of reinforcements. Eventually, the Minister had to direct limits on the numbers of NS in infantry battalions. Hardly an indication of an enduring dislike

    Still, you got one out of four, better than your usual score.

  12. Boambee John says:

    Non Mentis

    Still no response to my follow up questions on electricity generation? (On the Teheran thread.)

    Too complex for your simple mind?

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